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Mom Blog Money Blog 10 Easy Ways to Find More Time in a Day! By BISSELL|Lifestyle Most of us struggle to find an extra minute or two in our day for anything. With today’s fast paced lifestyles, things like spending time with family and resting can often fall by the wayside. But even with a mountain of responsibilities, sneaky time saving tricks still exist that help you create more time for the things that really matter. Here are a few simple time saving tips that you can start practicing today, and thank us for later. Schedule nothing. Just because you can technically fit it into your schedule doesn’t mean you always should. Mess once. Dinner preparation can take ages, especially when factoring in time spent cleaning up. Become obsessively organised. If you don’t already have systems for your systems – listen up! Multitask like you mean it. Many of us will have periods of “dead time” in our day. Avoid interruptions. Have a plan, and keep it. Have a weekly roster of general tasks. Identify your personal “productivity prime time”. Wake up prepared.

Huffington Post Canada - Canadian News Stories, Breaking News, Opinion The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking Family Days Out | Ramblers Holidays | Walking Holidays - BISSELL UK By BISSELL|Family Fun Everyone knows that going for a walk is good exercise, but it’s getting out the house to go on these walks that is the real problem! It’s a New Year and most of us have already copped out on our New Year’s resolutions. Cairngorm Reindeer Walks (Aviemore, Scotland) Take a relaxed, easy stroll into the Cairngorm Mountains just outside Aviemore to visit the reindeers. Opening Times: All Year Walk Leaves: 11am (winter), 11am & 14:30 (summer) Costs: Adults – £13. Hadrian’s Wall Path (Northumberland, England) Bordering the Northumberland National Park, explore the Site of Hadrian’s Wall including Roman settlements and forts on your own time and selected distance. Walk Leaves: At your leisure Costs: At your discretion Giant’s Causeway (Northern Ireland) Giant’s Causeway is home to the world’s most dramatic basalt columns. Volcanic activity from millions of years ago created the hexagon shaped pillars in county Antrim in Ireland. Open: All Year Costs: Adult – £9/Child – £4.50

Mamiverse - Latina Moms | Daughters Teacher Lesson Plans, Printables & Worksheets by Grade or Subject - Fascinating Facts about your Fur-baby! By BISSELL|Lifestyle Pets. Whether they are our best friends, our babies, or our long time confidants, it’s undeniable that they mean the world to us. But unfortunately owning pets also mean increased exposure to a host of nasties; including allergens like fur and mites. And because pets are as special as they are, we’ve decided to celebrate them with not only a cleaner home, but also with a round-up of rather impressive pet-related facts. When dogs bite down, their mouths exert around 200 pounds of pressure conservatively. Fleas can jump up to 200 times the length of their body. The degree of effectiveness of a dog’s internal cooling system is directly proportional to the length of its nose. The only way a dog is able to release heat from its body is by panting, and the only place they sweat is the bottom of their paws. Pets are included in over 50% of family and holiday portraits. Cats have no sweat glands at all. Cats have one less toe on each back paw than they do on each front paw.