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Angel Wings Pinafore

Angel Wings Pinafore
Angel Wing Newborn Pinafore (newborn to 3 months size)Copyright 2007 Maxine Gonser ( If you have questions on the pattern please contact her and not Bev. Thanks. H hook approximately 3 oz bernat sport yarn 7 sts =2 inches 2 rows of dc = 1 inch 1) ch 52. sc in second ch from hook an in each ch across. 51 sts 2) ch 3. turn. dc in each of next 2 sts. * 2dc in next st. dc in each of next 3 sts. repeat from * 11 times. dc in each remaining sts to the end. 63 sts 3) ch 3. turn. dc in each of the next 3 sts. * 2dc in the next st. dc in each of the next 4 sts repeat from * 11 times. dc in each remaining st. dc on top of ch 3. 75 sts 4) ch 3.turn. dc in each of the next 3 sts. * 2 dc in the next st.dc in each of the next 4 sts. repeat from * 13 times. dc in each of the remaining sts, dc on top of ch 3. 89 sts. 5) ch 3. turn. dc in the same st. * skip next st. shell (2dc ch 2 2dc) in next st. repeat from * to end 2dc on top of ch 3 43 shells 10-17) repeat row 9 Related:  bbGirl's Dresses

Crochet Headband Pattern Crochet Headband Materials: 1 ball Lily Cotton Yarn, Size G Hook Pattern First Row: Chain 20, Double Crochet, Chain 2, Single Crochet into 4th chain from Hook,* Skip 3 chains, work 2 Double Crochets, Chain 2, Single Crochet in next chain stitch*, Repeat the stitches between * * to the end of the row Row 2: Chain 2 Turn, Double Crochet, Chain 2, Single Crochet in 1st Chain 2 Space, 2 Double Crochets, Chain 2, Single Crochet into each remaining Chain 2 Spaces across to end Repeat Row 2 until Strip Measures 18” join by slip stitching ends together or sew together with yarn needle. Finished Link Party Time Pants for American Girl Dolls WW yarn (I used Bernat Camo yarn) size G-6 hook Chain 44 Join ch to form ring, do not twist row 1: ch 2, dc in each ch around, join to ch 2. rows 2-8: ch 2, dc in each dc around, join. First Leg: row 9: ch 2, dc in next 21 sts, skip last 22 sts, join to ch 2. rows 10-17: ch 2, dc in each dc around, join to ch 2. row 18: ch 2, 2dc in next st, (1dc in next st, 2dc in next st) around. row 19: ch 2, dc in each dc around, joing to ch 2. row 20: ch 1, sc in each dc around. join, finish off. Second Leg: row 9: join yarn to first skipped st of row 8. repeat rows 10-20 of first leg. To make shorts work 4 rows for legs. To make capris work 7 rows for legs. Pattern for the sweater can be found here 2007 Bella Bambina Please do not sell items made from this pattern ;)

Catatan Kecil Ummu Nayfah: Next Project: Cute Dress for Little Nay ^_^ It's now on Etsy! The revised pdf file consists of 21 pages with chart, English pattern and step-by-step pictures. Get ready to make it as a gift for your little girl The pattern is here. Road Trip Scarf Pattern Friday I went on a little spur of the moment road trip with hubby and I wanted a fuss free project to keep me busy during the drive. Scissors are banned on road trips as hubby is paranoid that I accidentally stab myself again (during a road trip a couple of months back I was snipping a thread, we hit a pothole, a very common occurrence on South African Roads, and I embedded the scissors in my left wrist). While hubby was planning the route I quickly grabbed some variegated yarn, started two triangles to make "scarfy" versions of a shawl I made a few weeks ago, and popped them into my SHABBY PROJECT BAG I managed to finish both scarves, edge them and make a few little flowers - with a few cm of yarn to spare - before we arrived back home. Yesterday morning I sewed the flowers on with some beads and a few braids and Ta-dah! For the greenish scarf I used 2 x 50g Elle Family Knit Classic (Courtelle) colour "Sushi" with a 4.50mm hook and a 5.00mm hook. COLOUR: Hunter HOOKS: 4.50mm and 5.00mm

Simple Stripes Dishcloth - Free Pattern Simple Stripes Dishcloth has a nice texture, making it great for washing dishes. It's also a great way to use up your leftover scraps. Finished size is about 8 3/4" x 8 3/4". Click "Download Now" link below to get pattern pdf untitled 365 Crochet: Baby Sport Diaper Cover -free crochet pattern- I had been asked recently to make a baby blanket, and when I was done, I had a bit of yarn left over. So I was thinking about using up the rest of my baby yarn to make a cute hat and diaper cover set to match the baby's blanket theme. I've never made a diaper cover before, and I didn't think it would be too hard to find a free pattern, and it wasn't... ...except that every single pattern that I found used medium worsted weight yarn, and I wanted to use my baby light sport weight yarn! This is an easy pattern starting with the top band, continuing all of the way around to the opposite end by using simple hdc stitches. Enjoy! Designed By: Firene Skill Level: Easy Size: 0-9 months (adjustable) Finished Measurements: 8 inches wide at top; 5.5 inches high (Stretchy and button adjustable) Materials: Row 11: Ch2, turn; hdc2tog, hdc in next 30 sts. (31hdc) Row 12: Ch2, turn; hdc2tog, hdc in next 29 sts. (30hdc) Row 13: Ch2, turn; hdc2tog, hdc in next 28 sts. (29hdc) Border Copyright Firene Designs.

Tutu Skirts DIY Idea & Tutorial Roundup Did you use to wear a tutu skirt while you were young? A cute tutu skirt that made you look like a princess? Make tutu skirt is, easy and lot of fun, like the no-sew version of tutu skirts. DIY No Sew Tutu Skirts Tutorial Via Simple Real Moms No Sew Tutu Tutorial via The Hairbow Company Ribbon Edged Tutu Tutorial via Design Dining and Diapers Peacock Tutu Tutorial Via The Train to Crazy Ribbon Edge Tutu via Etsy Rainbow Ribbon Edged Tutu via Etsy Ribbon Edged Tutu via Etsy Multi Coloured Pettiskirt Tutorial via Rock ‘n Roll Bride DIY tutu skirt waist sizes chart: Tutu skirts are not for girls only, make them for tables, beds and party. Click Here for the No Sew Tulle Table Tutu Skirts with Video