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If you were around this past weekend, you may have noticed our instagram revealing our newest venture, bringing our online world into the real world! We're super excited about this next and what seems like a natural progression of our Poppytalk world. Our new shop and workshop space, called Poppytalk will open it's doors early May where we will continue to support the handmade community with a curated selection of local and internationally-made goods from some of our favorite makers we have come to know these past 9 years online. We also will be carrying a bit of vintage (to fulfill that bit of retro addiction) along with the odd guitar or two! Along with the retail component, we will also be hosting an ever-changing selection of workshops from DIY + crafting workshops (think weaving, terrariums, embroidery etc.) to small business classes (from photoshop courses to blogging and social networking sessions).

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Inside Quilters Newsletter Most of the time I want to make interesting and attractive quilts, which require a fair amount of time, patience and thought, but sometimes I’d just like to get one done already. I was at sort of an in-between place recently, where I’d finished an involved project and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to get into another detailed and time-consuming quilt just yet. I wanted to make something quick, easy and fun. So I turned to my WIPs. Funky Junk Interiors: My Projects FJI projects in link format. Events and series All ideas and projects are original by Funky Junk Interiors and are copyright protected. Please feel free to copy for your own use and share with a link back, but please ask permission to sell. Sew Mama Sew Elizabeth from Oh, Fransson! does it again with a fabulous project for your scraps. Enjoy this quick-piece technique and don’t forget about Elizabeth’s Charm Squares Baby Quilt for Scrap Busters Month.

The Succulence Revolution » Blog Archive » You are Gourmet, Stop Acting Like Drive-Thru Are you feel tired of being alone? Do you wonder where all the delicious, conscious partners have gone to? When you see another woman madly in love and being adored by her partner, does your heart squeeze painfully as you hide your own desperate need to be met? Sewaholic Wow! What an amazing response to yesterday’s post on where to buy fabric online. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. It’s much better when you can buy with confidence, knowing other people have had great experiences with an online fabric shop. I like to know when I’m going to get excellent fabrics and excellent service, which explains why prices are higher. And I’m all for the adventure of buying on sale or through discount stores.

The Joyful Heartbeat Checklist : Janet Goldstein Writing, growing our businesses, making a difference can all seem more and more overwhelming and elusive in the noisy, hyper-speedy, competitive, and very public world we live and work in. The worry, confusion, and sheer pushing we do can make us forget that at the heart of our work is our creative spirit. Yet what happens when we forget (knock, knock) that we ourselves are the joyful, creative heartbeat at the center of our our ideas, our projects, and our relationships? How do we tap into, and really listen to, that joyful heartbeat?

Anyone Can Quilt: Quilting I have so much to tell you all about! I'm not sure where to start, it's been such a busy few months for us. I'll have to share it all over a few posts, or this one would be waaay too long. The Science of Self-Affirmations Self-affirmations are a popular tool in self improvement. The basic idea is that we can adopt healthy, positive, and productive beliefs if we recite a belief enough times to ourselves. For example, if we repeat a thought like “I’m a smart and happy person” 20 times every morning, then we may begin to actually believe that about ourselves, and thus act in ways that could make that belief a self-fulfilling prophecy. Reciting these beliefs is said to work because increased repetition of certain thought patterns (and neural pathways) is said to condition our brains to begin thinking in these new ways.

A Modern Quilting Blog » Pile O Fabric Fabric Giveaway Friday // Aria Lane Pattern Giveaway Sponsor Aria Lane is a modern design company that produces original modern quilt and embroidery patterns for the crafting community. By purchasing an Aria Lane pattern you are supporting an independent designer in the sewing community. New Patterns This week we have launched two more new patterns at Aria Lane. Resonance Quilt Pattern Designed and […] Pile O’ Fabric Stash Share Life 4 - Hello Dear, What Did You Do Today? The quilt is now sold. Images of the quilt will shortly be available on tea towels, aprons, cards etc. Please contact Annabel on direct if you would like to purchase.