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Classroom Review Game for Educators

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100 Brain Teasers With Answers for Kids and Adults - Icebreaker Ideas A brainteaser is a type of riddle that makes one think outside the box. Some brainteasers are easy, some are a little harder, and some can really make you ponder for a while. Often, when you finally hear the answer, you feel ignorant or silly, because it should have been obvious to you. However, brainteasers are fun. Therefore, we keep testing ourselves and hoping we get better at solving them. Our collection of brainteasers includes brainteasers for kids and for adults. Related: 203 Fun Riddles for Kids with Answers Brain Teasers for Kids Kids love brainteasers, as long as they do not get too frustrated trying to figure them out. There are three houses. Brainteasers entangle the mind of the reader and make him forget his worries, at least for a while. Longer Brain Teasers for Adults A lift is on the ground floor. Brain Teasers with Answers Although these brainteasers are not as hard the previous ones, they still present a challenge. Guess the next three letters in the series GTNTL.

eQuizShow - Free Online Quiz Show Templates QuizBean | Quickly Create Online Quizzes For Free GoConqr - Changing the way you learn EclipseCrossword - the fast, easy, and FREE way to create crossword puzzles in minutes Play Taboo Online Now Welcome! Happy playing! Score Sheet This is where you can enter your team names, followed by a score for each round. Your data will be saved. These cards are meant to be played however you would like to.

The Teacher's Quick Guide To Digital Scavenger Hunts If you’ve got a smartphone or a tablet in your classroom, you’re ready for the adventure to begin! By adventure I mean, of course, the world of active learning through digital scavenger hunts. In this hunt, students are tasked with finding a particular physical object, person, or place and have to use technology to track it down. Note: an ‘online scavenger hunt’ usually implies that you’re hunting around online and not physically with classmates. The Simple Goal So now that you’re all ready to start your very first scavenger hunt, let’s figure out what the goals are. Finding The Technology Like the movie National Treasure, students will need a lot of ingenuity and tools to help them uncover the mysteries you’ve laid out before them. In an effort to get your scavenger hunt jump-started, here are a few useful tech tools that might be of use. SCVNGR – A useful free app that lets you create your very own digital scavenger hunts, start to finish. Finding An Objective A Quick Note

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