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Epoch Converter - Unix Timestamp Converter

Epoch Converter - Unix Timestamp Converter
Convert epoch to human readable date and vice versa Epoch dates for the start and end of the year/month/day Convert seconds to days, hours and minutes Calculate the difference between 2 dates What is epoch time? The Unix epoch (or Unix time or POSIX time or Unix timestamp) is the number of seconds that have elapsed since January 1, 1970 (midnight UTC/GMT), not counting leap seconds (in ISO 8601: 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z).

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- do you use a .csv file to do bulk listing of items Cuthen, csv files have been used for a long time. If you use a spreadsheet this will help in tracking your inventory. And as it sells on one site and not another, then you go the various sites and remove the listing. Since the spreadsheets have multiple pages in the file, and you can add more. keep one page of your items, and another of where those items are listed.

JavaServer Faces - Wikipedia JSF 2 uses Facelets as its default templating system. Other view technologies such as XUL or plain Java[2] can also be employed. In contrast, JSF 1.x uses JavaServer Pages (JSP) as its default templating system. Mobile phone shows 3G, H, H+, E and G in the bar - What does this mean? You do not need to worry about this signs. The signs stand for the network and the standard by which you are currently on the network. You should know, that as time went on, better standards for mobile phone networks have been developed which were notably faster than their predecessors. Depending on where you are, how your phone is set and the other circumstances, your phone uses different of these standards. The standard by which you are currently logged on, is then displayed in the status bar on your phone. First, there was only the GSM network, then there were improvements of the GSM network, finally the newer and faster UMTS network, and again improvements of it.

leerraum blog: Centos - Installing graphical X Window System (Boot Options, startx from command line) Installing GUI Installing the Graphical Window System ( and the Default Desktop Environment on CentOS 6Performing the default "Minimal" install of CentOS 6 does not install the graphical subsystem (the server) and the desktop environment (e.g. GNOME or KDE). Such OS install is nice for building an optimal system from scratch, setting up a headless server (no monitor, keyboard and mouse) and other purposes; but for one reason or another, you may still require a graphical user interface (GUI). This tutorial will show you how to install and start the graphical window system and the desktop environment of your choice.To achieve the task, you will need to install the following package groups (groups of packages combined for a common purpose): "X Window System", "Desktop", "Fonts" and "General Purpose Desktop" (last two are optional). Code:

A New Front-End Methodology: BEM This article is the sixth in our new series that introduces the latest, useful and freely available tools and techniques, developed and released by active members of the Web design community. The first article covered PrefixFree1; the second introduced Foundation2, a responsive framework; the third presented Sisyphus.js3, a library for Gmail-like client-side drafts, the fourth shared with us a free plugin called GuideGuide4 and the fifth presented Erskine Design’s responsive grid generator Gridpak5. Today, we are happy to feature a toolkit devised by Yandex: BEM. BEM stands for “Block”, “Element”, “Modifier”. It is a front-end methodology: a new way of thinking when developing Web interfaces.

Tips/Techniques using Apache Spark: Getting Started with Spark on Windows 7 (64 bit) Lets get started on Apache Spark 1.6 on Windows 7 (64 Bit). [ Mac, Ubuntu, other OS steps are similar except winutils step that is only for Windows OS ] - Download and install Java (Needs Java 1.7 or 1.8, Ignore if already installed) - Download & Install Anaconda Python 3.5+. (Extract to C:\Anaconda3 or any folder ) - Download Spark ( Download 7-zip to unzip .gz files) : Extract to C:\BigData\Spark making sure that all 15 folders go under C:\BigData\Spark folder and not in long folder name with version number - Download winutils.exe ( Put in C:\BigData\Hadoop\bin ) -- This is for 64-bit - Download Sample Data (Extract to C:\BigData\Data)

Maven – Introduction Introduction Maven, a Yiddish word meaning accumulator of knowledge, was originally started as an attempt to simplify the build processes in the Jakarta Turbine project. There were several projects each with their own Ant build files that were all slightly different and JARs were checked into CVS. We wanted a standard way to build the projects, a clear definition of what the project consisted of, an easy way to publish project information and a way to share JARs across several projects. Ruby on Rails Tutorial 7.1 Showing users In this section, we’ll take the first steps toward the final profile by making a page to display a user’s name and profile photo, as indicated by the mockup in Figure 7.1.1 Our eventual goal for the user profile pages is to show the user’s profile image, basic user data, and a list of microposts, as mocked up in Figure 7.2.2 (Figure 7.2 has our first example of lorem ipsum text, which has a fascinating story that you should definitely read about some time.) We’ll complete this task, and with it the sample application, in Chapter 11. Figure 7.1: A mockup of the user profile made in this section. Figure 7.2: A mockup of our best guess at the final profile page.

Bash on Ubuntu on Windows Important note This is the first release of this brand new technology and it is branded “beta” deliberately – it’s not yet complete! We know there are issues and incomplete features, you should expect some things to work and for many things to fail. But we appreciate you playing with this feature and helping us identify the issues we need to fix in order to deliver a great experience. How to Insert a PayPal Button Into Blogger Anyone with Internet access can have a website. Content management tools like Blogger are among those that allow you set up a website for free. In addition, tools like PayPal allow anyone with a valid PayPal account to accept payments online. PayPal's array of buttons enable sellers to take payment for physical goods, donations, subscriptions and gift certificates.