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Welcome - Ommwriter

Welcome - Ommwriter
OmmWriter is a staple for those who want to take the distraction out of writing, and its app is particularly good for cutting away the clutter of word-processing programs on the iPad and the Mac. Staying focused and resisting distractions is a key to being successful in school. (...) tools like Dropbox and OmmWriter make studying a snap. OmmWriter [for iPad] is supposed to be simple and beautiful, and judged on those criteria, it's a winner. In this app, I'm inclined to keep at my writing tasks for longer periods of time, I'm less antsy, and I feel more creative than I do with more conventional apps. (...) I find myself less distracted by thoughts outside of the work at hand. Cult Readers Pick Chrome and OmmWriter As Best New Applications of 2009.

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10 of My Favorite Writing Craft Sites The writing journey is all about discovering what works best of for each of us as individual, and very unique, writers. Learning from others is valuable in helping us glean tips and fit together the puzzle pieces that will form our own writing processes. Today, I’d like to share with you ten of the sites that inspire, educate, and help me refine my process—plus, they’re run by a bunch of super awesome folks! 1.

100 Sites for Fiction Writers: #17 – This is an ongoing series looking at websites that can be of help to fiction writers with their craft and career. Longtime fans of science fiction and fantasy reading will be familiar with Tor Books, the publishing company which has its online home at For more than 30 years Tor has been bringing best-selling fiction to genre fans, along the way earning numerous awards and consistently being recognized as one of the best science fiction and fantasy publishers in the market.

Lightning Bug - Finish Your Story Another perspective Most writers give their work to somebody else to read when they finish their first draft. A fresh perspective is always valuable. Find a friend that will give you honest feedback to read your story. Remember that the exercise is pointless if your reader is only going to tell you what you want to hear! It can be hard reading somebody else’s work and giving feedback. Instapaper Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Instapaper. A more comprehensive, searchable collection of support information is available on the Instapaper Knowledge Base. You can also email & tweet at @InstapaperHelp with ideas, feedback and questions. What does Instapaper do? Instapaper turns web content – articles, stories, posts, videos, and even long emails – into a great reading experience. Over the course of your day, you'll encounter things you want to read later.

50 of the Best Websites for Writers There are tons of reference sites on the web that can help you find a job or write a poem, essay or story. Here is a list of the best 50 websites for writers. Reference Websites Merriam-Webster Online - Merriam Webster is the perfect place to look up words and find information. 20 Must-Read Blogs For Freelance Writers The idea of this post comes from Steven’s recent post on freelance blogging. Freelance writing certainly has many advantages and can be rewarding too. It goes without saying that in order to become a freelance writer, you gotta love writing.

English words with disputed usage Also found in: Dictionary, Thesaurus, Legal. List of English words with disputed usage Some English words are often used in ways that are contentious between writers on usage and prescriptive commentators. Here to Create & 102 Resources for Fiction Writing UPDATE 1/10: Dead links removed, new links added, as well as Revision and Tools and Software sections. Are you still stuck for ideas for National Novel Writing Month? Or are you working on a novel at a more leisurely pace? Here are 102 resources on Character, Point of View, Dialogue, Plot, Conflict, Structure, Outlining, Setting, and World Building, plus some links to generate Ideas and Inspiration.

Fieldston Software - gSyncit - Sync Outlook and Google Calendars, Contacts, Notes and Tasks ONE and TWO WAY syncing of Outlook calendars, contacts, notes and tasks. Sync with Google, Dropbox, Simplenote, Toodledo, Evernote, Nozbe and Pocket Informant Sync with multiple Outlook profiles and service accounts (e.g. multiple Google accounts). Automatically matches entries to prevent duplicate items when syncing. Automatically sync items on a regular interval, between certain hours of the day, and/or when Outlook starts/exits. Detailed sync options to control how and what you want to sync.

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