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Werk Akadémia - Werk Stílus Film Kommunikáció szakok, film szakok, stylist képzés, Filmes képzés enteriőrstylist, művészeti menedszer, Divatiskola. Untitled. Register for the GMAT Exam. The GMAT exam is the gold standard of graduate business admissions, trusted by more than 6,000 programs worldwide.

Register for the GMAT Exam

The GMAT exam, available around the world throughout the year, lets you showcase the skills that business school admissions officers and corporate recruiters look for. Schedule a GMAT Exam Admissions deadlines for graduate business programs vary. Check with the schools you are interested in attending and set up your GMAT exam ahead of time to ensure your scores are reported prior to application deadlines. Scheduling Fee: US$250.00. The Official GMAT Website. The GMAT Exam. Register Registering for and taking the GMAT exam is your best first step toward a career with impact.

The GMAT Exam

Learn More About the GMAT Exam Once you decide to pursue a graduate business degree, it is time to start preparing for the GMAT exam. Learn More Format and Timing The GMAT consists of four main sections—Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, and Verbal. MBA Program. The distance MBA program of Educatis Graduate School of Management is the right choice for talented managers on their career path to leading positions within a national or international company or any other organisation.

MBA Program

Due to constraints in time, funds and locality, a distance learning MBA program is often the only way for individuals to obtain a MBA degree. This online MBA program addresses all academically trained professionals in the areas of science, IT, engineering, arts, law, medicine, business administration and economics. Simon L. Dolan. Embabrochure.pdf. Executive MBA (part-time) At-a-Glance March start; 22-month-long part-time program48 required credits; take more credits at no additional costAlternating weekend classes = no career interruptionApply online by February 28 Broaden Your Knowledge. Deepen Your Expertise. CEU Business School’s Executive MBA (EMBA) program is tailored for managers and entrepreneurs who want to thrive in the complex world of contemporary global business. With exposure to emerging areas such as sustainability in business, and technology and intellectual property, the program gives professionals the competitive advantage they need to excel.

Accelerate your career with an American MBA while you continue working.Professional strides: Develop advanced managerial, entrepreneurial, and innovation skills that you can apply anywhere in the world.Flexibility: Plan your studies around your working and non-working time. Master's in Finance, An Overview. At-a-Glance Start date: March 2015Flexible format: full-time or part-time30 creditsApply online Finance has long been a key competency of CEU Business School.

Master's in Finance, An Overview

Indeed, finance is among the most popular specializations in our longstanding MBA program. Building on this foundation and experience, we a have launched a new Master of Science in Finance program. The program has been designed from the ground up to serve twenty-first century financial professionals around the world. Your International EMBA in Switzerland. The International Executive MBA HSG program consists of eight modules which take place every eight weeks.

Your International EMBA in Switzerland

Each module lasts eight days, which provides enough time to create a true learning experience on campus but also ensures that students do not have to spend too much time away from work. The program provides a solid foundation in General Management and focuses on International Business, Personal Development and Sustainability. Participants come from different countries, educational and cultural backgrounds and have diverse industry profiles and roles. By combining their broad portfolio of experiences and knowledge, a unique learning environment can be created for each participant. Would you like to know more about our program? At a Glance Starts in June 18 months part-time program8 day modules Modules in Switzerland (St.Gallen), Germany, U.K. and a BRIC-countryEnglish language program Important Dates Next program starts on June 16th, 2014Early Enrollment Incentives:

Center for Business and Society. The collapse of Enron and Arthur Andersen, followed by tens if not hundreds of known cases of corporate fraud at the beginning of the 2000s and the sub-prime mortgage crisis followed by a global financial crisis at the end of the 2000s indicate that we are facing structural problems at the moral foundations of market democracies.

Center for Business and Society

The enforcement of existing laws no longer seems to be enough; adequate answers to the current problems in corporate responsibility demand developing an alternative approach. The Center for Business and Society at CEU Business School was founded with hopes to contribute to that development. The Center for Business and Society, operating since September 2002, is dedicated to the values of reflective and critical thinking, open society and democracy. Corvinus MBA: About the program. It is all about… ...excellence Participants of our Executive (part-time) MBA Program will be furnished with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully navigate a unit of a larger organization through the stormy waters of today's business world.

Corvinus MBA: About the program

In order to achieve this ultimate goal, we have invited representatives from cutting-edge Hungarian and multinational corporations to the Curatorium of Corvinus School of Management. Their insight and expertise ensures that our students learn what is really needed to succeed in their professional careers. These close ties and Corvinus’ wide-ranging partnerships with the business community constitute a solid background of professional expertise, funding and career opportunities for our graduates. An integrated curriculum.