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Long-Term Follow-Up of Transsexual Persons Undergoing Sex Reassignment Surgery: Cohort Study in Sweden. Research I've found - Sex Change Regret. For some, shadow of regret cast over gender switch. By Steve Friess, special for USA TODAY The day Mike Penner left the Los Angeles Times made the news.

For some, shadow of regret cast over gender switch

The longtime sportswriter wrote the article himself, a personal essay explaining that he was taking some time off and, upon his return, he would be known from then on as Christine Daniels. Sex change patient 'regretted op' A patient treated by a leading psychiatrist has told a medical tribunal he bitterly regrets the sex-change operation he underwent.

Sex change patient 'regretted op'

"Patient B", a male to female transsexual, said Dr Russell Reid had been "too nice" in encouraging him , the General Medical Council heard. The consultant Dr Reid, 63, of west London, a former NHS doctor, faces charges relating to five patients. Now in private practice, Dr Reid denies serious professional misconduct. He also denies acting contrary to international guidelines relating to the care of patients with gender dysphoria. The GMC fitness to practice panel heard that Dr Reid, a leading authority on gender identity disorder, worked at the gender identity clinic of Charing Cross Hospital in west London from 1982 to 1990.

Are sex change operations justified? in America/Sodomy/homosexual_identity_disorder.pdf. Human Rights Education Library. Documentaries on Transgender Issues. Transgender 101: Identity, Welcome, and Resources. I Am: Trans People Speak. Resources/NCTE_Teaching_Transgender.pdf. Transgender Studies class syllabus. New & Revised edition: She’s Not There. Assault On Gay America. Table of Contents. Introduction to Gender Identity and Gender Expression. Health Disparities: High School. Activities will help students: Conduct an assessment related to health-disparity issues and consider why some kids might be at a disadvantage Consider the causes and impact of several national health disparities Investigate the causes and impact of health disparities in their own community Design solutions for positively impacting a health disparity in their own community Do you think you deserve everything you have?

Health Disparities: High School

Are you entitled to live in safe community? What would happen if you couldn’t go to a doctor when you were sick? Is “all men are created equal” a reality in the United States? Unheard Voices - The Untold Stories of LGBT History. Unheard Voices – a collaboration among ADL, GLSEN and StoryCorps – is an oral history and curriculum project that seeks to integrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) history, people and events into classroom curricula.

Unheard Voices - The Untold Stories of LGBT History

At the core of the program are brief audio interviews with individuals who bore witness to or helped to shape LGBT history in some way. Each interview is accompanied by a backgrounder with discussion questions and activities for educators, and a student reading with biographical information about the interview subject and historical background on the topic. Visit the Unheard Voices main page for more information on the project, lesson plans and additional resources. Teaching and Learning About Gay History and Issues. Michael Evans/The New York TimesNew York City’s first gay pride parade was held in June 1970, a year after the uprising at the Stonewall Inn in the Village.

Teaching and Learning About Gay History and Issues

Go to related article » Updated: June 26, 2013 As the Supreme Court hears two landmark cases on same-sex marriage, John Harwood reflects on the speed and scope of the gay-rights movement: The struggle for African-Americans’ rights, symbolized by the bloody 1965 Selma march, is as old as the nation. The effort for American women’s rights began at Seneca Falls, N.Y., more than 150 years ago. Julia serano - Debunking Psychological Depictions of Transsexuality and Transgenderism. This page compiles all of my articles, essays, speeches, and other pieces that I have written related to, or which challenge, psychiatric, psychological & sexological theories and diagnoses regarding trans people.

julia serano - Debunking Psychological Depictions of Transsexuality and Transgenderism

If you were to only read one of these pieces, I highly suggest Psychology, Sexualization and Trans-Invalidations, which was a keynote talk I gave at the 2009 Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference. It provides an accessible & thorough overview of why certain psychological depictions of gender variance are both fundamentally flawed and potentially damaging to trans people’s lives. Many of the essays here discuss psychologist Ray Blanchard’s controversial theory of “autogynephilia.” The most thorough of these is entitled “The Case Against Autogynephilia”[PDF link], which appeared in the International Journal of Transgenderism. happy reading!

Table of Contents: (in reverse chronological order - click the title link for each piece to be taken to full article) Assault On Gay America. This Viewer's Guide was developed to enhance understanding and heighten awareness of many issues presented in the FRONTLINE film "Assault on Gay America.

Assault On Gay America

" The film, which first aired on February 15, 2000, on PBS, examines the brutal murder of Billy Jack Gaither, a thirty-nine-year-old gay man from Sylacauga, Alabama, and explores the roots of homophobia in America. The central question of this Viewer's Guide is "What can we learn from the life and death of Billy Jack Gaither? " specifically looking at homophobia directed toward gay men in contemporary American culture. Central issues are organized into four areas highlighted by the program: Gender RolesReligionScience Popular Culture.