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If you were around this past weekend, you may have noticed our instagram revealing our newest venture, bringing our online world into the real world! We're super excited about this next and what seems like a natural progression of our Poppytalk world. Our new shop and workshop space, called Poppytalk will open it's doors early May where we will continue to support the handmade community with a curated selection of local and internationally-made goods from some of our favorite makers we have come to know these past 9 years online. We also will be carrying a bit of vintage (to fulfill that bit of retro addiction) along with the odd guitar or two! Along with the retail component, we will also be hosting an ever-changing selection of workshops from DIY + crafting workshops (think weaving, terrariums, embroidery etc.) to small business classes (from photoshop courses to blogging and social networking sessions).

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Harriet Seed. “I share my studio with my boyfriend Matt (Taylor) who is also an illustrator. The studio is the spare bedroom of our house in Brighton, England. It’s about 10 minutes walk from the beach which is a brilliant place to clear your head and let ideas come to you. We live next door to a primary school, so when the kids are in the yard for playtime, we know it’s time for a coffee break. “My side of the studio is usually quite chaotic. A tribute to her hero, Dr. Jane Goodall Some time ago I wrote about the importance of giving our children real heroes to look up to, specially if we have daughters. In this post I shared the panel of real heroes that the girls made for our corridor, and I talked about why I think these panels matter. In it you can see that one of my daughter’s heroes is Dr. Jane Goodall.

What to draw: a list - Pikaland I’ve been thinking a lot about drawing these days, and a lot of it is spent wondering about what to draw (raise your hand if you feel the same way!) So I did what an organized person would do – I made a list. At first I hit 50. DIY Faceted Clay Rings I've been loving the metallic trend that's happening right now, and I especially love it when it's combined with cool geometric shapes. So I dreamed up a simple little DIY that puts my two loves together, and the result is pretty cool, if I do say so myself! I'm loving these stackable, interchangeable clay rings. If you want to make a few, gather your materials!modeling clay (I used Fimo Classic)X-Acto knifeoven and baking panliquid gilding (I used Martha Stewart brand in Gold, Brass, and Copper)small paintbrushesbamboo skewers Start by molding a small amount of clay into a strip that's square on all sides.

Search results for easy triangle method I'm so excited to show you a brand new product that I have designed just for you! It's a seam guide that you adhere (temporarily of course) to your sewing machine bed. Blog - Pikaland My emotional state has been flip-flopping between being angry and sad for the past few weeks. I had emergency oral surgery that involved taking out 2 lower molars and an impacted wisdom tooth about a month ago, and it took almost 2 weeks before I could speak like normal. One molar was in trouble because of the impacted wisdom tooth. Another was because a 10-year old root canal had an infection (although I didn’t feel any pain) and would have to come out sooner rather than later. And those were the ones I needed to attend to then. I still have another root canal treated tooth that’s biding it’s time because another dentist didn’t realise my filling had come loose last year (he merely put more filling on top of it) – and had allowed it to decay further until there wasn’t much tooth left.

Spring Bulb Jars Oh spring! Seems it can't come soon enough. To survive till it does arrive, flowers are my jam. It's always a happy day when the tulips and bulbs like hyacinths and daffodils show up at our local grocer. Taking cue from the Scandinavians, I repotted some in jars this year which makes for a nice little pick-me-up five minute project! A sweet little DIY to make for yourself or to give as a spring gift! Tanglewood Threads: 2012 Scratchings The beginnings January 1 through 3 January complete. Posted February 19, 2012 Blog - Collage CollageCollage Collage Some artists have an incredible way of capturing the essence of childhood, I find this is especially endearing in children’s books. The way a child stands, or the excitement and delight in play, Cale Atkinson is one of those artists. The first time I picked up a copy of To The Sea, I was hooked. The dark colours set the tone for a moody picture book, a hint of sadness, yet offset with beautiful bright orange. Set in a rainy city by the sea, here in Vancouver we know a lot about rain.

FOOD & DRINK Archives - BLEUBIRD With it being just one week away from Christmas, everyone’s really getting into the holiday spirit and we’re beginning our most favorite traditions—most of those being food-related, because, let’s face it, that’s one of the best parts. This week we spent an entire day in the kitchen baking cookies, making insanely-addictive party mix, peppermint bark, and more. Needless to say, the kids were ecstatic and double-fisting sweets the second they were ready. We made some of our annual favorites and also tried a few new recipes. We used GODIVA in the chocolate-packed goodies (because they do chocolate best!), which I think really took the desserts up a few notches.

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