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Girl Scouts

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Songs & games. Scouting Web: Daisy Grade K-1. References for journeys. Project Night Night. Continent Boxes. Birthday in a Box project. Project Linus. Operation Happy Sock. Daisy Girl Scout Bag. Planning%20with%20Daisies. Girl Scouts of Connecticut: Bling Your Booth Winners. Daisy Scout Journeys. Daisy Songs. Daisy scouts, here we come! Crafts, Camping and Game Ideas for Scouts of all Levels - Free Shipping at Potential field trips. Daisypetalprojectideas. Daisyresourceguide. Carnival Game Ideas. Cake (or Cookie, Candy, Pie) Walk Players walk in a circle of numbered squares while music plays.

Carnival Game Ideas

When the music stops, the operator chooses the winning numbers from a hat.

Project ideas

Girl Scouts of Western Rivers Council. Scout Daisy Girl Scouts.