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Top 5 Tricks to Shed Off Weight Naturally. Losing weight should not be a battle but rather a goal in which you set yourself to be healthy and stay healthy.

Top 5 Tricks to Shed Off Weight Naturally

The list below are some of the natural and easy ways you can try, to lose that excess weight. 1. Eat a healthy breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast will prevent you for overeating during the rest of the day. Go for a high fiber breakfast. 2. You shoul drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. 3. Don’t push yourself to your limit. 4. To boost your metabolic rate, add spices into your diet. 5. Easy Easter Decorated Cookies. Want to make some simple decorated Easter cookies?

Easy Easter Decorated Cookies

Try these marbled Easter eggs and chicks or these bunnies covered in sanding sugar. Love that sanding sugar ! It actually looks kind of sparkly in some lighting. If you’d like to try these Bunny Cookies, you’ll need: Sugar Cookie Recipe Royal Icing Recipe Gel Paste Food Colors Sanding Sugar Pastry Bags Couplers Piping Tips After you’ve baked your cookies and let them cool, it’s time to decorate! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5. 52 Little Changes for Big Weight Loss Results. 5 Days to Lusciously Lean Legs. Posted by Sia Cooper There’s no denying that a nice pair of legs can make any outfit look quite amazing.

5 Days to Lusciously Lean Legs

With summer in full gear, it is time to put the jeans away for the season, tone up those legs that have been hibernating during winter, and break out the Daisy Dukes you have been dying to wear! Here is your 5 day workout to get you on your way to delicious, jiggle free legs: Monday 10 Lunges 20 Calf Raises 30 High Knees 20 Plie Squats 10 Toe Touches Tuesday 10 Jumping Jacks 20 Mountain Climbers. 4 Money-saving grocery shopping apps. Grocery Shopping Apps We live in a tech-driven world that has an app for everything, including grocery shopping.

4 Money-saving grocery shopping apps

These four grocery shopping apps will help you organize your food shopping and save you money with shopper comparison features and high-tech coupon clipping. Coupon Sherpa The Coupon Sherpa app lets you sort through categories to find online coupons that can be scanned straight from your phone. This free app also lets you create favorites lists where you can tag your favorite stores and email coupons to friends and family. Grocery IQ Grocery IQ is an app that builds your grocery list, while also allowing you to add notes, synchronize lists and search for coupons. RedLaser RedLaser is a comparison-shopping phone app that allows you to scan shopping items , via a bar code scanner, to find out which products are cheaper. 12 Creative Tips For Sticking With Your Diet. You Can't Be Fat And Happy.

We take no credit for this blog.

You Can't Be Fat And Happy

It was written by CAMILLE CLAYBAUGH and originally posted here. We are reposting this blog to share it with you and open up the topic for discussion. “I am a former fat girl, and I’m not thin now (size 8) but I am fit and toned. I have a tender spot in my heart for fat girls in the process of doing something to change it. I’m talking to the size 14 and aboves who have made the term “fat shaming” popular and argue that they are no less happy than a person who is not fat. First, it’s uncomfortable to be fat– the physical toll of carrying more weight than your skeleton was intended to support, discomfort every day. I hear plenty of men like larger women.

The pivotal moment for me was taking stock of my life: a string of bad relationships that showed my self-esteem wasn’t where I claimed it was; overindulging behavior that isn’t exactly the mark of a happy person and mostly seeing other people who were living the life I professed to want. 40 Creative Food Hacks That Will Change The Way You Cook. A Fat Full Fall: Baseline Fats Chart.


A Fat Full Fall: Baseline Fats Chart

If you wish you could eat more whole foods without breaking your budget, you're in the right place. Start here for my top 10 baby steps to better Kitchen Stewardship. You might also be interested in family-friendly, delicious and nutritious recipes or one of my popular eBooks to help you on your journey. Want to know what to do with coconut oil? How to substitute one kind of fat for another?

Use the Fat: What Fat for What Common Uses? Solid fats Use for pastries, biscuits, tortillas, crackers, and recipes that call for butter or shortening. ButterCoconut oil (solid below 76 degrees)LardTallowPalm shortening – non-hydrogenated (although I haven’t used this myself)Substitute 3x as much ground flax meal for about 1/3 of the fat in a quick bread recipe.Do NOT use: Crisco or shortening, margarine (Why?) Liquid Oils for Baking Use in any recipe that says “oil” or “vegetable oil”.

Melted coconut oil (not sure how to melt it easily? Liquid Oils for Sautéing and Cold Uses. Top 25 Delicious Breakfast Hacks.


Snap Balance Exterminator. How To Become A Mindful Eater In 10 Days. Don't beat yourself up if you've eaten too much recently.

How To Become A Mindful Eater In 10 Days

Now is the perfect opportunity to try again, equipped with a new useful tool. Practicing mindful eating can help you avoid the typical holiday weight gain (and the guilt that often follows), but to do it well it does take "training," just as with anything else. We wouldn't dream about running a marathon without proper training or performing in a play without rehearsing, yet we expect that we could just start to eat mindfully at any time.