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Menstrual Cycle - All About Menstrual Period from WomansDay.Com. You’re probably all too familiar with how your period affects your mood and cravings (hello, once-a-month chocolate fest!)

Menstrual Cycle - All About Menstrual Period from WomansDay.Com

, but your period is just one part of your monthly menstrual cycle and a snapshot of how well your body is functioning. “Regular periods with no unusual symptoms mean your hormones are working properly, which bodes well for other parts of your body,” explains Nanette Santoro, MD, professor and chair of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Colorado at Denver. On the other hand, irregular periods may mean that you don’t have enough estrogen, a hormone that’s essential not only to your reproductive system and fertility, but also to the health of your heart and bones. Too-low levels can affect your risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and even diabetes.

The important bottom line: All those hormonal changes your body goes through affect just about every aspect of your mental and physical health—for good and sometimes not-so-good. Attraction & Love for Women. Have you seen one lately?

Attraction & Love for Women

A lady, I mean. I had to scratch my head a few times to think of one. There are the ‘traditional’ types of ladies, such as Audrey Hepburn and a more modern example – Kate Middleton. It’s wonderful to be a classy lady, but I believe our society no longer values the ‘uptight’ women who are always trying to please and be perfectly elegant. I mean, just because one is a lady doesn’t mean she is to be restricted in life. Firstly, to “define” our subject of interest: Be a Lady. Edit Article Behaving Like a LadyDressing Like a LadyProper Table Etiquette Edited by Mdnightsky, Maniac, Madlilnerd, Leatrix and 57 others As manners, attitudes, and styles of dress change over time, so has the conventional understanding of what it means to be a “lady.”

Be a Lady

Though the term may seem outdated, there are certain aspects of ladylike behavior that are undying: elegance, courteousness, and a sense of respect toward oneself and others. Read this article to learn how to be a true modern-day lady. Ad. How to Be a Lady - The Rules of Etiquette on Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment. Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in /home/divavill/public_html/includes/seo.php on line 172 Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in /home/divavill/public_html/includes/seo.php on line 174.

How to Be a Lady - The Rules of Etiquette on Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment

How To Be A Lady. Ashley Judd plays a wonderful lady in the movie De-lovely There are all sorts of theories on how to be a lady.

How To Be A Lady

Two that struck me was that being a lady does not require wealth, though historically there were a larger proportion of ladies among the wealthy. Entertainment. Natural childbirth VII: c-section risks and complications. This is the final article in the Natural Childbirth series.

Natural childbirth VII: c-section risks and complications

If you’ve missed the other articles, make sure to check them out here. There’s absolutely no question that cesarean surgery (c-section) can save both mothers’ and babies’ lives when performed appropriately. The purpose of this article is not to question the use of c-section in those circumstances. Instead, my goal is to challenge the idea – now prevalent in the Western world – that elective c-section is a safe way of delivering our babies, and perhaps even safer than vaginal birth. This is simply not true. The risks and complications can be broken into two categories: problems experienced by the mother, and problems experienced by the baby.

Cesarean risks for mothers. Caesarean section or vaginal birth? What difference does it make? Gina Lowdon and Debbie Chippington Derrick AIMS Journal, Spring 2002, Vol 14 No 1 In an issue that focuses on vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) Gina Lowdon and Debbie Chippington Derrick of Caesarean Birth/VBAC Information report on the phenomenon of maternal requests for caesarean sections.

Caesarean section or vaginal birth? What difference does it make?

Why bother going through the process of giving birth vaginally when you can have a planned caesarean section? Increasing numbers of women today appear to be subscribing to this view. Maternal request for delivery by caesarean section is reportedly on the increase and has been blamed, in part, for the continuing rise in the caesarean section rate. Google Image Result for. Menstrual cycle calculator, menstrual cycle calendar. Cervical mucus, basal body temperature. Menstrual cycle calculator PRLog (Press Release) - Feb. 21, 2011 - What should do a woman who wants to constantly keep in touch with her body, and spirit?

Menstrual cycle calculator, menstrual cycle calendar. Cervical mucus, basal body temperature.

On my own example, I may suggest: keeping clear records of your monthly cycle – it’s the best way to keep abreast of changes occurring within you. Menstrual taboos: why is menstrual blood seen as dangerous? Menstrual taboos exist in most cultures (most cultures view menstrual blood as potentially dangerous & place restrictions around it).

Menstrual taboos: why is menstrual blood seen as dangerous?

In the past, Western (male) anthropologists held that such taboos existed because menstrual blood was seen as polluted and unclean. More recently, some female anthropologists have questioned this assumption. They argue that some cultures have menstrual prohibitions not because menstrual blood is seen as dirty but because it is seen as sacred and powerful. In Polynesian cultures, for instance, menstrual blood is seen as “taboo” which means that it is seen as sacred, special, powerful, set apart. What are the myths and facts of menstruation. Myth - You can't get pregnant on your period.

What are the myths and facts of menstruation

Fact - Ovulation can happen at any time, especially if periods aren't regular. Myth - You can't get pregnant without regular, or a first period. Fact - Ovulation and fertilization CAN occur before regular, or first bleeding. Myth - Menstrual cycles should always be 28 days. Fact - They vary woman to woman, 28 days is an average only. Myth - Menstruating women need to be in bed, or avoid strenuous activity.

Fact - Exercise can help with symptoms, it will not make pain worse. Myth - All women have terrible periods. G Spot Orgasm Secrets. If you’re going to create a long term sexual relationship it’s important that you are a sexually confident man. This means understanding how to give your woman a G Spot orgasm. Just knowing that you can do this will make your confidence skyrocket! What I’m going to teach you in this post about the G Spot might seem basic to some, or it might give you a few new ideas to try out, but ultimately my task here is to make sure you have a basic understanding of how to give a woman an orgasm.

More specifically a G Spot vaginal orgasm. For all the women you are. The Online Women's Magazine for Fashion, Sex Advice, Dating Tips, and Celebrity News. Period calendar - menstrual cycle - menstruation - Menstruation, period, menstrual cycle etc. WOMEN'S HEALTH MADE SIMPLE. Copy rights belong to FemaleHealthMadeSimple 2001 Did you ever buy or order any magazines or books over the internet. People do and it it very easy. Just click here and discover just how easy it is. Did you ever visit a internet mall. Menstration - Female Health Made Simple. Updated 16 April, 2007 Menstruation is an important indicator of both the function and the condition of the female reproductive organs. It occurs due to the unique lining (mucus membrane) which covers or lines the cavity inside the womb.

This mucus membrane is so unique that it has its very own scientific name "The Endometrium". The endometrium is where most of the menstrual syndromes, excessive and scanty menstruations and conditions such as endometriosis and adenomyosis originate from. The understanding of normal menstruation will make it far easier to understand abnormal menstruation. The menstrual cycle. Reviewed by Dr Philip Owen, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist and Dr Jeni Worden, GP What is menstruation? Menstruation - having periods - is part of the female reproductive cycle that starts when girls become sexually mature at the time of puberty. During a menstrual period, a woman bleeds from her uterus (womb) via the vagina. This lasts anything from three to seven days. Menstrual Period Planner Calculator. Ovulation calculator - Family. If you're trying for a baby, knowing when you're ovulating can seem a bit confusing especially if your periods aren't regular.

To stand your best chance of conceiving, you need to use an ovulation calculator. An average woman's menstrual cycle is 28 days but cycles can range from 22 days right up to 36. Menstrual Cycle Calculator , Menstruation Calculator , Calculate next Menstrual period. Ovulation calculator. Your Body. The Scoop On Sperm [PIC] '70s European Children's Book Depicts Penetration, Crowning. Menstrual-cycle-poster.jpg (601×800)