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How To Be A Lady Ashley Judd plays a wonderful lady in the movie De-lovely There are all sorts of theories on how to be a lady. Two that struck me was that being a lady does not require wealth, though historically there were a larger proportion of ladies among the wealthy. Wimbledon 2013: Stars out to support Andy Murry as he takes on Novak Djokovic Centre Court erupted in deafening cheers as the British number one arrived to begin his bid for Wimbledon glory A deafening roar greeted Andy Murray’s arrival on Centre Court this afternoon as Britain’s number one began his bid for Wimbledon glory. Murray was met with a standing ovation from the All England Club’s most famous court as he and rival Novak Djokovic arrived for their crunch match. Murray had given a rally cry in a recent interview – speaking of the importance of the backing he has received during the tournament. He said: “Your support really can make the difference.” If he wins, he will be the first British man to take the Wimbledon title since Fred Perry 77 years ago.

10 Easy Ways to Find More Time in a Day! By BISSELL|Lifestyle Most of us struggle to find an extra minute or two in our day for anything. With today’s fast paced lifestyles, things like spending time with family and resting can often fall by the wayside. But even with a mountain of responsibilities, sneaky time saving tricks still exist that help you create more time for the things that really matter. Here are a few simple time saving tips that you can start practicing today, and thank us for later.

10 Beyond Basic Sex Positions to Try Tonight It’s tempting to play it safe when it comes to sex positions. My personal favorite — a modified version of missionary that you can read about here — is so reliably orgasmic that my boyfriend and I call it “old faithful.” When you’re short on time, energy or ideas, it makes sense to revert back to the familiar positions that get us off in bed. So why fix it if it ain’t broke? Because you might not even know what you’re missing until you try. For women, the best-feeling positions are often the ones that stimulate your clitoris: girl-on-top, reverse cowgirl, etc.

Total Leadership » Reduce Stress by Pursuing Four-Way Wins The pendulum is finally swinging back from the apogee of complete immersion in work as the business ideal. A great hue and cry now strains to contain our out-of-control culture of overwork. We know it reduces productivity, destroys civic engagement, and produces all manner of stress-related health problems. The good news is that you can do something about it, for yourself and for your employees. How to Be a Lady - The Rules of Etiquette on Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in /home/divavill/public_html/includes/seo.php on line 172 Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in /home/divavill/public_html/includes/seo.php on line 174 Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in /home/divavill/public_html/includes/seo.php on line 176

Buy Withings Pulse O2 Wireless Activity, Sleep and Health Tracker With Withings Pulse O2, you can monitor you activity and sleep, read vital signs and improve your overall health. This versatile, petite tracker includes a wristband and a clip so you can wear it your way, making it easy to keep with you, whatever you're doing. During the day it captures steps, distance walked, elevation climbed and calories burned. Walking Holidays - BISSELL UK By BISSELL|Family Fun Everyone knows that going for a walk is good exercise, but it’s getting out the house to go on these walks that is the real problem! It’s a New Year and most of us have already copped out on our New Year’s resolutions. But the fact remains the same: walking is good for you. So how can you make it happen? Picking yourself up and getting out the door can be tricky when you’re alone, so why not turn walking into a fun day out with the family while getting healthy and fit in the process?