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49 Breathtaking Libraries From All Over The World. Uk.businessinsider. 10 Most Incredible Pools In The World - Page 10. Chasing The Unexpected - Traveling and experiencing the world beyond the guidebook. Top 10 Most Beautiful Cathedrals in the World. Articles - The basement wall with an incredible secret beyond - Hit the News. Just a normal DIY project?

Articles - The basement wall with an incredible secret beyond - Hit the News

Many towns and cities across the world have hidden gems, but one man’s discovery in his home town was such a shock that he ran away screaming down the street. This story dates back to 1963 in Derinkuyu, in the NevÅŸehir province of Turkey, an area also known as Cappadocia. The man had been working in a cellar to demolish a wall and as he started the job he found something that you really don’t expect to find in a basement. Many people use this underground part of their house for storage, keeping all sorts of odds and ends from wine, to old family memorabilia. These dark, damp and sometimes creepy spaces usually remain out of sight and out of mind from the rest of the house, however this particular householder had decided to make the mot of his basement as part of wider home improvements.

In shock, he stared dumbstruck at another room that lay beyond the wall. Articles - The waterfall that looks like a gateway to another world (VIDEO ON PAGE 2) - Hit the News. Covão do Conchos is a surreal looking waterfall located near Guarda in Portugal.

Articles - The waterfall that looks like a gateway to another world (VIDEO ON PAGE 2) - Hit the News

It is part of the Conchos Lake in Serra da Estrela. This small dam was built in 1955 and consists of a 4,984 ft tunnel. In English, Covão do Conchos means Hell’s Well, which is a rather fitting name for this spectacular waterfall. During winter, the full force of the waterfall surges through the rocks, but in summer, there is hardly a trickle of water. To fully appreciate the waterfall and get the best view, make sure you wear non-slip shoes as it can get a little awkward walking around on the rocks.

If you choose to explore Covão do Conchos, you will be mesmerised by this natural masterpiece. Magazine Villalier (11600) : Top 10 des hébergements insolites en France. 10ème - UNE CABANE DANS LES BOIS, À VILLALIER (AUDE).

Magazine Villalier (11600) : Top 10 des hébergements insolites en France

Aux portes de Carcassonne, au cœur d’un domaine de 115 hectares, de superbes cabanes en bois montées sur pilotis se cachent sous les arbres et interpellent notre âme d’enfant. Un parfait mariage entre luxe et esprit écologique. © Les Cabanes dans les Bois 9ème - LE MOULIN DE LA GANGUISE, À MOLLEVILLE (AUDE). C’est un authentique moulin réaménagé avec goût qui offre le gîte. Idéal pour un séjour insolite, presque en autarcie, dans un décor exceptionnel au cœur de l’Occitanie. © Le Moulin de la Ganguise.

Magazine Marseille (13000) : Les 10 musées français d'exception. 10 - LAM, Villeneuve d'Asq - Musée C’est au milieu d’un parc parsemé de sculptures (Alexander Calder, Pablo Picasso, Eugène Dodeigne...) que se découvre le LaM depuis 1983.

Magazine Marseille (13000) : Les 10 musées français d'exception

Aujourd’hui riche de 4 500 œuvres, elle fait se côtoyer trois belles collections : art moderne, art contemporain et art brut. D’importantes expositions temporaires et divers événements ou animations viennent régulièrement rehausser le grand intérêt que présente ce musée, lequel offre un tour d’horizon passionnant des principales composantes de l’art des XXe et XXIe siècles. © DR 9 - Musée de l'air, Le Bourget - Dépendant du ministère de la Défense, le musée de l’Air et de l’Espace s’étend dans l’ancienne aérogare (125 000 m²) de l’aéroport du Bourget. C’était au départ un simple terrain militaire qui, à la fin de la Première Guerre mondiale. The Strangest Hotels on Earth. 50 Beautiful places you have to see before you die.

30 Most Shocking And Beautiful Places That You Need To Visit. The world is full of wonder and beauty, but it important to remember that beauty is a very subjective trait.

30 Most Shocking And Beautiful Places That You Need To Visit

After all, what one person finds to be absolutely stunning may be disturbing to the person standing next to them. With this is mind, we have compiled a list of some of the most shocking and beautiful places to visit throughout the world so that you can expand your travel bucket list accordingly. 1. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine Photo by Kashif Pathan This 1.8 mile private railroad passage is set deep in the woods within the Ukraine. 2. Photo used with permission of Matt Schwachofer Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk on Mars?

3. Photo by neverunprepared Taking a boat ride through the Glowworm Caves in New Zealand’s North Island allows you to harness some of the mystery and magic that early humans felt when they first looked up at the night sky. 4. Photo by Phil Whitehouse 5. Photo by Andrew E. 6. Photo by Reinoud Kaasschleter 7. Photo by 8. Photo by ptwo 9. 11 beautiful rainforest hotels in Bogor Puncak for a family getaway.