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C HTML5 Logo

C HTML5 Logo
The Movement You're excited about HTML5; we are too. You've not just been enjoying the HTML5-powered web already — you're building it! As adoption and inspiration spreads, the web community will find creative ways to apply HTML5 and related technologies, spark trends, and capture best practices. As momentum builds, we hope you bring this logo along for the ride and paint the world orange. You know that HTML5 badge you've placed oh-so perfectly in your footer? Tweet your HTML5 logo sightings with the hashtag #html5logo

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An HTML5 Logo W3C unveiled a logo for HTML5 today. HTML5 in the broad sense covers many different technologies at varying degrees of standardization and adoption. Commercial sites have begun to take advantage of some of the technology, and we are excited that this logo will help raise awareness about HTML5 and W3C. Video for Everybody! Video for Everybody is simply a chunk of HTML code that embeds a video into a website using the HTML5 <video> element, falling back to Flash automatically without the use of JavaScript or browser-sniffing. It therefore works in RSS readers (no JavaScript), on the iPhone / iPad (don’t support Flash) and on many browsers and platforms. Thanks to the rapid adoption of HTML5 video happening right now, Video for Everybody isn’t the only solution around. It is not a neatly packaged, fully-featured solution for those unfamiliar with HTML. VfE is for developers who either want something really simple they can quickly use on their blog or websites, or as a good starting point to develop their own custom solution. It does not use JavaScript.

50 jQuery Function Demos for Aspiring Web Developers - Smashing Coding Every aspiring Web developer should know about the power of JavaScript and how it can be used to enhance the ways in which people see and interact with Web pages. Fortunately, to help us be more productive, we can use the power of JavaScript libraries, and in this article we will take a good look at jQuery in action. What Is jQuery? Link In a nutshell, jQuery is a leading JavaScript library that can perform wonders on your Web pages and make your Web development life much easier and more enjoyable.

20 Fresh Free HTML5 And CSS3 Website Templates And Tutorials HTML5 is an advanced version of HTML supported by all major browsers. HTML5 has bought us incredible ways to add videos, audios by minimizing the lookup of external source. Frankly not all browsers support all functions of HTML5 but I believe we can see many website and blog switching to HTML5 this year and of course its the future. If you are looking for a custom HTML5 template, you can contact me Recently I have been into lots of HTML5 works and during those time, I found some free website templates that won’t suck. So here is the collection which I found out.

The History of HTML5 When the first version of HTML5 published in 2008, it raised more questions than it answered. Would it be a force of unification or division? Would content producers, browser programmers and device manufacturers agree to new standards? C HTML5 Logo FAQ What does the logo represent? This logo represents HTML5, the cornerstone for modern Web applications. What do the smaller icons represent? The smaller technology class icons represent aspects of modern Web applications and Web sites — style, semantics, graphics, and so forth. Are all those technology features defined in the HTML5 specification?

HTML 5.1 This section describes the status of this document at the time of its publication. Other documents may supersede this document. A list of current W3C publications and the latest revision of this technical report can be found in the W3C technical reports index at The management and production of this document follows a relatively complex setup. Details are provided as part of the introduction. This document was published by the HTML Working Group as a Working Draft.

Percentage Loader run loaderor download on BitBucket jQuery.PercentageLoader is a jQuery plugin for displaying a progress widget in more visually striking way than the ubiquitous horizontal progress bar / textual counter. Installation and use is quick and simple. It makes use of HTML 5 canvas for a rich graphical appearance with only a 10kb (minified) javascript file necessary (suggested web font optional), using vectors rather than images so can be easily deployed at various sizes. It is open source (BSD licensed) and available with instructions on BitBucket [here] or you can just grab the files [here]

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