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On Being with Krista Tippett — The Big Questions of Meaning

On Being with Krista Tippett — The Big Questions of Meaning

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The Altruism Revolution - Java Films For generations, we have believed that man is driven by ruthless self-interest. But over the past decade, this idea has been increasingly challenged. New research from fields as diverse as political science, psychology, sociology and experimental economics is forcing us to rethink human actions and motivation. There are strong biological reasons to believe why group co-operation may beat being selfish.

Display your sense of civility and democracy and buy a yard sign — Petworth News Update: Sales have closed. We'll try to have them ready for pickup on Saturday, 12/10 during the Art & Craft Fair on Upshur Street around 4pm. There's been a growing national trend to display your desire to welcome all neighbors, no matter where they're from, what language they speak or what they look like. I saw a great sign in a neighbor's yard this week, and posted the above photo to Instagram.

Long Beach convent's reopening helps boost the shrinking ranks of nuns This summer, Silvana Arevalo put aside her life in San Francisco — a successful career as a chemical engineer, a great salary and lots of friends — and headed to a quiet place outside the city in search of an answer to a question that few women ask these days: Should I become a nun? Since the 1950s, there has been a sharp decline of women willing to take the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience required by the Catholic Church. As lay people moved in to run Catholic hospitals, schools and charities, the number of nuns fell from 180,000 in 1965 to about 50,000 in 2014, according to Georgetown University's Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate. Many, nowadays, see becoming a nun as "a tremendous, radical choice, " said Paul Bednarczyk, executive director of the National Religious Vocation Conference, a Chicago-based organization that provides resources and training for faith-related careers. "People ask, 'How can you do this when you have so many other choices?' " he said.

Stopping Oppression: An Islamic Obligation The Macdonald Center for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations is the country’s oldest center for such study. The Macdonald Center challenges scholars, students, the media and the general public to move beyond stereotypes and develop an accurate awareness and appreciation of Islamic religion, law and culture. It is committed to the premise that through intensive study and academically guided dialogue, mutual respect and cooperation between Muslims and Christians can and must develop. The Macdonald Center is an academic unit within Hartford Seminary dedicated to scholarly research, teaching and publication. It is responsible for the Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations Master of Arts program, a Graduate Certificate in Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations, the Islamic Chaplaincy program, the Ph.D. program in Islamic Studies and numerous global study tours. teaching, publication and communication with the public.

Sparks Fly - March/April 2011 Can imagination be taught? Evidently, because the’s innovation hothouse is changing the way people think. A first-year graduate student in the management science and engineering program, Asha Gupta had barely started Design Garage, a course aptly characterized as an "imagination dunk tank"—and she was getting soaked.

FREE THE MIND - A DOCUMENTARY FILM BY PHIE AMBO More American soldiers commit suicide after they return from war, than are being killed in the war. Most of the war veterans suffer from PTSD. Steve is one of the proud American veterans who just returned from Afghanistan. He was an interrogator and very good at his job. Now, back home, he suffers from sleepless nights and bad conscience because of all the terrible things he did during the war. He has a lot of anger and fear for the future and is struggling to be a good father for his two-year-old twins. #AfterNov8 Launches This election season, we've spent a lot of time obsessing about November 8th. We watch debates, we share memes, we pore over maps, heralding the candidate of our choice and criticizing their opponent. But little attention has been paid to what happens after November 8th.

Jeb Bush on Pope Francis’s Calls to Fight Climate Change: “He’s Not a Now that Pope Francis is in the middle of his weeklong sweep through the United States—and now that he has spoken in front of Congress—it is time for the inevitable bending of Pope Francis’s words toward one’s political agenda. As Jeb Bush demonstrates, however, it’s also possible for a Catholic presidential candidate to bat away the Pope’s concerns. In a presser outside a campaign stop in Virginia, Bush, who saw Pope Francis when he went through D.C., dismissed Francis’s call for action against climate change, saying that the Pope was “not a scientist, he's a religious leader.” During his speech to Congress, Francis, who wrote a groundbreaking encyclical equating the fight against climate change with a moral imperative, urged the legislative body to work together against the “environmental deterioration caused by human activity.”

Siti Musdah Mulia: A courageous woman JP/M. Azis Tunny Siti Musdah Mulia is no stranger to human rights. Some will remember her for arguing in 2008 that homosexuality had its place within Islam. Others may recall how she denounced the pornography bill lawmakers were discussing, saying it would institutionalize religious oppression.

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