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54 Incredible Illustrations by Dan Dos Santos Dan Dos Santos is a remarkably skilled artist and illustrator, with a unique talent for capturing a given moment and expressing it with flawless use of color and emotion. Dan’s work spans a variety of genres, including novels, comics and film. He has worked for such clients as Disney, Universal Studios, Boeing Aircraft, Saatchi & Saatchi, Scholastic Books, Ace Books,The Greenwich Workshop, Penguin Books, Random House, Bantam Books, Tor books, UpperDeck, Wizards of the Coast, and Dark Horse Comics. Aside from freelance illustration, Dan also co-hosts a series of instructional demonstrations called ‘Art Out Loud’. Today, it is my great pleasure to share 54 incredible illustrations by Dan Dos Santos with you, which will hopefully inspire you and amaze you as it sparks your imagination and transports you to each creative scene.

Frank Stockton Illustration Sink, oil on canvas, 66 x 58 in., 2014 working on a lot of things at once right now. Sink, oil on canvas, 49 x 32 in., 2014 Sink, oil on canvas, 78 x 46 in., 2014 four bathers burlap, 9 x 12 in., ea., respectively. I am fortunate enough to be included in a show at the nonprofit art space, Autonomie Projects, opening this Saturday in Los Angeles from 5-8:30pm. Press Release: While portraiture has long been seen as a sign of cultural ‘status’ and class distinction this survey of Los Angeles portraiture examines the varied approaches being taken up by today’s painters with regard to rendering a likeness, not only of a seated subject, but of the subject of portraiture itself. Justin Bower, Virginia Broersma, Josh Dildine, Alec Egan, Jay Erker, Andrew Foster, Roni Feldman, Steve Hampton, Laurance McNamara, Max Presneill, Constance Mallinson, Jason Ramos, Erica Ryan Stallones and Frank J. Sink, oil on canvas, 39 x 46 in., 2013 Sink, oil on canvas, 46 x 39 in., 2013 Untitled sculpture… 2013

How to Think of What to Draw Edit Article Edited by Dvortygirl, Laptop123, Nicole Willson, Random and 41 others Have you been inspired to draw, including getting inspiration from famous artists, or are just doing it for fun? Ad Steps 1Doodle. 21Look back through old sketchbooks for ideas. Tips Don't be afraid to try something new or make something up as you go. Warnings While there's nothing wrong with drawing from a photograph to practice, keep in mind that you may not be able to publish the result if you don't hold the copyright or have permission.

Mercedes Benz: Left Brain/Right Brain | Digital Ads I saw these great Ads recently—which are absolutely amazing I reckon. These digital works were designed for Mercedes Benz cars, and are based upon the left/right brain functions: ★★★★★ Like this type of article? Why not subscribe for Free via RSS or Email. Yes, the fourth Ad is a little different, but I still love it. Images © Copyright / Credits for the design works: Project: Left Brain Right Brain – Einstein. Why not take a look at one of these Articles... Here's a Selection of my Blog Posts: These are some of the most popular articles here on Andrew Kelsall Design.

Miss Led Derek Gores Corset-wearing superwomen from the Age of Steam Mixed bag, honestly. Some are just odd, others are dead on as far as in-character goes. Harley is cute, Emma is actually wearing more than usual and probably has an outfit exactly like that stashed for formal occasions. And Catwoman, YES that's so much closer than the crap she wears now. That's something Selina would actually wear, not that riot-grrl thing. Yeah, I'm all about the Catwoman.

Artist, Christian Faur, uses wax crayons to create a new kind of painting By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 09:23 GMT, 29 December 2010 At first glance these pictures look like nothing more than pixelated photographs but closer inspection reveals the images are actually created using thousands of wax crayons. Bored with paint and pencils, inventive artist, Christian Faur, turned to the childhood favourite for inspiration after seeing his young daughter using them. Christian, from Granville, USA, starts each piece by scanning a photograph and breaking the image down into coloured blocks. 'The individual 'pixels' of wax are precisely packed into specific locations to produce something that uniquely balances both photography and sculpture' The pictures are made up of boxes with crayons tightly packed together He then places thousands of crayons into a grid - like coloured pixels on a television screen - before packing the finished piece into a wooden frame. The result is a realistic image which only reveals it's humble Crayola roots on close inspection. Pixelated?

Marguerite Sauvage - StumbleUpon A bouquet of personnal works for Exquise Exhibition Paris about feminity in women artists work. These illustrations were also exhibited by Nucleus Gallery, USA.Fashion, Fine Arts, Illustration2012 Welcome to ...The Art of Dienzo