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Research Resources - Patrick Marsh Middle School LMC. NHD: Descriptions of each type of project. Research Resources. National History Day. The 1971 FBI Burglary: Taking A Stand Against Illegal Government SurveillanceYouTube 3rd Place Junior Individual Documentary August Butterworth Chaska Middle School East MinnesotaProcess PaperAnnotated Bibliography The Tuskegee Airmen: Courage Knows No ColorYouTube 1st Place Junior Group Documentary Ananya Nandula, Ananya Ganapathi, and Layasri Ranjith School: Evergreen Middle School Washington The Statement that Revealed the Truth: Josiah DuBois, an American Holocaust Hero YouTube 2nd Place Junior Group Documentary Sam Bitman, Shayna Herzfeld, Gabby O'Brien, and Asha Mohapatra School: Rosa International Middle School New JerseyProcess Paper and Annotated BibliographyPlanting Seeds to End World Hunger: Norman Borlaug's Fight Against FamineYouTube 3rd Place Junior Group Documentary Audrey Faricy, Sebastian Helgeson, and Sruthi Subramanian Parkview Center School MinnesotaAnnotated BibliographyProcess Paper Schoolhouse Speech: Taking a Stand in Tinker v.

National History Day

Wisconsin Historical Society. Click on a link below to see the collection overview page.

Wisconsin Historical Society

Use that as a starting point for your research. 1964 Freedom Summer ProjectBrowse or search over 30,000 original documents from Freedom Summer, an effort by civil rights activists to integrate Mississippi's segregated political systemAmerican Journeysdigital library and learning center containing eyewitness accounts of early American exploration and settlement.Eugene Walter Leach CollectionThis digital collection contains the papers of Walter Eugene Leach (1857-1983), a Racine, Wisconsin, historian and curator of the Racine County Museum.GI Press CollectionWhen completed in 2017, this collection will contain page images and searchable text of 2,400 periodicals and other items such as pamphlets and posters created by or for U.S. military personnel during the Vietnam War era.

Henry and Elizabeth Baird Collection The papers of Elizabeth and Henry Baird from 1798 to 1937, prominent 19th-century Wisconsin settlers. National Archives. Primary Source Nexus - A great place to locate primary sources for your topic. Encyclopedia Britannica. Smithsonian. Library of Congress. Research Resources - Patrick Marsh Middle School LMC. National History Day.