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Current. 12/14/16, 4/10/17
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Finished. 6/3/17

Weekend Project: Decoupage a Tray. Decoupage, decoupage, how I love thee!

Weekend Project: Decoupage a Tray

How fun is this little project from Country Living that popped onto my radar this week? Can you tell what is real or not (notice the Rifle Paper there)? Love this idea – and really, if you have kids trays are the best aren't they? Marble-Patterned Headboard. Canadian interior designer, Sarah Richardson took over as Home Design Director at Good Housekeeping Magazine earlier in 2014 and together with Editor-In-Chief, Jane Francisco (former Editor-in-Chief for Chatelaine), they are bringing a fresh look to an American institution.

Marble-Patterned Headboard

When we saw this cool headboard decorating trick in the home section of their January '15 issue we had to take a closer look! DIY Quote Coat Hanger. Contributor post by Penelope and Pip I was watching my boyfriend take his work shirt out of the closet last week and a little spark of genius hit me - I should write little quotes on his hangers so that when he irons his shirt in the morning he sees a happy message to take him through his day.

DIY Quote Coat Hanger

20 Rad DIY Wall Art Ideas for Spring! A while back we did a most awesome post on DIY wall art ideas for the home or office.

20 Rad DIY Wall Art Ideas for Spring!

Since then, we've found a few more gems and not only was that an awesome round-up, a lot of the art is still pretty rad, so we've revised that post a bit, updated it with a few others we've stumbled upon as of late to make an even more awesome round-up of DIY wall art ideas. Check them out below. 1. Framed Engineer Printsby Always Rooney (Above) We've been seeing a lot of engineer prints lately, but never framed like this. Love this idea too of splitting an image into two. 10 Awesomely-Cool DIY Dowel Projects.

Yay for Friday's and yay for adorable DIYs.

10 Awesomely-Cool DIY Dowel Projects

We have all these extra dowels hanging around and have been looking for ideas to make something with. After searching, we found so many great ones, we thought we'd share a round up of some faves. You'd think if you saw one dowel ladder, you've seen them all, but not such the case. Check out ladders, chairs, mirrors and more below! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Weekend projects. Weekend Project DIY: Gold Leaf Geometric Necklace. Contributor post by Penelope and Pip.

Weekend Project DIY: Gold Leaf Geometric Necklace

I am loving the pastel colours that are already popping up this summer so when I stumbled across some gold leaf at my local hardware store last weekend I instantly thought of this cute DIY project with polymer clay. This pretty necklace takes no time at all to make and will look great at a summer party. Lets get started with materials: Materials: 1. The steps are super easy: Step 1: Condition your clay by rolling it in the palm of your hand for a couple of minutes until it is soft and pliable. The great thing about polymer is you can mix colours. Step 2: Use the glass to roll out the clay, making sure it is even. If you have an acrylic rolling pin that will be even easier to use! Step 3: Use your blade to cut a triangle shape. Step 4: Use something to poke a hole in the top for your cord. Leather Wrap Bracelet. Guest Post by Anette of Lebenslustiger I wanted to come up with a new leather wrap tutorial for a while now and I am really happy to pronounce I finally did.

Leather Wrap Bracelet

If you like to see my other bracelet tutorials please click here. It took me a while to wrap my mind around the "how to" because I wanted to create a braided full leather version as an alternative to the tedious and time consuming version of weaving beads in and out with bead cord between and around two leather strings. Once you get the hang of the braiding rhythm you will see how quickly these bracelets are done and how beautifully they will turn out! For one bracelet you will need: Of course you are free to choose different sizes of leather cord than I did but make sure there is a thinner and a thicker cord and you are able to thread your beads onto the thinner one. O.K. - here we go! Now fold the short end towards the middle and wrap your long end tight around all leather pieces to create a nice beginning. DIY Flower Bicycle Baskets. It's only mid summer and it seems all the flowers in our garden are on their last legs.

DIY Flower Bicycle Baskets

Why does it seem to go so fast? DIY Leather Basket. There's nothing better than simple storage options that add to your room's decor rather than distract from it.

DIY Leather Basket

Spring Bulb Jars. Oh spring!

Spring Bulb Jars

Seems it can't come soon enough. To survive till it does arrive, flowers are my jam. It's always a happy day when the tulips and bulbs like hyacinths and daffodils show up at our local grocer. DIY Faceted Clay Rings. Poppytalk.