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Want to Be a Great Storyteller? First, Break These Habits. Questions Everyone Asks About Op-Eds - Tue., Nov. 19, 2019. For years now, colleagues and clients alike have asked me numerous questions—umpteen, actually—about op-ed pieces.

Questions Everyone Asks About Op-Eds - Tue., Nov. 19, 2019

What expert authors can tell you about storytelling and business. When most business leaders hear the word “storytelling,” they get that "deer in the headlights" look.

What expert authors can tell you about storytelling and business

To prepare for a presentation or meeting, they gather all the facts and stop there. And truthfully, it’s easy to spew out a bunch of facts, point to a pretty chart on a screen or do a “deep dive” into your KPIs. But if you want your listeners to really gain understanding, it takes more. It takes a story. The Five Parts of Brand Storytelling to Include Every Time Spin Sucks. A couple of years ago, I happened upon a fun game that has become an internal activity of sorts. It’s a buzzword game, and anyone can play it—you don’t have to work at Spin Sucks to play along. (Though we should totally create a way to play it in the Spin Sucks community and add adult beverages into the mix.)

"Hyperscans" Show How Brains Sync as People Interact. 4 ways to electrify speeches through storytelling. Webinar Recap - Why Story Trumps Brand: How to Find Your Capital "S" Story. The Hero's Journey. The Five Parts of Brand Storytelling to Include Every Time Spin Sucks. Primary Source: The Power of Storytelling in Business. February 1, 2018 [tom merton] Let’s reimagine a famous Biblical tale for a moment.

Primary Source: The Power of Storytelling in Business

The Five-Step Process for Creative Storytelling at Work Spin Sucks. The Five Parts of Brand Storytelling to Include Every Time Spin Sucks. Check out this fool-proof formula for education marketing. By Emily Embury on October 19th, 2017 | 0 Comments The content options for marketing in education are seemingly endless and often overwhelming.

Check out this fool-proof formula for education marketing

Go from PR Pro to Superhero! 4 ways to maintain communication credibility. Get inspiration and support from these writing podcasts. Jennifer Aaker: Harnessing the Power of Stories. Science of storytelling: why and how to use it in your marketing. “They lived.”

Science of storytelling: why and how to use it in your marketing

Telling a story in two words is a bold move, but Subaru does it in a compelling 30-second commercial. At first glance, hunks and scraps of metal that once resembled a vehicle make it seem as though whoever was in the car at the time of impact could not have survived. But with Subaru, they did. Powerful stuff. 4 ways to boost your storytelling magic. 4 content marketing lessons from 'The Simpsons' TEDxGallatin - Amanda D'Annucci - Storytelling, Psychology and Neuroscience. How storytelling can boost the effectiveness of your email campaigns - Agility PR Solutions. Times have changed since then, but storytelling is here to stay, and it still plays a dominant role in our modern lives.

How storytelling can boost the effectiveness of your email campaigns - Agility PR Solutions

We all enjoy stories very much simply because they activate our brains. Boring facts, list of features, product descriptions won’t make you too excited. How to Create Content that Deeply Engages Your Audience. Infographic: A guide to designing and giving perfect presentations. Repackage Your Long-Form Article Into Something Memorable. Everyone has that one piece of content that they are really, truly proud of.

Repackage Your Long-Form Article Into Something Memorable

It is long, thorough, full of information and entertaining enough to keep people reading. It stands on its own and has remained for some time as the most popular item on your website. The amount of traffic from that single long-form article trumps every other piece of content you have ever written. 3 fundamental elements of superb storytelling. The human mind is structured to remember stories, not facts, or things, or lists, or even ideas.

3 fundamental elements of superb storytelling

Here's proof. We are much safer today, in 2016, from crime in general and terrorism in particular, than we were in the 1970s. The crime rate was much higher then, and the number of terrorist incidents was much higher then, too. Yet you don't believe that. Why not? 3 crucial questions for telling vibrant data-centric stories. "I find that most people know what a story is until they sit down to write one .

3 crucial questions for telling vibrant data-centric stories

" —Flannery O'Connor My college English professor once told me that I wasn't an interesting read. How to create effective emotional storytelling videos. Effective advertising is all about communication; conveying your brand’s message in a manner that’s clear, memorable and will resonate with the target audience.

How to create effective emotional storytelling videos

In order to communicate successfully, video marketers can trigger emotional responses with storytelling. Stories can be incredibly powerful for brands, because as humans we’re hardwired to engage with them; it’s how we learn, it’s in our DNA. This is what makes content marketing so powerful, and the reason why so many brands are using it in their marketing mix. Video is the most powerful medium for delivering these messages, because you can replicate the human experience on film, instantly conveying whatever story you want to tell. The more your audience can identify with your characters, the greater the emotional response, and the more effective your content will be. Using the ‘hero’s journey’ arc to tell employees’ stories. How many of your childhood bedtime stories started, “Once upon a time”?

Probably more than you can recall. Whatever the unfolding plot was, you knew it would contain a beginning, a middle and an end, with ups and downs along the way. Any mild peril that the story’s hero or heroine faced was always resolved; their journey through the treacherous jungle or to the top of the villain’s castle to defeat the enemy was done without a hair out of place. These tales from faraway lands were—unbeknown to your younger self—structured perfectly. 5 websites that will sharpen your storytelling. One of the many hats PR engineers wear is storyteller. Between juggling data, gathering insights and managing relationships, how can PR pros find time for inspiration? How do we stay up to date with the latest industry ideas on persuasive storytelling. Change the Story, Change the World Part 2 with Andy Goodman. Three Approaches to Effective Brand Storytelling by @lkpetrolino Spin Sucks. By: Laura Petrolino | February 24, 2015 | By Laura Petrolino OK class!

7 habits of highly effective content marketers. These days, few marketers will dispute the need for a thoughtful and robust content marketing strategy. Most brands are upping their investments and output for content creation and dissemination. But that doesn't mean all those dollars are being put to effective use. The effectiveness of your content marketing, as with any strategy, will depend heavily on your brand and the space in which it plays. For example, according to 2016 reports from the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, B2C marketers rank e-newsletters, in-person events, illustrations and photos, and social media content as their most effective tactics. How to Put More Emotion in Storytelling. How to Put More Emotion in Storytelling. Four Elements of Successful Brand Storytelling Spin Sucks.

Forbes Welcome. Writers Plot Idea Generator - create a random story line. Storytelling: What Did The Comedian Say to The Marketer? Spin Sucks. 5 ways to translate your storytelling to PR. 5 ways to translate your storytelling to PR. The Storyteller's Secret - Carmine Gallo by Carmine Gallo on Prezi.

Forbes Welcome. The Power of Storytelling in PR. “We are bombarded with information. By the time you get to the office, you’ve been bombarded thousands of times. Billboards, people, advertisements, your friend, your boss. Our attention is constantly under attack. People are constantly trying to put information in front of us.” — Steve Clayton, Chief Storyteller, Microsoft Targeting your audience with ads, coupons, magazines, commercials, etc., isn’t an option if you want to stand out. “It sounds obvious, but the real secret is this: Start with a great story,” Steve said at the Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Corporate Communications at Disney World last week. Why stories? At some point in our lives, every one of us has asked the question “Can you tell me a story?” Steve asked the audience a question: “‘When is the last time you went to dinner and said ‘Let me tell you about this data’?

So, what makes a great story? At Microsoft, Steve’s team doesn’t just put words on the website. I would probably pick the Kinect story. 6 Resources That Will Make You a Better Storyteller. 7 writing and language sites you should know about. As a medical writer, I often end up spending more time researching an article than I do writing it. In that research, I often discover new online sites and tools. In this week’s post, I share some lesser known online resources that can help make your writing, editing and researching tasks easier. This site was developed by the Plain Language Action and Information Network, which is a group of federal employees who support the use of clear communication in government writing. The site includes humorous examples and resources on thinking about your audience, organizing your text, using plain language writing principle, and writing for the Web. Six writing lessons from William Zinsser. Tips for those involved in writing website language.

5 Ways Storytelling Can Kill Your Message. The Science of Storytelling. An A-to-Z Guide to 2012's Worst Words - Entertainment. Literally The Worst Word On The Planet. Secret of Good Writing - 11/05. The A to Z of Excellent Copywriting. Best Quote Sites #websites #socialmedia #quotes #quotations. 10 Ways Specificity Will Help You Build a Profitable Audience.

The power of story and theme. 3 Reasons to Master the Art of Storytelling. The Secret to Powerful Communication in Two Words. How brain science can make you a better writer. Storytelling vs. Corporate Speak (A Graphic) Three Basic Elements of Content that Spreads. Once Upon A Time At The Office: 10 Storytelling Tips To Help You Be More Persuasive. Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability. Infographics in PR. An infographic about infographics. Using Stories to Overcome Fear - Peter Guber - The Conversation. Tell Stories - Stepcase Lifehack. Great Leaders are Great Storytellers : Managing. MLK Shape of Spectacular Speech: A Visual Analysis of MLK's "I Have a Dream" Six Things You Need To Know About Body Language.