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Pretty Handy Girl

Pretty Handy Girl
Everyone participating in the #PrettyWaterlogueApril challenge are amazing artists! I had chosen 80 favorite Waterlogue images this week, but force myself to narrow it down to just twenty images. This has been torturous! If you don’t see your image below, please know that it’s not because I didn’t absolutely love your painting. I just had to limit my weekly showcase. Before we get to this week’s 20 favorites, I wanted to share a few tips for getting better Waterlogue pictures.

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How to Replace Door Knobs and Deadbolts Do you want to learn how to replace the door knobs and deadbolts in your home? Do you have mismatched door hardware? Or do you have several different locks in your home but want to have them all match the same key? The solution to all these dilemmas lies in this tutorial. Before you think you need to hire a locksmith, you should know that this is definitely a project for the do-it-yourselfer. Blocking and Crocheting a T-Shirt Yarn Rug  This week’s project is a rug I crocheted from a couple of old white t-shirts and the remaining pieces of a blue jersey sheet. I cut my cotton into 3/4 inch wide strips using my t-yarn making tutorial. Recycling t-shirts and old cotton sheets is a great way to repurpose those old items into new usable rugs, oven mitts, trivets, baby bibs, and more. Once completed, this t-yarn rug had a problem.

Gifts for Every Mom It’s that time of year again — when you show your mom how much you appreciate her. Since Mother’s Day is approaching (and since I’m in a good mood), I thought I would share more than one delight today to help you pick the right gift. For the mom with a green thumb: Your mom won’t need much of a green thumb to keep this tillandsia plant by Terrain alive. The kit includes everything you need from the actual plant to the tear drop glass. For the culinary mom: If your mom loves to cook and appreciates a nice bouquet of flowers, then this kitchen utensil bouquet by would be a great gift to give. The set comes with all the essential utensils a cook needs, and you can display it as a bouquet on the counter when it isn’t in use.

Neck tie School Bag Got lots of neck ties lying around? Use them to make this unique bag! What you need Okay, you'll need a bunch of ties. Mine are all paisleys. A lot of lining fabric - mine is black velveteen. 55 Ways to Get More Energy Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Greg Go, co-author of Wise Bread‘s new book, 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget. Buy the book today (by Monday 11:59pm PDT) and get a $15 Ebates bonus and a chance to win a brand new Flip Cam. If you’re tired all the time, a change in what you eat (diet) or what you do all day (activity pattern) may be all you need to turn things around 180°. You won’t be able to do everything on this list all the time — you’d tire yourself out trying to get more energy — but do try them all to see which ones work for you and your schedule. Add a few of these tips to your regular routine.

25 Rugs You'd Never Guess were Painted Hi! I’m Kathy, and I’m so excited to be bringing you this round up of 25 Rugs You’d Never Guess were Painted! Would you like to update your room with a fabulous area rug? But, the thought of spending hundreds of dollars has you saying, “No Way!” Relax, adding a new design and color to your space is as easy as a DIY painted rug.

A stylish freecycled project I am a thrifty kind of girl. I mull over purchases for eons before I finally pull the trigger. I reuse foil. I do crazy things like making my own laundry soap. (I apparently inherited this from my mother, who my grandma loves to declare is capable of stretching a dime into a dollar. We Love Color I received my contributor copies of We Love Color today! In case you haven't already heard, We Love Color is a collection of quilt patterns using Kona solid fabrics. The contributors are: Cherri House, Amy Ellis, Alissa Haight Carlton, Rita Hodge, Jean Wells, Emily Cier, Kathy Mack, Jennifer Sampou, Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, Kajsa Wikman, Valori Wells, Lisa Call, Malka Dubrawsky, Jacquie Gering, Betz White, and me. The book also includes an interview with Denyse Schmidt. Here's a peek at my quilt, Ladders. And here's the back.

Sock Monkey Tutorial Sock Monkey Tutorial Everything you need to make a sock monkey: pair of socks, sewing machine, buttons (just two for the eyes), ruler (or straight edge of some kind), pen, scissors, stuffing, pins, needle, and thread. Ready to get started? Copyright © 2004 Kristine Howard. Please do not reproduce without my permission. Therese Borchard: 7 Quick Ways To Calm Down I'm easily overwhelmed. When my kids' exuberant screams reach a decibel level my ears can't tolerate, when Chuck E., the life-size "rat" at the pizza place, starts doing his jig while flashing arcade lights blind me, or when I open my email to find 100 messages--I feel a meltdown coming on. Which is why I came up with seven quick ways to calm myself down. I turn to these when I don't have time to call my mom and hear her tell me, "Everything is going to be fine." They keep me centered and grounded for as long as possible, and they help me relax my body even during those times when screaming kids and dancing life-size rats converge. 1.

The Best Glues for Every Fix Over the years I’ve used a multitude of glues and learned the best glues for each application. Here is a list of The Best Glues for Every Fix. Most of the links in this article are affiliate links to help you find the exact glues I use. Recycled Gift Card Puff Pillow Tutorial More than a few gifts this year to friends and family were gift cards and although they possessed monetary value, I felt the enjoyment of receiving a wrapped gift box was somehow lost. So after purchasing several two dollar gift boxes just to put gift cards in I came up with a packaging idea that would cost next to nothing. Supplies: Recycled file folder or other cover weight paper from the recycle bin*X-acto™ Knife or ScissorsWhite Glue2 or 3 binder clipsRuler PrinterPencilBone folder or butter knife* I used a recycled folder in this tutorial, however any cover weight paper will work. Some suggestions are:light weight cardboard from boxes and packagingmagazine coversold paper back book covers Download puffpillowtemplate.jpg and print it out full size (a scale has been placed on each jpg to help with printing at the correct proportions).

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