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Violet - being a sister to every girl scout

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Girl Scout Games. This game was sent to us via a Girl Scout email chain letter.

Girl Scout Games

The source is unknown, but it's such a great activity that we had to include it here! If anyone knows who it originated with, we would love to give them credit! Your family has decided that they can no longer live in Canada. There are no jobs and the prospect of finding jobs in very slim. Your family has discussed where to move to and because one of your neighbors moved to India last year and was able to find a job the decision has been made to move your family to India. 1.

You have a very smooth flight to India, when you arrive at Customs, you hand your passport to the Customers Officer, he shakes his head, says something you do not understands, points over to another Officer and you have to haul all your stuff over there you do not understand anything they are saying to you. 2. They finally appear to be satisfied with your passport and you are allowed out into the people filled airport. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Global: World Thinking Day: Patch for Daisies. Cherry Blossom. Cherry Blossom The cherry blossom (sakura) is the national flower of Japan.

Cherry Blossom

To honor its beauty, and short life span, the Japanese celebrate its arrival with a yearly festival. Friends will gather under the trees to enjoy sake (rice wine), sing songs, and celebrate the coming of spring. To the Japanese, this tree represents more than just ascetic beauty, but also transience, melancholy, and the honor of graceful resignation. One can find many references to the cherry blossom in Japanese poetry and literature. Check your local park for cherry blossoms and enjoy their beauty.

Click here for the kanji character "cherry blossom". Previous Features Where Do I Begin. Ideas for Violet Petal (friend to every GS) - Girl Scout Moms. I wanted to share what we're doing in case anyone else might like to do it as well, or modify it to fit their troop.

Ideas for Violet Petal (friend to every GS) - Girl Scout Moms

In the new Guide, the story has the flowers receiving post cards from other flowers across the globe. I sent an email out to all of the parents (and posted a request on a couple message boards I belong to) asking if anyone has any friends/family living overseas. If they do, would that person mind sending a postcard pretending to be a flower that is native/prolific in that country. If the postcard is a picture of that flower, even better. I thought it would be more fun to actually *get* postcards than to read a story about it. We're also pen pals with another Daisy troop here in the US, so I'm going to use these two things together for the girls to earn the Violet Petal. Oh...and since we're doing this right around World Thinking Day, I'm going to have both of our Feb meetings dedicated to two of our girls who are from other countries. World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts - Our World: Australia.

Earn the Violet Daisy Petal Be A Sister to Every Girl Scout. Working with kindergarten and first grade girls is a rewarding and enriching experience for adult leaders, as well as a fun time for the children in your troop.

Earn the Violet Daisy Petal Be A Sister to Every Girl Scout

One of the most important things Girl Scout leaders need to do is foster friendship among their group. More than likely, these girls will be together for many years as a troop earning patches and badges, taking field trips and doing community service projects. Getting along is imperative to avoid drama and hurt feelings, as well as makes the time you spend together more enjoyable. You will look forward to your troop meetings if everyone gets along (at least most of the time!)

That is why the violet petal, "Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout" is one to earn once you earned the blue promise center. An easy and inexpensive Daisy Girl Scout activity is the "Daisy Chain of Friendship". Materials Needed Computer paper, cut into thirds (the long way) Magic markers One stapler per adult volunteer Pre Meeting Prep Work Starting The Meeting.

How to Earn the Violet Daisy Scout Petal Be A Sister to Every Girl Scout. Leading a Daisy troop of kindergarten and first grade girls presents an opportunity for you as the leader, to create and environment of friendship and acceptance.

How to Earn the Violet Daisy Scout Petal Be A Sister to Every Girl Scout

The violet petal, "Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout", can be earned easily and with a lot of fun by being "secret sisters". Materials Needed For this activity, you will have to go to the post office and buy two postal cards for each girl in your troop. At home, put your address label on each card, so if for some reason it does not get delivered to the daisy scout, it will be returned to you.