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Having a working mother works for daughters. Negative perceptions around women who combine paid work with parenthood have been comprehensively demolished in a major study by Harvard University, which shows the daughters of working mothers enjoy better careers, higher pay and more equal relationships than those raised by stay-at-home mothers.

Having a working mother works for daughters

Using data from 24 countries including the UK and US, the Harvard study says that while working mothers “often internalise social messages of impending doom for their children”, the reality is that their sons and daughters appear to thrive, with daughters benefiting most from the positive role model of a mother with a career. Harvard Business School professor Kathleen McGinn, lead author of the study, noted that the effect on daughters’ careers of mothers working was particularly marked in the UK and US, where public attitudes to career equality could be more of a barrier than in some European countries such as Finland and Denmark.

Giving Good Praise to Girls: What Messages Stick. How to praise kids: It’s a hot topic for many parents and educators.

Giving Good Praise to Girls: What Messages Stick

A lot of the conversation around it has stemmed from studies by Carol Dweck, professor of psychology at Stanford who has been researching this specific topic for many years. “My research shows that praise for intelligence or ability backfires,” said Dweck, who co-authored a seminal research paper on the effects of praise on motivation and performance. “What we’ve shown is that when you praise someone, say, ‘You’re smart at this,’ the next time they struggle, they think they’re not. It’s really about praising the process they engage in, not how smart they are or how good they are at it, but taking on difficulty, trying many different strategies, sticking to it and achieving over time.”

But what some might not know is that this paradox is strongest for girls. “Of all the subjects on earth, people think math is the most fixed,” Dweck said. [RELATED READING: Girls and Math: Busting the Stereotype] Katrina Schwartz. The Trouble With Bright Girls. 5 Tips to help your tween girl become a physically and emotionally healthy woman. Talk, talk, talk with your tween Everyone is texting and tweeting and no one is communicating.

5 Tips to help your tween girl become a physically and emotionally healthy woman

Choose an activity you can do together to give you a chance to talk. My daughter and I cleanse our skin together before bed, and I use those few minutes as a time where she tells me about school, her friends and whatever else is on her mind. If a child feels you are present and not distracted by your cell phone, it will help her feel secure in herself going forward. After all, if your own mother doesn't want to hear about your life, who will? Don't be judgmental of your tween Whether your daughter asks about shaving, getting her period, wearing makeup or having sex, you should be thoughtful and understanding. Be a positive role model for your tween If you encourage your daughter to eat healthy and exercise -- while you sit on the couch eating chips -- you are sending her a mixed message.

Encourage healthy social development with your tween's peers To a tween, having friends is everything. What is puberty for girls. Mean girls, tween girls: What parents can do. Why are they so darn mean?

Mean girls, tween girls: What parents can do

Many moms may not be able to remember what they ate for breakfast this morning, but ask them about middle school and they can recount stories at the drop of a hat — especially the tales of those nightmare mean girl Queen Bees — the same kind that are now targeting their daughters. The Bee might be different, but the mean still hurts just the same. So why, why, why do they do it? “Mean girls are mean because it works,” according to Jen Hancock, author of The Bully Vaccine.

“It gives them power over other kids.” So how can you help stop the mean girl? It can feel so helpless to watch your daughter struggle with a mean girl. Take away the mean girl's power “You take away that power by refusing to be hurt by what they are doing,“ says Hancock. "You take away that power by refusing to be hurt by what they are doing.

" You can also give your child this script: Dr. “I feel truly sorry for you. Dr. Help your child develop compassion for the mean child Delete her number. Father Daughter Relationships - Life Lessons at WomansDay. While equally important to a son, there’s no doubt that a dad plays a unique role in his daughter's life.

Father Daughter Relationships - Life Lessons at WomansDay

Not only does he give her a sense of safety and stability, but he can also guide her through important life challenges just by being a loving male role model. “So much of what a father teaches his children is not necessarily done by sitting down and talking to them, but by behaving the way he wants his children to behave,” says Matthew Weinshenker, PhD, assistant professor of sociology at Fordham University. Read on to learn what principles a man should teach his daughter to show her that Dad really does know best. 1. Embrace your assertiveness. To dispel the stereotype that women should avoid confrontation at all costs, it’s important for young girls to accept their "anger and assertiveness," says Linda Nielsen, EdD, educational and adolescent psychologist at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and author of Between Fathers and Daughters. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.