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China’s booming ocean parks mean misery for bears, belugas and more. Polar bears pace in enclosures at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in the southern Chinese city of Zhuhai on Feb. 2, 2016. (Simon Denyer/The Washington Post) ZHUHAI, China — The polar bears pace back and forth in their enclosure, heads lolling as they turn, their distress apparent. Chinese tourists crowd around display windows to snap quick close-ups on their phones. Beluga whales nod in time to loud music, “kiss” children or spit plumes of water toward gasping crowds. A walrus blows a trumpet, seals catch Frisbees and dolphins propel their trainers through the water on their beaks. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom here is the largest of China’s 39 ocean theme parks, the flagship of a booming industry that is capturing some of the world’s most magnificent and intelligent animals from the wild and keeping many of them in cramped, inadequate conditions.

But in China, the industry cannot expand rapidly enough to satisfy the nation’s apparent hunger to watch animals perform. Little effective oversight. Il faut sauver Willy. 'I Was Disgusted': How One Trainer Left The SeaWorld Horror Show. After nearly two decades at SeaWorld, senior orca trainer John Hargrove still believed in the marine park's mission.

"This is the cult-like experience you've been programmed to defend your entire life," Hargrove, now 41 years old and three years out from his job at SeaWorld's Shamu Stadium in San Antonio, told The Dodo. Soon enough, though, something snapped. "You do love those whales, but love is not enough. It doesn't mean that's right, or make the situation OK," he said. "That's where it's kind of sick. " Hargrove walked The Dodo through his choice to leave SeaWorld, a company he would once have defended with all he had, in 2012. WARNING: Graphic Content Below Melissa Hargrove Risks abound At 27, Hargrove was pulled underwater by a 7,000-pound orca whale named Freya. After the orca, who was captured in Iceland in October 1982, released him, he was finally able to escape, thanks to clever maneuvering of the trainers. Blackfish Right back in the water How to keep a whale alive in a 40-foot tank.

合肥海洋世界海豚馆元旦开放 拟开海豚辅助治疗自闭症项目__万家热线-安徽门户网站. 2015-8-13 08:45 来源:江淮晨报 已有4150人浏览 六米深的巨大水池将来就是海豚们的表演场地。 今年4月,合肥海洋世界启动了二期海豚馆的建设。 8月12日,记者从合肥海洋世界了解到,新馆将能容纳1500名观众,并有望在 2016年元旦开业。 与此同时,从日本引进的6只海豚也将在近期“空运”来肥,它们从小接受英语训练,不愁“语言障碍”。 未来,海洋世界还拟启动海豚辅助治疗自闭症项目。 新馆设置360°跟拍能容纳1500名观众 在合肥海洋世界二期工地上,如今,长15米宽6米平均深度6米的海豚表演池已初具雏形,未来这里的观众席能容纳1500人。 据了解,本月底合肥海洋世界二期海豚馆的土建将完成,9月将安装生命系统设备,9月底主体工程封顶,2015年10月底竣工验收,之后进行内部装修、设备调试等直至最终开馆。 “海豚馆高约19.8米,视野开阔,适合海豚等做一些高难度的跳跃动作。” 海豚表演是最受欢迎的项目之一,未来在新建的海豚馆里,游客将可以360度无死角观看海豚表演,即使是水下活动亦不会错过。 “新馆将拥有4台追踪摄像机,其中2台面对观众,可以拍摄到所有观众席情况,使互动环节更清晰明了;1台面对表演舞台,记录表演的精彩画面并投射到50平方米的LED大屏上,可以让现场所有观众看到表演细节;最后1台为水下摄像机,它可以提供海豚在水下活动的场景。”

6只海豚将空运来肥听得懂英语指令 新海豚馆的舞台,将交给海豚和海狮为市民表演。 主水池两边是3个海豚暂养池,总储水量约1600立方米,它们既是海豚休息的地方,也是海豚和游客互动的场所。 新馆建成后,海豚表演将采用“海狮+海豚共同表演”的方式来进行,计划届时将有2只海狮同台、4只海豚依次进行表演,表演时间也将持续30分钟左右。 如今,海洋世界里有3只海豚,而随着新馆开建,海洋世界又将从日本引进6只海豚。 不过,在日本已接受培训的海豚,能听得懂咱们合肥训练师的口令吗? 海豚馆有望明年元旦启幕拟开启海豚辅助治疗自闭症项目 据悉,海豚馆在今年10月可竣工,预计明年元旦前后正式和游客见面。 新馆将实行“一票制”,市民不需要另外购票就可以看到海豚表演。 新馆启用后,原来的海豚、海狮馆便空了出来。 记者于巧妮/文李福凯/摄 原标题:明年元旦合肥海洋世界海豚馆将开放. Cruel Dolphinarium Proposed in Poland – Here’s How You Can Stop It! Up till now, there has never been a dolphinarium in Poland. With a new investment planned to be carried out in the city in Mszczonów, this may soon change. Exploiting Dolphins for Profit Simon_sees/Flickr Mszczonów is a small town with over 6,000 inhabitants, located in central Poland, 30 miles from the capital city of Warsaw and over 240 miles away from the waters of the Baltic Sea. This year, a Warsaw-based company purchased 5,500 square meters of land near the largest local tourist attraction – a complex of thermal pools – as a place for a dolphinarium.

Say No to the Dolphinarium and Take Action! Michael Gray/Flickr This investment is a source of major controversy, both in Poland and abroad, as it is contrary to the global movement to cease dolphin exploitation in dolphinariums and theme parks. In the light of above-mentioned facts, we have launched a campaign, NIE!

Please support our campaign, by signing petitions launched by WWF and Greenpeace. See something, Say something. The Dolphin Trainer Who Loved Dolphins Too Much. Ashley Guidry with Sandy, a wild-caught bottlenose dolphin, at Gulf World. Tim Zimmermann | Longreads | April 2015 | 25 minutes (6,193 words) Panama City Beach, Florida is set on the alluring waters of the Gulf Of Mexico, in northwestern Florida. It’s a town of cookie-cutter condos and sprawling outlet malls, built almost entirely on the idea that blazing sun, a cool sea, white sand beaches, and copious amounts of booze are an irresistible formula for human happiness (or at least a pretty damn good time).

Everything about the place—from the ubiquitous fast food, to the endless chain stores, to the Brobdingnagian miniature golf courses—is designed to anticipate and then slake the vast and relentless array of human desires. Prime among the entertainment offerings is Gulf World Marine Park. It sits on Front Beach Road, the main drag that parallels the seafront, and promises sun-addled or bored families a respite from the nearby beach.

Guidry, now 41, is lively and funny, yet thoughtful. Marc Bekoff - Here's Proof Orcas Die Young In Captivity. A new study shows captive killer whales don't live as long as wild relatives. The award-winning documentary "Blackfish" clearly showed that captive killer whales (orcas) live horrific lives. They are routinely mistreated, forced to breed, and forced to perform stupid and unnatural tricks all in the name of money (see for example, "Why SeaWorld Can't Float: Censorship and Business Ethics" and references therein). Often those who profit from keeping orcas and other cetaceans locked up in water zoos claim that the animals have a better life than they would in the wild because they're fed, housed, given veterinary care, and loved by trainers and others who control their lives.

Of course, this is hardly the case. Killer whales (Orcinus orca) were first placed into captivity in 1961 and are now found in theme parks around the world. Roberta Kwok nicely summarizes this study in the magazine Conservation in an essay called "How Long Do Captive Killer Whales Survive? " Jane Goodall Says SeaWorld 'Should Be Closed Down' NEW YORK -- Jane Goodall wants to see SeaWorld go extinct. The 81-year-old primatologist said whales and dolphins should never be held in captivity, and that the entertainment company known for its orca shows should be shuttered. “They definitely should be closed down,” Goodall said in an interview with The Huffington Post earlier this month. She’s not alone. SeaWorld’s stock price has been plummeting since July 2013, when CNN released the documentary “Blackfish. " SeaWorld's stock price has declined precipitously since the 2013 release of "Blackfish.

" One of the problems highlighted in "Blackfish" is that cetacea, the family of aquatic mammals that includes whales, dolphins and porpoises, communicate with sonar-like sound waves. “When they are contained in these tanks … that is acoustical hell,” said Goodall, adding that her nonprofit organization, the Jane Goodall Institute, is urging aquariums across the country to free their whales. Take Action: Support Us on the Frontlines in Japan. We support the new lawsuit sponsored by Earth Island Institute’s International Marine Mammal Project and call on SeaWorld's new CEO Joel Manby to cease and desist from their false and deceptive information dissemination about orcas aimed at misleading members of the public to buy tickets.

SeaWorld is failing to tell the truth about - the cruel conditions of small sterile pools for large and intelligent orcas which lead to premature deaths of captive orcas, - separation of mother orcas from their calves, - the collapse of dorsal fins in male orcas in captivity that happens only extremely rarely in the wild, and - the routine administration of drugs to orcas in order to mask the impacts of stress and an unhealthy environment in small concrete tanks while falsely claiming that orcas are “happy” in captivity. SeaWorld blasts ex-trainer's character. SeaWorld has gone on the offensive, personally attacking the character of a former trainer who has authored a book critical of the theme parks’ treatment of its killer whales. In an email sent Tuesday to media organizations, SeaWorld links to a nearly 5-year-old video provided by an “internal whistleblower” in which the author, John Hargrove, appears to be drunk and is using offensive language. A number of times throughout a nearly 5-minute-long taped cellphone conversation with a female friend, Hargrove, who indicates he’s been drinking, uses a racial slur.

The woman was discussing an attack by a group of black men in which she’d allegedly been hit with a rock. Hargrove had been scheduled to appear at Warwick’s bookstore in La Jolla tonight to promote his book, “Beneath the Surface,” but the book-signing has now been canceled. John Hargrove WARNING: This YouTube video contains offensive language. Voice of the Orcas: Food Deprivation at SeaWorld. A Statement on Food Deprivation at SeaWorld Recently, the topic of killer whale food rationing & deprivation has made national news as SeaWorld vigorously defends its training practices & launches attacks at critics.

Q: Does SeaWorld use food deprivation? Absolutely. But decide for yourself Identical questions were posed to John Jett PhD & Jeffrey Ventre MD, former killer whale trainers. Jett is a visiting research professor at Stetson University in Deland, Florida, USA, and Ventre a board certified physiatrist in Washington state. Their responses are below, beginning with Dr Jett. 1. Food deprivation was a tool often used when I was a trainer. 3. Food deprivation is not immediately effective as it usually takes at least a couple of days of reduced caloric intake before a whale becomes motivated by their growing hunger. 1. Does SeaWorld expect the public to believe that whales voluntarily swim into stretchers for transportation to another facility? No. 2. It does. 3. Miami Seaquarium: Release Lolita! - The Animal Rescue Site.

'I Was Disgusted': How One Trainer Left The SeaWorld Horror Show. Whale arrives from Moscow for shows next month. KARACHI: Notwithstanding concerns of experts against holding shows of marine mammals, a three-metre-long white whale has arrived here from Moscow and is currently being kept at the Maritime Museum where dolphin shows are scheduled early next month, a visit to the facility showed. The 10-year-old marine mammal (Delphinapterus leucas) is often called beluga (meaning white one in Russian) and sea canary due to its high pitched twitter.

The whale is listed in the IUCN/The World Conservation Union’s vulnerable category (the species faces a high risk of extinction). “It will be the first time that a dolphin show is being held in this part of the world. A foreign expert on water engineering has been with us for seven months to prepare the right living conditions for the cetacean,” said Syed Azfar Abbas representing the Karachi-based Dolphin Show International that he said would organise the show in collaboration with a Dubai-based company, Dolphin and I. “We call him Stephen. Bad press, Harry Potter contributing to SeaWorld’s epic bellyflop - Fortune. Can SeaWorld Really Send Our Killer Whales to China? Will They? - Candace Calloway Whiting. “Ocean Kingdom is the first phase of transforming the last of the undeveloped Pearl River Delta islands into what Mr. Su describes as the “Orlando of China” which “will become the new benchmark for the theme park industry.”

The Chimelong Group. The short answer is yes, they can send the orcas to a foreign country. It is a viable option, and there are no regulations to prevent it. The recent shake-ups at SeaWorld show that this corporate business means business – they are replacing the Chief Operating Executive (CEO), restructuring the company’s Board of Directors, and in a Grinchy move they laid off over 300 employees in the middle of the holidays. They added some impressive independent consultants with marketing and business backgrounds to take the reins and reboot SeaWorld’s tired business model.

They are showing themselves to be competent, brilliant, and somewhat ruthless in their makeover – but what it means for the animals, and what anyone can do about it is a big question. Dolphinaria-Free Europe. Takeover of Harderwijk dolphinarium » ENDCAP. Captive Cetaceans Tragically Sad: Cetaceans Released from Captivity. Cetacean Releases compiled by Ken Balcomb As we know it is often said that cetaceans in captivity cannot be released thanks to the research by Ken Balcomb it has been proven that they not only can be released they HAVE been released.See the list below, I have highlighted some points you may find extra interesting too Kenneth C.

Balcomb III Copyright 1995 Center for Whale Research Friday Harbor, WA 98250 "Over the years that dolphins have been kept in captivity, some have been released back into the wild after varying periods of time. Dolphin (Tursiops sp.) releases 1993. 1992. 1992. 1992. 1992. 1992. 1992. 1991. Note: This reintroduction was recently labelled as fraud by marine parks spokespeople in the United Kingdom, but this author is convinced that it was conducted responsibly and without intent to deceive. 1990. 1990. 1987. Note: Dr. 1986. 1985. 1984. 1984. 1984. 1984. 1984. 1984. 1983. 1983. 1983. 1983. 1982. 1982. 1982. 1981. 1980. 1980. 1980. 1979. 1979. 1979. 1979. 1978/79. 1978. PETA est actionnaire SeaWorld, et ils sont ce qui suggère que la société d'investir dans orca sanctuaires | Blogs | Orlando hebdomadaire. Click to enlarge Our minds were blown when we learned that PETA was a shareholder in SeaWorld, but according to spokesman David Perle, PETA purchased stock in the marine-mammal parks when SeaWorld held its IPO in 2013.

"PETA purchased stock in SeaWorld when it first became publicly available, in April of 2013 and PETA currently owns 159 shares," Perle says. "In order to file resolutions, it’s required that we own at least $2,000 worth of common stock continuously, which we do, and have. " And one of those resolutions, which PETA announced today, is that it would like to see SeaWorld invest in orca sanctuaries – sea pens, basically – where it can retire its orcas, dolphins and other marine mammals to live out their lives. PETA proposes that SeaWorld replace its live animal displays with virtual reality: "The sea pens would protect orcas from the misery and harassment of captivity at SeaWorld," the nonprofit animal-rights group says in an announcement about the resolution. Reimagining SeaWorld: An Open Letter To The New CEO.

When news broke last week that SeaWorld CEO Jim Atchison was resigning, a friend emailed and asked if I “was surprised? " I replied: “Yes. Surprised it took this long. " You see, to say SeaWorld is “embattled" is sugar coating it. After the company went public in April 2013, revenue has fallen, attendance has dropped and their stock drove itself right off a cliff. With the continued popularity of the acclaimed documentary Blackfish, SeaWorld faces a rising public backlash over how it treats its animals as well as its employees.

With Atchison's departure, SeaWorld also announced widespread layoffs at its 11 parks. How could this happen at one of the world's most recognized brands? Although some have suggested the Board of Directors is culpable — and are making Atchison “walk the plank" to save themselves with shareholders — this could be taken as a brave move towards a kinder, more durable, well-imagined future for SeaWorld. Dear SeaWorld Board and Management Team, But all is not lost. SeaWorld CEO to Step Down — Ric O'Barry Offers to Step In | Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project - Let's Protect Dolphins Together. NPA plans to nix whale and dolphin breeding ban at Vancouver Aquarium. What's Next For The World's Captive Orcas. Anonymous Operation SeaWorld. Le delphinarium Kolmarden Djurpark à Östergötland en Suède. Confessions of a Killer Whale trainer by Steve Huxter - Voice of the Orcas. Former Orca Hunter Faces Temptation to Capture Killer Whales for Big Money.

Give me a chance to live. Dauphins, orques, belugas : libérons les cétacés captifs ! - Rue89 - L'Obs. Pétition · SeaWorld We Demand a Plan Now for Captive Whales and Dolphins. Victory: Abusive Italian Dolphinarium Shut Down Forever. 不讓鯨豚因展演殞落 動團啟動反圈養. Keto: The Other Whale Who Killed His Trainer.


Seaworld. La vie en captivité : 7 raisons de ne pas garder des orques en prison. Bad press, Harry Potter contributing to SeaWorld’s epic bellyflop. Exploitation is NOT entertaining | Australia for Dolphins. Dear SeaWorld, We Drew You 5 Cartoons To Explain Why Your Stock Is Tanking. Ce SECRET que les delphinariums veulent vous cacher à tout prix... SeaWorld Is Dying, Animal Exploitation Isn’t | Affect Magazine. Miami Seaquarium Death Chart.

PETA Chelem Gordon Ramsay »de cuisine de l'enfer 'Over SeaWorld Promotion. Attaques | Free Dolphins Belgium. A San Diego Progressive Takes On SeaWorld | Tim Zimmermann. Jim Henson Company pression pour couper les liens avec SeaWorld. Amid killer whale controversy, S.D. City Council honors SeaWorld - Los Angeles Times. • behind the glass of aquarium • Release Lolita Back to the Sea and Her Family! Drive Fisheries, Capture Results & Information. Jim Henson Company Pressured To Cut Ties With SeaWorld. Les orques du Marineland d'Antibes. Fermons le parc aquatique Marineland d' Antibes, pour sauver les Orques ! Guess Who's Cutting Ties With SeaWorld Now? Cetacean News Network - United Airlines stops dolphin and whale transports after public outrage. Orques et dauphins captifs sous camisole chimique.

SeaWorld Slapped With (Another) USDA Complaint Over Animal Abuse Allegations. A National Geographic Blogger Is Not Impressed. Beaucoup de Delphinariums punissent cruellement les dauphins ?.. - Association animale ma-vie-de-galgo. Captive Cetaceans Tragically Sad: Dolphinariums of the World. Dolphinariums of the World. Les orques du Marineland d'Antibes.

Orques (Reportage - La Nouvelle Edition) Le Marineland du Canada : charniers, tortures et bonnes affaires ! Animalspeak: Blackfish may spell the end of captivity for orcas | Lifestyle | GMA News Online. 300 personnes ont manifesté devant le Marineland d'Antibes contre les delphinariums - France 3 Côte d’Azur. Que la construction d'un delphinarium au ZooParc d'Amnéville (57) ne voie jamais le jour. Kids Speak Out for Dolphins- PSA. SeaWorld - save your money on super-size tanks. Orcas need the ocean! Another Aquarium Says No to Dolphin Shows. Ce que vous devez savoir sur les delphinariums | La Dolphin Connection. SeaWorld stock sinks over ‘Blackfish’ killer whale outrage. Blackfish Cast Exclusive: Ex-Trainers Say SeaWorld Must Evolve Now. Win for Dolphins! Bahamian Supreme Court Orders Dolphinarium Closed | PETA's Blog | PETA.

Brochure "adultes" : les cétacés et la captivité... ce que les delphinariums ne vous disent pas... La delphine Roxanne est deux fois grand-mère mais ne le saura jamais ! SeaWorld Again Tries to Counter Bad Publicity by Going after Health and Safety Investigator. SeaWorld Sinks 5% on Bill to Ban California Orca Shows.