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The 150 Best Online Flash Games

The 150 Best Online Flash Games
It was a long and exhausting task: playing hundreds of online games for hours in a row, day after day. It was hard, but someone had to do it. The result is the list that you will find below. Enjoy! Action Games 1. As you probably guessed, on this game, you get to drive an indestructible tank around. Click here to play IndestructoTank 2. A fighting game where you need to beat down several opponents at the same time. Click here to play Electricman2HS 3. Think about Sonic the Hedgehog with a more clean design and some physics effects added. 4. On this game you play a small dinosaur that is trying to escape the imminent extinction from a fallen meteor. Click here to play Dino Run 5. The Matrix fans out there will have fun with this one. Click here to play Matrix Rampage 6. The Gooples are all around you. Click here to play Amorphous+ 7. Ever wanted to fly around like Spider Man? Click here to play Double Wires 8. We couldn’t leave ninja games out of the list, right? Click here to play Final Ninja

Online games to pass the time I'm looking for particular types of web-based games to pass the time. There's I spend a lot of time using a microscope which is attached to a Windows XP computer. Crickler Crickler Instructions: Begin with an easy clue (as you would in a crossword puzzle). To enter the answer, select a square with your mouse and start typing: 1. The Whole Enchilada minordemon said... There are not many surprises on this list, are there? Not very much different from the top 100 of the Geek.A shame. I was hoping to find a unique game that usually drops out of the mass statistics.The only place where I've had that experience was at the reports of Faidutti's Ludopathic Gathering. Dave Arnott said... Well, given enough participants, most 100 lists are gonna look roughly the same, right?

PCE.js IBM PC/DOS in the Browser PCE.js IBM PC/XT emulator running PCDOS 5 — a hack by James Friend PCE.js runs classic computers in the browser. It's a port of Hampa Hug's excellent PCE emulator, put together by James Friend. This is an emulated 286 IBM PC compatible running PC DOS 5 Please be patient as you may see a blank screen for a while upon booting. Things to try: How to Bookmark the Current Page in Chrome Home » featured 17 September 200851 Comments Now that you have a convenient Delicious bookmark in Chrome, you are ready for all your social bookmarking needs. But what about traditional bookmarking? It took me a minute to figure this one out, as Google has broken normal menu conventions. Chrome’s bookmark toolbar doesn’t have an obvious ‘Add Current Page’ function.

defective yeti: Good Gift Games Guide 2008 The official Good Gift Games Guide 2008 is available at The Morning News today. The games profiled are: Runners Up Usually, when I compile my annual Good Gift Games (G3s) Guide, I come up with seven or eight shoe-ins and then have to cast around for a few more to round out the list; this year my "just off the top of my head" list came out to 18 items, even before I started doing the research. 35 Great and Addictive HTML5 Games Tired of Surfing and chatting? Wondering how to have fun on the Internet? One obvious way is to play online games. If you are into web design or programming it may double or triple your fun to play some HTML5 games showing what is possible with latest standards. There are many games out there, but finding free and good ones is not that easy specially when it’s a html5 games.

95 Old School Games You Can Play Online Remember the classic video games? The 8-bit masterpieces of our sweaty-palmed youth. Inviting some friends over for a Maniac Mansion all-nighter, huffing asthmatically into a cartridge to clear out the dust, or the thrill and crushing disappointment of rescuing a princess, only to discover you’ve really just saved a fungus.