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Car theft – the latest trends among thieves. Living in South Africa is both a privilege and a problem, in terms of the numerous crime outbreaks that happen on a daily basis.

Car theft – the latest trends among thieves

Car theft is thriving and thieves are coming up with increasingly ingenious methods to get their hands on various vehicle components, sometimes taking the entire car. The rising cost of medical aid. In a world where one has to pay for so much, the annual increase in medical insurance tariffs is just another unwelcome expense.

The rising cost of medical aid

Providing for your family’s healthcare needs is essential. This poses the following questions; what factors determine this increase and how are medical aid providers adjusting their premiums to accommodate the rising cost of medical aid? Just last year in 2012, the medical aid tariff increased at around 9.4%, with a few notifying members rising as much as 12.3%. In the past, there were two medical aid tariff structures in South Africa – one from the BHF (Board of Healthcare Providers) and the other from SAMA (South African Medical Association). In January 2004, the Department of Health stepped in, issuing a single guideline from which all medical aid tariffs would be determined – the National Health Reference Price List (NHRPL).

One would think that a health care service would have to stick with the fees determined by the NHRPL, but this isn’t true. What happens if you drink and drive? The axiom ‘don’t drink and drive’ is one that has been ingrained in us since we were in junior school and yet, many people still take the chance.

What happens if you drink and drive?

It seems to be human nature to engage in an activity that we are told vehemently is not allowed – like alcohol, the allure is addictive. This is why car insurance is vital, although your insurance company will only pay out if you have been the victim of another driver’s drunken driving and are not the guilty, intoxicated party causing the accident. However, the consequences that may potentially result from succumbing to the temptation are devastating. We cannot watch the news and view an accident without hearing the proceeding phrase, ‘…it has been determined that the driver was under the influence of alcohol’. The government, in an effort to put a stop to these unnecessary fatalities, has set out clear, stringent laws to which the public need to abide.

The reason for annual increases in insurance premiums. When investing in a personal insurance policy, it is vital that you familiarise yourself with all the fine print, so you know exactly what expenses to expect.

The reason for annual increases in insurance premiums

Opt for a company with a reputation for transparency and openness, who will take you through everything you need to know, before you sign the dotted line. The majority of people are predominantly concerned about their insurance premiums and the reasons behind these increasing. Most insurance companies advocate annual insurance premium increases as these protect consumers against inflation and rising costs, remaining at a stable 10%, rather than corresponding to unpredictable market changes. Premium increases also result in an annual, corresponding policy benefit increase that is not dependent on your age or health. There’s more to the perfect mortgage than mortgage rates. For a lot of individuals, applying for a mortgage is an essential and inevitable part of buying a home.

There’s more to the perfect mortgage than mortgage rates

South Africa boasts a range of different channels through which you can attain these important funds; namely, banks, mortgage originators, real estate agents and reputable home loan providers. With such a variety of options to consider, applicants looking for a reliable mortgage provider should look for more than just a suitable mortgage rate. Can bad credit kill your chances of a home loan? Living with debt or bad credit can and often does have negative effects on your application for a home loan.

Can bad credit kill your chances of a home loan?

The question is; do your past financial mistakes prevent you from getting the home of your dreams? Not always. Just because you’ve had bad credit, filed for bankruptcy or experienced a foreclosure doesn’t mean you can’t get a home loan; it does mean, however, that you will pay a lot more than a borrower who has a clean credit record. Improving your credit rating means dedicating a significant amount of time and effort into taking positive action, cleaning up old messes and changing your attitude towards money. The importance of taking out bond insurance. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments you could make.

The importance of taking out bond insurance

It costs decades of work, payments and alterations to transform it into the home you have always dreamed of. Something that you work so hard for and grow to love so much definitely needs to be protected. While home loans may secure your property purchase, anything could happen; rendering you unable to pay the necessary instalments on your home. Thankfully, most institutions that finance home loans provide protection products to safeguard you against any potential mishaps that may occur while you are trying to pay off your bond. A reliable bond protection plan is available from SA Home Loans, one of the country’s leading home loan institutions. . - Payment of your monthly bond instalments should you become disabled and, as a result, are prevented from working.

Home Loan Basics. What is the Prime MOTORTHRIFT plan? If you enjoy listening to the radio station YFM, and you’ve been following the fascinating Ride and Drive radio show interviewing Prime Meridian Direct’s Brenden Benfield, then you would have heard about the Prime MOTORTHRIFT plan.

What is the Prime MOTORTHRIFT plan?

The unique podcasts not only look to promote this new and affordable product, but also aim to create an awareness regarding the shocking number of South African drivers who are uninsured. South Africa remains a developing nation, with nearly 52 million inhabitants calling this country home. Studies have found that of the people who own vehicles, nearly 70 percent of South Africans are driving without vehicle insurance. This equates to approximately 7 million South Africans who are uninsured. Understanding car insurance for first time buyers. With numerous insurance companies claiming to offer the best deals when it comes to car insurance, purchasing insurance for the first time can be somewhat overwhelming.

Understanding car insurance for first time buyers

When venturing into the adult world of premiums and motor plans, it’s important to enter the situation with a level head in order to get the best Ford Figo insurance deal, for example. How do you know your insurance will really cover your family? Death can be sudden and can leave your family reeling both emotionally and financially.

How do you know your insurance will really cover your family?

To allow yourself peace of mind, it’s important to know just how well your family is covered in the event of your sudden passing. With numerous insurance providers such as Prime Meridian Direct offering personal insurance, it’s important to choose a cover and provider that caters to the needs of you and your family. Money makes the world go round When choosing suitable cover it’s important to keep the above phrase in mind.

With the economy providing an unstable environment, many insurance providers are offering less and charging more.