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One Imaginant Fits All. Plume. EDUCATION. Ways Places Means. Histoire. World Storytelling Day. Easy!

World Storytelling Day

Your local storytelling group, festival, committee, or even an individual storyteller, can simply plan an event for March 20th, and promote it as part of World Storytelling Day. The theme for 2015 is "Wishes" Dream big, and let everyone know about your plans! To subscribe to the WSD email discussion list, send a message to: You can download the WSD logo for use to help promote for your event. Find the logo on Wikipedia here. Let people know about your event by posting information here on the Calendar. You can also become a website member and add photos to this website, and take part in the forum discussions, and add your own events. National Storytelling Network. National Storytelling Network. A statement by the National Storytelling Network defines Storytelling as an ancient art form and a valuable form of human expression.

National Storytelling Network

Because story is essential to so many art forms, however, the word “storytelling” is often used in many ways. As a result, the National Storytelling Network would like to explain the term as it is used by the growing and vibrant community of storytelling practitioners in the United States and Canada. National Storytelling Network.

Deconstructing the art and science of storytelling. "Brand storytelling" is currently the biggest buzz trend in marketing.

Deconstructing the art and science of storytelling

Stories are coming to the fore because brands today have to grab the attention of consumers. Since time immemorial, storytellers have been honing the art of creating compelling content that immediately hooks people in. Neuroscience now confirms what prophets, minstrels and jesters knew instinctively: if you relay information through narrative, people are more likely to emotionally connect with it and remember the details. We're all storytellers now. Social networks have become the virtual campfires we sit around to tell our tales. To tell a good story and involve your community takes a lot of groundwork. The International Society for the Study of Narrative. Storytelling, Storytellers, Stories, Story, Storytelling Techniques, Hear a Story, Read Stories, Audio Stories, Find Tellers, How to Tell A Story - Articles About Storytelling. What are the benefits of storytelling?

Storytelling, Storytellers, Stories, Story, Storytelling Techniques, Hear a Story, Read Stories, Audio Stories, Find Tellers, How to Tell A Story - Articles About Storytelling

By: K. Sean Buvala Are there benefits to using storytelling? It may be hard to tell as there is so much noise and conversation these days about “storytelling” in nearly every aspect of our lives, businesses and communities. While every story-use niche has some specific benefits, here are just a few of many general truths about story and storytelling. 1. 2. 3. Interactive Storytelling 101 Workshop Resources (with images) · TheFaithful. Center for Digital Storytelling. LA FABRIQUE NARRATIVE. 5 Benefits of Storytelling in the Consumer-Driven World. 5 Benefits of Storytelling in the Consumer-Driven World By Alyse Dunn Communication has changed.

5 Benefits of Storytelling in the Consumer-Driven World

With the growth of the “Social Market,” businesses can no longer rely solely on traditional mediums—television, print, and radio, to win consumers. Consumers are key players in a social revolution that’s changing the way they speak with each other and with businesses. So, what does this mean for Marketing and Customer Development? How can businesses take advantage of this two-way communication and connect with customers in a way that drives loyalty and advocacy? Storytelling, Like A Drug, Can Improve Your Health. A new study suggests that stories have real healing power As journalists, we sometimes wonder whether there’s anybody out there listening to the stories we tell, and even if they are, what real impact we can possibly have.

Storytelling, Like A Drug, Can Improve Your Health

(These questions tend to come up late at night, after a week-long blogging daze, excessive chauffeuring of the kids and falling on ice several times.) And then, amidst all of this doubt, a study appears showing that storytelling can actually heal the sick. Not just make them feel warmer and cozier, but measureably improve their health. Dr. Story Arts Online! Storytelling. Storytelling. Lessons from the Future of StoryTelling summit. Storybird - Artful storytelling. A List of the Best Free Digital Storytelling Tools for Teachers. Tech-training - Digital Storytelling. Educational Programs. Practicum. Collabo Rata. New_Scientist2008-07-18_11-58.pdf. The Psychology of Fiction. Murphys Laws of Combat Operations - Murphys Military Law. Murphy's law. Murphy's law is a popular adage that states that "things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance," or more commonly, "whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

Murphy's law

" A number of variants on the rule have been formulated, as have several corollaries. Sourced[edit] If that guy has any way of making a mistake, he will.Original phrasing by Edward A. Murphy according to George E. Nichols. External links[edit] Improbable Research. Why Everything You Know About Murphy’s Law is Wrong by Nick T.

Improbable Research

Spark and Los Angeles, California This page is an overview (with an index) of the 4-part series. Click on the following links to see the body of the article: Part 1 -- The Road to Murphy’s Law Part 2 -- The “Careful Daredevil” Part 3 -- Catching Up With Murphy Part 4 -- The Voice of Murphy I have become the world’s leading expert on Murphy’s Law. Letters of Note. How to Write About Characters Who Are Smarter Than You. My least favorite moment in all of cinema is a relatively common one.

How to Write About Characters Who Are Smarter Than You

You will recognize it, I’m sure, from dozens of movies and TV shows that prominently feature scientists. You may even have laughed at it once or twice. It usually gets a quick chortle. The moment goes something like this: Our character is a scientist of some kind. The power of storytelling. In the depths of her struggle with bipolar disorder, Victoria Maxwell never imagined she could be standing on a stage, making thousands of people laugh.

The power of storytelling

“One of the barriers to my recovery was that I didn’t know what recovery looked like,” says the self-described “bipolar princess” from B.C.’s Sunshine Coast. Today, Maxwell is the face of recovery for the thousands who have seen her one-woman plays about her journey with mental illness (like Funny You Don’t Look Crazy). The process of sharing her story — the struggle, the shame, the loss, the parts that seem funny now, and the long way back — has played a major part in her own healing. Human Condition. Family Matters.

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