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How to Sew a Duvet Cover – Stripes or Solids. A duvet cover is the most practical bedding solution for families, pet owners, and those who like to eat potato chips in bed.

How to Sew a Duvet Cover – Stripes or Solids

Seriously, what’s with the potato chips in bed? Sewing your own duvet cover can be a costly and cumbersome feat but with these tricks you can create perfectly unique and prudent custom bedding. The easiest way to make a duvet cover is to simply sew together two flat sheets, one for the front and one for the back. But we wanted a bit more pizzazz. We cut up and sewed together small amounts of designer fabric with multiple flat sheets in different colors and patterns to make our striped duvet. We’ve provided two ways for you to assemble your desired duvet. InstructionsTo create a striped front side: The front of the duvet cover requires three, 1 yard (91 cm) cuts of coordinating fabric, plus two pieces of 44″- or 52″- (112 cm- or 132 cm-) wide fabric at least as long as your required bed width, plus 1″ (2.5 cm) seam allowance (see the Duvet Cover Fabric Chart).

How to Solder Metals Together - Tool Tutorial Friday. Wheee, it’s another episode of Tool Tutorial Friday!

How to Solder Metals Together - Tool Tutorial Friday

Do y’all miss TTF? I do too, but this handy gal only has so many tools in her toolbox. Sewing a Bench Cushion with Piping. I’ve made some progress this weekend on the desk for our kitchen.

Sewing a Bench Cushion with Piping

This was the keystone in the decision making process for the color of our cabinets. I wanted to see what the color would look like in the kitchen, on a real piece of furniture before spending big bucks on cabinets. I’m happy to say that after trying a few different colors, I’m in love with Copen Blue by Sherwin Williams. I think the skies might have just cleared and I heard the distant chorus of angels singing “Hallelujah!”

DIY Beadboard Picture Frames. Last month Matt showed you all how to build a decorative shelf with crown molding for our half bath.

DIY Beadboard Picture Frames

The shelf is perfect for the space and I love it. Unfortunately something felt like it was missing from the shelf. After some thought I decided that our shelf needed picture frames! Beadboard picture frames to be exact. Laundry Fun Gift Basket + How to Sew a Basket Liner. Today I have a bit of an unconventional gift idea.

Laundry Fun Gift Basket + How to Sew a Basket Liner

But, frankly it is a gift that is sure to bring some fun and enjoyment to anyone who is tasked with the domestic chore of doing laundry. I think this Laundry Fun Gift Basket would be a wonderful gift for a new homeowner. Or a college student who finally moved out of the dorm into their own apartment. Heck, even Grandma would surely love this gift. How to Build a Tall & Skinny Storage Cabinet. Hey everyone!!

How to Build a Tall & Skinny Storage Cabinet

It’s Shara from Woodshop Diaries back to show you How to Build a Tall & Skinny Storage Cabinet. This storage unit works perfectly as a bathroom linen cabinet. Of course, it could work elsewhere besides a bathroom. An entryway would make another perfect spot for it. I use mine in the bathroom because it is the perfect size for towels, toilet paper rolls, baskets, and cleaning supplies. If you need something a bigger, you can check out this “whatchamacallit” cabinet that would be really cute for storing linens and such. How to Add Molding Panels to a Flat Door. When my sister brought me on to the Topsail Beach condo renovation, she had a laundry list of DIY projects she wanted me to complete.

How to Add Molding Panels to a Flat Door

One of them was dressing up the hollow flat doors with moulding panels. She showed me a pin that led to One Life to Love’s DIY beadboard panel doors. After seeing the photo, I knew it would be a great DIY upgrade to make. But, we decided to use real beadboard (instead of beadboard wallpaper) because it had to hold up to the stress of being a rental. To begin, start by measuring and marking the doors to determine the size of your panels. Draw lines 5″ in from the top and two sides of your door. When marking your doors, use a pencil and level to draw your lines. After we had our panel measurements, Caitlin and I headed to Lowe’s. We pulled some 4′ x 8′ beadboard panels and took them to the lumber cutting area. Materials: Simple Vases using Radiant Orchid {Lowe's Creative Idea} There I was digging things out of the recycling bin again.

Simple Vases using Radiant Orchid {Lowe's Creative Idea}

Budget-Friendly Customizable Etched Glasses. With summer right around the corner, summertime barbecues and pool parties aren’t far behind!

Budget-Friendly Customizable Etched Glasses

Master Bedroom Reveal. When I mentioned to Pretty Handsome Guy that I was going to give our master bedroom a makeover, he thought I was nuts.

Master Bedroom Reveal

I did paint this room when we first moved into our home seven years ago. And I gave it a mini-makeover in 2011. Easy and Inexpensive Romantic Curtains. Are your windows naked? Birch Tree Pillows. One thing that gets me ready for the fall season is to bring natural elements into my home. Although, they don’t actually have to be real, you can create them with some fabric and a little sewing. I’ve wanted to change up the pillows in our living room for a while, and these birch tree pillows are the perfect touch for fall. 12 DIY Storage Projects to Organize Your Home. It’s January and you know what that means! Time to clean and purge the house of all the excess stuff.

Wood Cut Out Tray. Happy Wednesday Pretty Handy readers. Jaime here from That’s My Letter to share a DIY project that makes a great anytime gift or (an even better idea) for Mother’s Day. I’ll show you how to make this wood cut out tray which you can personalize with any name or shape. The wood cut out makes for an unexpected design element. I painted bright blue behind the cut out, but any contrasting color will look great. Plexiglass installed over the wood cut out provides a solid flat surface. Below are the step-by-step instructions to make this tray.

Materials: Plenty O' Storage from One Board. Before we get started, did you enter the $1,000 #LoveItMoment giveaway? Only a few days left, so get crackin’! What would you say if I told you that I took one board…one 1″ x 8″ x 8′ board and created a faux cubby box with Plenty O’ Storage that will work in any room in your home!

This is a project born out of the #OneBoardChallenge. DIY Fabric Coasters. Hi everyone! Warm & Cozy Chocolate Gift Basket {DIY Gift Link Party} I love making my own gift baskets. They cost less than a store bought version. Guest Posting at Positively Splendid - Swell Noël Gift Idea. Hey y’all, I spent the weekend clearing out our garage, painting it and building custom storage. Laundry Fun Gift Basket + How to Sew a Basket Liner. Aged Painted Pail Tutorial. DIY Beadboard Picture Frames. Patina Hook Frame. DIY Metallic Color Blocked Canisters. Scrap Wood Wine Holder. Hey everyone! Katie here from Addicted 2 DIY. The Best Glues for Every Fix.

Over the years I’ve used a multitude of glues and learned the best glues for each application. Here is a list of The Best Glues for Every Fix. Most of the links in this article are affiliate links to help you find the exact glues I use. 25 Rugs You'd Never Guess were Painted. 25 Rugs You'd Never Guess were Painted. How to Replace Door Knobs and Deadbolts. Summer Garden Flag from a Dollar Store Placemat.

Easiest Way to Make Automobile Headlights New Again. DIY Copper Ring Jewelry. Concrete Jewelry Dish. DIY Scrap Moulding Trays. DIY Garden Flags for Every Season. Pretty Handy Girl.