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CSS3 . Info - All you ever needed to know about CSS3

CSS3 . Info - All you ever needed to know about CSS3

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Box-shadow, one of CSS3′s best new features Home / CSS3 Previews / Box-shadow, one of CSS3′s best new features The box-shadow property allows designers to easily implement multiple drop shadows (outer or inner) on box elements, specifying values for color, size, blur and offset. Browser support is growing of late with Mozilla (Firefox), Webkit (Safari/Chrome/Konqueror), Opera and the IE9 Platform Preview all offering a decent implementation of the spec, although Mozilla and Webkit still require their respective -moz- and -webkit- prefixes (note Mozilla Firefox 4.0+ no longer requires the -moz- prefix). Here’s a basic example: Firefox, Safari/Chrome, Opera and IE9 users should see a grey fading shadow under this box.

New HTML5 structural tags What is HTML5? HTML5, the latest version of the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), is the most radical revision of the language to date. It introduces many new features in a variety of areas. Some of the more notable additions include: Built-in multimedia tags for audio and videoA canvas tag for drawing content in the browserSmarter forms that let you do things such as validation through the use of a required attribute With a new set of structural tags, HTML5 revises the way that HTML documents are structured. Surfin' Safari - The WebKit Blog When it comes to performance, JavaScript generally gets the headlines. But if you look carefully, web pages are not all JavaScript, the performance of all the other parts also has a dramatic impact on the user experience. Observing only JavaScript gives a single point of view over the complex mosaic that is web performance. Making CSS faster and more scalable is an area of research in the WebKit project. The DOM and CSS do not always scale very well and it is sadly still common to see missed frames during complex animations. A technique we use to speed things up in JavaScript is eliminating slow paths with Just In Time Compilers (JIT).

Advanced Cross-Browser Flexbox Introduction The CSS Flexible box module level 3 — or Flexbox for short — brings with it a lot of power and some very exciting possibilities for web development, allowing us to put together complex site layouts easily and rapidly, and dispensing with some of the illogical hacks and kludges that we’ve traditionally used. I dealt with the basics of Flexbox in my article Flexbox: fast track to layout nirvana? In this article I will go a bit further, looking at a more advanced example, and using Modernizr to serve different styles to browsers with differing levels of Flexbox support, providing the best level of cross browser support currently available. Introducing the example The example I have built for this article looks like Figure 1:

Get started with CSS animation Knowledge needed: Basic HTML and CSS Requires: HTML/CSS editor, modern browser Project Time: 1-2 hours Support file "Animating" with CSS used to be limited to hovering effects. With :hover and :focus pseudo classes we've been able to change color, size, background-color, position, and many other CSS properties based on user action.

Coda Slider 3: A jQuery HTML Content Slider You heard that right. The Coda Slider has been a great, reliable plugin for thousands of websites since way back in 2007. However, the web has changed a lot since back then. Get Ready for HTML 5 With support in Chrome, Firefox 3.5, Opera, and Safari, HTML 5 is coming at you like a runaway train. Here are some suggestions to help you prepare to get on board rather than be left at the platform or tied to the tracks. See what others have done#section1 Article Continues Below The first thing you can do to prepare for HTML 5 is see how other people are using it. A visit to the HTML 5 gallery will show you how several sites are already using the new HTML 5 elements. For Users For Administrators Advanced Search Capabilities Working with flexbox Flexible layouts. Equal height columns. Presentation independence from your HTML source order. These things haven't been so easy to achieve with CSS—until now. 10 Amazing Examples of Innovative CSS3 Animation CSS3 has brought about a number of aesthetically impressive new features. Perhaps the most fun of these to play with is CSS animation, which allows you to perform many motion-based functions normally delegated to JavaScript. Join me on my epic quest to discover the coolest, most innovative, and more importantly, nerdiest use of CSS animation on the web. Begin! Warning: These animations are pretty browser specific, so if you’re surfing in IE6, it’s time to stop watching Saved By The Bell, ditch the dial-up connection and download a modern browser. Rotating Polaroids

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