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6 Principles Of Genius Hour In The Classroom Genius Hour In The Classroom: 6 Principles Of Genius Hour by Terry Heick Update: We did a t-shirt campaign of this graphic last year and it sold decently (if 13 t-shirts can be considered ‘decent.’). It’s still available if you wanted a t-shirt with a kind of learning model on it. The Death of the 20% Project I have been thinking that I should reconsider the 20% project. I mean, if my greatest inspiration, Google, seems to be going away from 20 percent time, then I should too. We have traditions for a reason, right? One attends school to be told how to think and what is important to learn. The Genius Hour Design Cycle: A Process For Planning - 3. Some students need a push in the right direction Some students will come up with projects that are too simple with answers that could be easily Googled. We introduced the students to ‘High Order Thinking Skills’ and built these into the planning forms students complete.

Activate Instruction Playlists for Middle School Humanities, Social Studies, and History Here are just some of the many quality playlists available from high performing schools. Check out playlists created by:Da Vinci Science | High Tech High MS | Mr. Del Mundo #GeniusHour I don’t want children to stop asking questions. I want to be the teacher that welcomes provocative questions. That’s why I so firmly believe in getting out of the way of children and letting them question and learn. Genius Hour has been a way to affirm this in my classroom. I’ve been wondering how to do more Genius Hour in my kindergarten class. It was great with junior highers, but kindergarten has been a steep learning curve. School achievement isn't just in your genes - opinion - 18 October 2013 Read full article Continue reading page |1|2 Anyone who asserts that educational attainment is in large part inherited needs a lesson in modern genetics, says a professor of biology Is intelligence genetically determined? You might think so, if you saw the headline-grabbing report from UK education advisor Dominic Cummings. The 240-page essay was a parting gift to his boss, education minister Michael Gove.

Turn Genius Hour Into Genius Year Genius Hour is exciting. Instead of giving students assignments with predetermined topics and step-by-step instructions, teachers set aside a designated amount of time during the week for students to engage in self-directed projects that allow them to pursue their own questions, interests, and passions. But is it really about genius? What's ultimately most important about this movement? The Durango Herald 06/23/2015 With construction more than 50 percent complete, the dream of a new $7 million outdoor learning center in Monticello, Utah, is quickly becoming reality. Enlarge photo Courtesy of MHTN Architects An exterior rendering of the Canyon Country Discovery Center in Monticello, Utah. Courtesy of Four Corners School of Outdoor Education Scott Shishim, a bioregional outdoor education project educator from Colorado, attends a conference in Utah where he will build educational curriculum centered around the Colorado Plateau to bring back to his students.

Do Personalized Learning Programs Offer Authentic Choices? Excerpted from Building School 2.0: How to Create the Schools We Need by Chris Lehmann and Zac Chase. Make Personalization Authentic There is a lot of talk in ed-tech and ed-reform about personalization right now. There are a lot of folks on the vendor floor at national conferences who will sell you products that supposedly personalize learning, and much of the buzz around something like Khan Academy is that it personalizes the learning for kids.

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