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Finding Your Passion In Work: 20 Awesome Quotes

Finding Your Passion In Work: 20 Awesome Quotes

Which MBA? | Ask the expert: How to write a CV The Key To Success Is Practice 21 Awesome Things to Say to Yourself Body language, Why It matter – i-Facts People think we communicate through words and we only care for our words, but it’s not right thing we have to give some attention to our body language also. Actually our body reaction is more important than our words. For example if someone says he is happy but all the time his frowning. To interpret persons feeling body language is one of the medium. Body language, why it matter Posture: You may remember the days of your childhood where your parents and teacher told you to stand straight and sit in straight position. Universal facial expression: In every human being some articulated and recognized facial expression seems always. Eye expression: Whenever you talk to people, try to make eye contact with that person. Mouth: Mouth is the most important part because smile come under this department which is the sign of happy interaction. Head: The position of head movement, to analyze the sign of agrees or digression. Hand and arm: Hands and arms are mostly use while communicating. Legs and feet:

I challenged hackers to investigate me and what they found out is chilling By Adam L. Penenberg On October 26, 2013 It’s my first class of the semester at New York University. I’m being hacked — and only have myself to blame. Two months earlier I challenged Nicholas Percoco, senior vice president of SpiderLabs, the advanced research and ethical hacking team at Trustwave, to perform a personal “pen-test,” industry-speak for “penetration test.” The detective, Dan Cohn, owned and operated Docusearch, a website that trafficked in personal information, and at the time, he was charging $35 to dig up someone’s driving record, $45 for his bank account balances, $49 for a social security number, $84 to trace a mobile number, and $209 to compile his stocks, bonds, and securities. For Cohn, digging through what I had assumed was personal information, was less challenging than filling in a crossword puzzle. What I learned is that virtually all of us are vulnerable to electronic eavesdropping and are easy hack targets. For this particular job, trust would be vital.

“Productivity” Tricks for the Neurotic, Manic-Depressive, and Crazy (Like Me) Sometimes, life seems upside-down. I originally wrote this post months ago, but I’ve been too self-conscious to publish it until now. This quote convinced me to put on my big girl pants: “The moment that you feel that, just possibly, you’re walking down the street naked, exposing too much of your heart and your mind and what exists on the inside, showing too much of yourself. So, here goes, and I hope it helps at least a few of you. Reality Check A few months ago, I had a birthday party. A dozen friends and I gathered for several days of wonderful sun, beach, and catching up. I was afraid of being alone. Like a child, I hid my head under the covers (literally) and hit snooze until reality couldn’t be postponed any further. But…why am I telling you this? The Dangerous Myths of “Successful” People We all like to appear “successful” (a nebulous term at best) and the media like to portray standouts as superheroes. Sometimes, these dramatic stories of overcoming the odds are inspiring. The Point

Your guide to running at any level It's a bit chilly outside right now, but spring will be here soon enough. Use those new running skills in one of these crazy races that'll inspire you to get fit this year. The Boston Urban Iditarod borrows its theme from the famous Alaskan sled dog race. Except in Boston, the dogs are humans and the sled is a shopping cart. Greensboro, North Carolina, is home to the Biscuitville Bowl's 7 Campus Scramble. Nationwide, Color Run participants start out wearing white, but by the end of the 5K race they're covered head-to-toe in neon. At the finish line runners gather to throw bags full of the colorful dust, which organizers swear is 100% natural and safe. Yes, that's a guy leaping over fire. Who doesn't want to crawl through mud on their way to the finish line? If it isn't obvious from the name, or the photo, the Bare Buns Fun Run is sponsored by a nudist group -- specifically the Fraternity Snoqualmie Family Nudist Park in Issaquah, Washington. Not quite ready to go bareback? The Color Run

What Are Some Simple Ways to Be More Attractive? Put a Smile on Your Face All of us have days when we feel like we got hit with the sharp end of the ugly stick. But if you feel like that more often than not, here are some easy tricks that will instantly make you more attractive! First of all, smile. Smiling instantly transforms your face, making you appear friendly, happy, and approachable. So stop hanging your head and looking glum! Click through for some more tips for becoming more attractive! Maintain Your Facial Hair Whether you’re male or female, you can easily make yourself more appealing by taking care of your facial hair. For the guys: Shave your face.If you absolutely must have facial hair, keep it neatly trimmed and sculpted.While you’re at it, get rid of your nose and ear hair, too. For the ladies: Shape your eyebrows. Keep Your Hair in Tip-Top Shape Your hair is your crowning glory. No matter your gender or the length of your hair, it’s important to get regular haircuts. Wear Clothes That Fit Only wear clothes that fit. Eye Contact

10 ways to boost your self-confidence How many times during your growing years did your parents tell you to walk straight or sit up straight? You may have casually dismissed it, or maybe you didn’t really pay attention. As an adult, though, you realise the wisdom of the advice. Simple practices like these don’t just help you physically but also psychologically. The first thing that works for a confident person is his or her personal hygiene. Check your teeth and get them fixed if there is a problem. Take care of your skin by eating the right food and drinking lots of water. Knowing you look your best is an easy and effective way to help you act your best. Dressing well and appropriately can do wonders for one’s self esteem. Dressing well does not mean you need to spend your entire salary investing in designer brands. The other thing to do is watch the popular verdict. Good posture has an immediate and lasting impact on your confidence. Do you take small, shuffling steps? Be aware of how you walk.

Three golden rules for effective public speaking