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25 apps para crear mapas conceptuales y mentales

25 apps para crear mapas conceptuales y mentales

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7 Great Tools for Creating Flipped Lessons from Existing Videos When they are used in the right context flipped lessons can be a good complement to classroom instruction. Not everyone has the time or skill to make effective instructional videos for their students. In those cases you can take advantage of the millions of hours of instructional videos found on YouTube and other video sharing sites. But don't just have your students watch the videos then come back to your classroom. Have them answer some specific questions that you build into the instructional videos that you find online then share with your students.

22+ Favorite Middle School Apps - Updated 2016 This screen shot was taken from my iPad in back in 2013 Originally when I created this list of Middle School apps I was teaching fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade Resource Room in a small public school. This is the NEW REVIEW of 22 Plus - Favorite Middle School Apps - Updated 2016 Here is how the story began: We were a well-endowed district with all students grades 6 – 8 having their own iPads, and this was 3 years ago! I wanted to update the list and share some of the apps that work well for the students in the intermediate grades. Please keep in mind, this is not a complete list, just what seems to be still being used over and over again. APPS INFANTIL ANDROID About this webmix : No description last updated at: Dec 14, 2014 12:10:10 AM El Mundo de Teo Las Series Lógicas de Lucas Kids Logic Blocks for kids Proyect@Emociones Chromville Puzzle infantil colAR Mix ABC PreSchool Mi cuaderno 2 Conecta los números Kids' Puzzles Lola's Alfabet Trein 123s ABC Handschrift Lola ziet FREE Conecta los puntos Aprende la formas y figuras Lola's ABC-Feest FREE Kids Paint Free Colorear mandalas geométrica.. Conecta y dibuja LEGO® DUPLO® ZOO Pizarra para dibujar Lipa Train La pesca divertida Kids Tangram Memory PiktoPop Los globos para niños Touch Born Paint PicsArt for Kids Jigsaw Puzzles Nature Bolas de música Xilofono para niños Pepi Bath Lite Creative Tangram by BabyBus .. Aprendizaje en forma de puzz..

How to Create a Google My Maps Challenge During a session at ISTE17, Steven Anderson and I created an interactive, group challenge to kick it off. We had educators assemble into teams, pick a team name, and gave them a link to a Google My Maps. The link took the teams to a location where they learned about a social media platform, had a task to complete, submitted their answers, and then raced off to the next location. It was engaging, collaborative, and a competition which helped to energize the educators on the last day of the conference. As promised, I created a template and step by step directions for all those wanting to recreate their own Google My Maps Challenge. Fight, Flight or Pretend: The 3 Anger Styles in High-Functioning Autistic Kids “My 8 y.o. son Cory has a diagnosis of autism (high functioning) and has uncontrollable outbursts and aggression when things don’t go his way. He often becomes so distraught that his suffering is palpable. The emotions vivid on his face. His little body tense with distress.

12 Sites and Apps for Learning to Code When the conversation amongst educators turns to programming, Scratch is often the first resource that is mentioned. Scratch allows students to program animations, games, and videos through a visual interface. Students create their programs by dragging together blocks that represent movements and functions on their screens. The blocks snap together to help students see how the "if, then" logic of programming works. If you haven't seen Scratch before, watch the short overview in the video below.

12 Online Tools to Make Language Learning More FUN & Diverse - Teachers With Apps Teaching a foreign language to school kids can be quite tough. They lose their focus. They don’t understand most of the things you’re saying. They make many mistakes on their way to mastering the language. As teachers, we have a responsibility to make the gap between the native and a foreign language easy to surpass. I mean, the language classroom is the obvious place for setting students’ minds free, isn’t it? Photos for Class + Canva = Fun Animal Stories Photos for Class is a great tool for locating Creative Commons licensed images that your students can use in all kinds of projects. The great thing about Photos for Class is that when students download an image from the site all of the attribution information that they need is included in the image's footer. This afternoon I saw a neat example of using Photos for Class to create a simple meme or one-image story.

DIY Augmented Reality - 3 Ways To Use It In School Disclosure: Metaverse is a new advertiser on Metaverse is an amazing platform that brings that for the first time enables anyone to create rich augmented reality experiences. In many ways the capabilities within Metaverse remind me of the early days of Minecraft (before it was sold to Microsoft) except that instead of creating games and experiences that only exist on your computer's screen Metaverse lets you create experiences that exist in augmented reality. What does that mean? It means that can create games, quests, and other activities that are completed by locating digital artifacts in a physical world. In other words, you could create your own educational version of Pokemon Go. Using Augmented Reality to Learn Nouns and Verbs Metaverse is a great platform for creating your own augmented reality games and activities. Through the Metaverse Studio anyone can program an augmented reality experience without having any prior coding or programming knowledge. With Metaverse Studio you can build and publish an augmented reality game to accomplish many learning objectives. A great example of this is the Nouns and Verbs game that Marty Cryer published in the Metaverse Teachers Facebook group. Marty's Nouns and Verbs game starts with an introduction in which students choose to learn more about either nouns or verbs. After making a selection students are prompted to watch a short video that refreshes their memories about nouns and verbs.

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