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Featured Content | Activate Instruction Playlists for Middle School Humanities, Social Studies, and History Here are just some of the many quality playlists available from high performing schools. Check out playlists created by:Da Vinci Science | High Tech High MS | Mr. Da Vinci Science Government Advocacy Research PaperPresidential Election SimulationScramble for Africa SimulationSupreme Court SimulationThe Butter Battle Book High Tech High MS 8th Grade Humanities PBL Year Plan (U.S. Mr. African EmpiresAge of ExplorationAztecsBlogsChinese DynastiesDigital CitizenshipFeudal EuropeHistory of the InternetHow to EmailIncasIslamMayaMaya, Aztec, and IncaPhoto EssayPlagiarismScientific RevolutionStudio PhotographyThe ComputerThe ReformationThe RenaissanceWhat is Technology?

Approching Your Administration about Genius Hour | Genius Hour Propose Your Genius Hour Idea Once you have decided to move forward with a genius hour project, you’re going to need to get approval from your administration. Don’t assume that your proposal for geniwithout asking that your administration would never approve a project like this. You will need to be prepared with a list of benefits and how genius hour will positively impact students. 1. No loss of class instruction – You will need to explain right out of the gate that there will be no loss of class time by implementing a genius hour at your campus. 2. 3. 4. The key to a successful genius hour proposal is to be prepared with all of the positive outcomes from a genius hour project. Chris Kesler (17 Posts) I am an 8th grade science teacher that is passionate about Genius Hour in the classroom.

Introducing Genius Hour (Passion Based Inquiry Projects) October 3rd was our last #geniushour chat (click here to learn more about Genius Hour) on twitter. We had a fantastic conversation and some great ideas were shared. Since that chat (click here to see all archived chats), I have had a few more people ask me about how to introduce Genius Hour. So I thought I would compile a list of all the wonderful strategies that were discussed. Here it goes… Danielle Porte tweeted about doing a guided Genius Hour to start her class off this year. This year, Hugh and I introduced Genius Hour together. I am sure there are many more ideas out there from other great teachers about how to introduce Genius Hour. How do you get students ready for Genius Hour/Inquiry Projects? Like this: Like Loading... About Gallit Zvi Teacher for SD36, Grad student at SFU, love learning, #geniushour chat co-moderator (see for details) I blog at I tweet from @gallit_z

FAQs about Makerspaces What is needed to start a Makerspace in a classroom or school? Passion - You need to have passion and a belief in the educational value of maker-style projects. Space - This can be a whole room or only part of a room. Supplies - Start small with simple craft materials. Storage - Create a place to store materials when they are not in use and student projects as they are being worked on. Where should the Makerspace be placed? Makerspaces can be located just about anywhere, but there are certain spaces that make more sense in a school setting. How does a teacher justify allowing students to play when they should be focusing on academics? Makerspaces and maker-style projects are firmly grounded in sound educational theory. Is a 3D printer required to have a Makerspace? Absolutely not! When are students allowed to use the Makerspace? Each educator will have to make a decision that works best for the school. Who supervises the Makerspace? Supervision of the Makerspace depends on where it is set up.

Do Personalized Learning Programs Offer Authentic Choices? Excerpted from Building School 2.0: How to Create the Schools We Need by Chris Lehmann and Zac Chase. Make Personalization Authentic There is a lot of talk in ed-tech and ed-reform about personalization right now. There are a lot of folks on the vendor floor at national conferences who will sell you products that supposedly personalize learning, and much of the buzz around something like Khan Academy is that it personalizes the learning for kids. We should be careful about how we use that term, and we should be very skeptical of how well computerized programs can really personalize learning for kids. First, this notion of personalization of learning removes student choice from learning what they most want to learn. Second, this model of “personalization” is still building off of a deficit model in which students are steered away from doing the things they are good at so they can focus on the things they are bad at. From Theory to Practice • Examine choice. • Open the calendar.

La classe de Mme. Néro » L’heure des génies Qu’est-ce que la créativité? C’est simplement “Le pouvoir de création, d’invention” ( Quand nous pensons des personnes créatives, les noms Da Vinci, Einstein et Edison sautent dans nos tetes. Renvoyant à son discours “Nos écoles tuent la créativité” en 2006, il dit que nous ne grandissent pas pour devenir plus créativité mais au lieu nous grandissent pour sortir du créativité. Il y a quelques jours que nous avons fait l’activité du “Triangle”, l’experiment avec L’heure du génie. A.) B.) C.) D.) Il existent des différence et des similitudes pour plusieurs raisons. 1. 2. 3. Je suis le plus fier de mon deuxième tableau car personnes avait la meme idée que moi. Alors, qu’est-ce qui a changé la deuzième fois? Bonne nuit, Hannah

Why I Abandoned Genius Hour Genius hour is an amazing concept that children respond to because they get to learn about any topic they choose. I had a few rounds of Genius Hour last year and the kids thought it was awesome. On Fridays, the question was always, "Are we doing Genius Hour today?" With a grade 1/2 classroom last year, it got difficult to keep up with Genius Hour for a few reasons. 1. 2. 3. These were all minor issues, my major issue was that my students did not know how to properly research and I as their teacher did not effectively model this. I needed a better plan, I needed to be better prepared and I needed my students to have the skills needed to research an idea or topic, produce not only a product but also be able to share the information they learned from researching the topic. This year, Genius Hour turned into Wonder Workshop. This year I began the year teaching the skills needed for an inquiry based classroom. My students learned different ways to show their learning.

5 Engineering Challenges with Clothespins, Binder Clips, and Craft Sticks Five engineering challenges for kids – with wooden clothespins, binder clips, and craft sticks! It’s a simple STEM activity that kids of all ages will love. Move over, expensive building sets! These simple materials were a huge hit with my boys. The first time we got them out, Owen (almost 7) spent well over an hour busily creating all kinds of designs. Kids will have a blast just exploring with these materials, and it’s a great activity for hand-eye coordination. This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Materials Used: We used a train table board as a building surface. Challenge #1: Build a structure that can support the most possible weight. For this one, you could either challenge kids to build a true bridge, or just a structure that supports weight. Two clothespins with a craft stick between them make great supports for a structure. We couldn’t believe how much weight this could hold! Then we tried building bridges. Then he tested the strength of his design with books.

Teach Me: Student-Led Instruction Strategies Teaching tools, tricks, and ideas are an essential component of a teacher’s ‘arsenal’ when it comes to having engaged students and strong teachable moments. The one tool that I rely heavily upon is a concept I termed as ‘Teach Me,’ though you may heard it called by other terms. Simply, the idea behind Teach Me is when the teacher lets the student teach a concept to them. The student goes through the whole concept, or study, giving it to you in extreme detail. What it basically means is that your student becomes the teacher; teaching it to you. Benefits of the "Teach Me" Learning Exercise 4 Specific Goals of Student-led Instruction 1. Top 22 digital technology in the classroom tools your colleagues are using in... Fun facts, cross-curricular classroom activities about hibernation that will... Use these 10 teaching strategies to instruct writing. At many Israeli schools, passion, emanating from both students and school... Use the following classroom management techniques to improve your school...