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What Are MOOCs Good For? A few years ago, the most enthusiastic advocates of MOOCs believed that these “massive open online courses” stood poised to overturn the century-old model of higher education. Their interactive technology promised to deliver top-tier teaching from institutions like Harvard, Stanford, and MIT, not just to a few hundred students in a lecture hall on ivy-draped campuses, but free via the Internet to thousands or even millions around the world. At long last, there appeared to be a solution to the problem of “scaling up” higher education: if it were delivered more efficiently, the relentless cost increases might finally be rolled back. Some wondered whether MOOCs would merely transform the existing system or blow it up entirely. Computer scientist Sebastian Thrun, cofounder of the MOOC provider Udacity, predicted that in 50 years, 10 institutions would be responsible for delivering higher education. Then came the backlash.

Screening for bowel cancer: participant characteristics and outcomes — Nuffield Department of Population Health Project summary Supervisors: Jane Green and Roger Blanks The UK National Health Service Bowel Cancer Screening Programme offers a faecal occult blood screening test (FOBt) to men and women aged 60-74 every 2 years; those testing positive are offered diagnostic colonoscopy. About half of those who test FOBt positive are found to have cancer or potentially pre-cancerous bowel polyps, and some have other bowel conditions diagnosed – but for many, no bowel abnormality is found. There is limited information available on individual characteristics which may be related to screening and/or diagnostic test outcomes, information which may help to improve the screening programme in future. This project will use two existing datasets to learn more about participant characteristics related to screening test and diagnostic outcomes.

DjangoResources This page lists open source projects and applications regarding Django, the framework for perfectionists with deadlines. Feel free to update this page to improve the content as you see an opportunity to add or modify a resource, or to remove any unmaintained project from the list. ToDo ¶ Things people can do to improve this page includes: Relocating unmaintained projects to a "Discontinued resources" section.

Google Oppia for Embeddable Interactive Educational Explorations Google offers learning journeys for everyone through ‘Oppia’ which is developed by small group of open source volunteers who are interested in seeing improvement in Education. You can visit Oppia by clicking here. Oppia is in beta stage and as of today it is 100% free of charge and the content comes under CC-BY-SA suggesting that you can copy, modify and reuse the lesson content. You are allowed to

25 Universities and Colleges offering Free Courses Online Open courseware offered by top universities allow self-learners to access high quality educational materials for no cost. Whether expanding your knowledge on a variety of topics or sampling the programs offered at universities, free courses can benefit you. The following universities offer free college courses online to anyone wishing to complete them.

The Crisis in Higher Education A hundred years ago, higher education seemed on the verge of a technological revolution. The spread of a powerful new communication network—the modern postal system—had made it possible for universities to distribute their lessons beyond the bounds of their campuses. Anyone with a mailbox could enroll in a class. Frederick Jackson Turner, the famed University of Wisconsin historian, wrote that the “machinery” of distance learning would carry “irrigating streams of education into the arid regions” of the country. Sensing a historic opportunity to reach new students and garner new revenues, schools rushed to set up correspondence divisions. By the 1920s, postal courses had become a full-blown mania.

Advanced Life Skills Coaching Courses Hello, my name is Louise Wightman from Glasgow. I studied the Advanced Life Coaching Skills Level 4 Course distance learning and was very impressed with the assistance and guidance from the Course Tutor as well as the help and advice from the office staff. I studied via the elearn system so it was great for a person who likes to be organised. The feedback per assignment is usually 2 - 3 days (if not quicker) and the feedback always highlighted to me the good points for consideration as well as the weak areas that I should focus on. Thoroughly enjoyed the study via Stonebridge College and would highly recommend this institution to anyone. Thank You. Running and Debugging In PyCharm, you can run and debug various types of applications without leaving the IDE. Each script, task, Django server, or a test that you wish to run or debug from within PyCharm, needs a special profile that specifies script name, working directory, and other important data required for running or debugging in different modes. PyCharm comes with a number of such pre-defined profiles, or run/debug configurations. Using the PyCharm's debugger, you can find out the origin of the run-time errors and exceptions. The debugger enables you to execute your application step by step, examine program information related to variables, watches, or threads, and change your program without leaving the IDE.

Using Prezi in the Classroom Everyone’s talking about Prezi – the new online presentation tool that’s set to rival Powerpoint. Perhaps few would mourn Powerpoint’s demise, but is Prezi really all that different, and what are the benefits of using it in the classroom? The first is that it’s really pretty. Online Education UPDATE: we're doing a live, updated MOOC of this course at stanford-online July-2014 (not this Coursera version). See here: CS101 teaches the essential ideas of Computer Science for a zero-prior-experience audience. Computers can appear very complicated, but in reality, computers work within just a few, simple patterns. CS101 demystifies and brings those patterns to life, which is useful for anyone using computers today. In CS101, students play and experiment with short bits of "computer code" to bring to life to the power and limitations of computers.

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