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Katie Makkai - Pretty

Katie Makkai - Pretty

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Ten direct actions by women that changed the world For as long as the world has been unequal and governments have allowed inequality to flourish, women have protested. We’ve marched, starved, petitioned, written letters, devised legislation and even gone entertainingly off-piste to raise awareness and register our rage. Just over a century ago, the campaign for women’s votes was reaching its radical peak, with women disrupting public meetings, chaining themselves to railings and destroying artwork and public property. Last week, at the premiere of the film Suffragette, feminist campaigners demonstrated on the red carpet for women’s right to refuge provision. Women’s direct action and protest has changed the world – like the strikes by machinists at Ford’s plant in Dagenham in 1968, which led to the landmark 1970 Equal Pay Act. Here are some of the best examples in a century of campaigning.

Action for gender and social justice through education Association of Women Educators (AWE) The AWE, through its branches and executive, works actively to further the participation of women and girls in education and society - Encourages and supports women, so that they can effectively pursue careers in education; Works to eliminate all forms of discrimination in curriculum, in institutional practices and in policies; Undertakes research projects to make difference for girls' education; Responds to issues of concern for women both in education and the community; Lobbies for further reforms and change generally to enhance the position of women in education and society. Katie Makkai – Pretty When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother,♫ “What will I be? Will I be pretty? Will I be pretty? Will I be pretty?"

Saltine by Michael McFee How well its square fit my palm, my mouth, a toasty wafer slipped onto the sick tongue or into chicken soup, God Needs Women Occasionally, in conversations about God and gender, someone will attempt to conclude the matter by noting that Jesus was a man, as though the incarnation proves something about the gender of God or the ultimate superiority of maleness over femaleness. I’ve never really known how to respond to that, but lately, as I’ve been nursing a five-month-old baby boy, I’ve been thinking: Yes, in Jesus, God was once a man. But also? In Jesus, God was once a baby—a baby who nestled in a woman’s womb, a baby whose life depended on a woman for nourishment, a baby who fell asleep on a woman’s chest, a baby whose first word could very well have been, “mama.” Think about that. God kicking through a woman’s pregnant belly, God nursing from a woman’s breasts, God furrowing his brow and concentrating with all his might to form the word “mama,” God releasing a cute baby belly laugh, God wailing late into the night.

Is storytelling the best form of theatre? Last week I listened as Inua Ellams stood on a bare stage and read a fragment from his newest piece. The story was bumpy and chaotic, a ride in the dark down an unsurfaced road, jolting through countries, skipping over years and then lurching back again. Two boys on a wild journey, with death and politics in the shadows. It was only half an hour long but it was one of the most captivating 30 minutes of theatre I've encountered for months. There is some great storytelling happening in this country. Angel by Angela Jackson for Jerry Ward I am the only one here. I stand in my one place and I can see a good piece down the road. I am yonder, This Parody of What The Game of "Life" for Girls Would Be Like is Everything - Comedy Central's Glass Ceiling Game For Girls Is Great I never played the game of Life growing up and honestly had no idea it existed, but I get the idea. You pretend to be an adult doing adult things, and that's supposed to be fun, which is hilarious because being a kid is actually way better in almost every way. Anyway, The Daily Dot featured a new video from Comedy Central that shows a game like Life that is specifically for young girls to get a better idea of what being an adult woman would be like, and it's pretty great. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below