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Symphony of the Sea. Art by James Ryman (24 работ) » Картины, художники, фотографы на Nevsepic. Ella Du Cane (1874-1943) Ella Du Cane (1874-1943) was a British artist best known for her watercolors of landscapes and exotic locales.

Ella Du Cane (1874-1943)

Ella Mary Du Cane was the third and youngest daughter of politician and colonial administrator Sir Charles Du Cane. She was born in Hobart, Tasmania in the last year of her father's five-year term as Governor of Tasmania, shortly before the family returned to their country house at Braxted Park, Essex.In Essex, Charles was made a Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George and served as Chairman of the Board of Customs. Ella Du Cane came into artistic prominence in 1893 when she exhibited at an exhibition of the prestigious New Society of Painters in Water Colours. Queen Victoria took a personal interest in her work, acquiring 26 of Du Cane's works between December 1895 and August 1898. With success came opportunities for travel. In later years, Ella continued to travel and paint, and never married. Robert Bateman. Personal Born in Toronto, Canada, 1930; son of Joseph Wilber & Annie Maria (McLellan) Bateman Marriage to Suzanne Bowerman, June 1961 Children: Alan, Sarah & John.

Robert Bateman

gGallery: Ricardo Fernandez Ortega. Ricardo Fernandez Ortega was born in 1971 in Durango, Mexico.

gGallery: Ricardo Fernandez Ortega

The surreal paintings by Ortega invites us to travel to another time, his style reminds us of the greatest classical masters, however, his painting is modern. Tomasz alen kopera. Tomasz Alen Kopera was born in Kozuchow, Poland in 1976.

tomasz alen kopera

He attended the University of Technology in Wroclaw, where he gained a degree in Engineering. Tomasz paints in oil on canvas. Human nature and the mysteries of the Universe are his inspiration. Each painting motivates thought, challenging our initial response. Sometimes darkness will prevail, at other times, light.

Pa-m-xa - Виктор Корольков.Славянская живопись. Всеволод Иванов.Славянская живопись by pa-m-xa — a My Opera Slideshow. Jurek Zamoyski. Jurek Zamoyski "Every animal has a soul.

Jurek Zamoyski

Since I was a child I have marveled at the grace and beauty of all animals, from the great jungle cats to the four legged friends in our homes. This led me to surround myself with furry creatures of all sorts. Their exquisiteness and unique personalities have deepened my love and respect for each one of them. For this reason, the portraits I paint capture their outer beauty and their inner Soul. With my work I want the viewer to maintain that magical connection with animals that have entered their hearts and lives.

I'm just doing my best to depict magic of life. Friend Jasmine wrote: 'I love all your animal portraits. Games Workshop. Portfolio - Nightly. One Man, 1,200 Hours, and Over 100 Pencils: City Band, A Monumental Drawing by Chris LaPorte. Two weeks ago I was fortunate to spend a few days in Grand Rapids, Michigan at ArtPrize 2012, a sprawling international art fair featuring over 1,500 installations by more than 1,700 artists in venues throughout the city including the Grand Rapids Art Museum, the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, as well as countless art galleries, cafes, sidewalks, and even smack dab in the middle of a river.

One Man, 1,200 Hours, and Over 100 Pencils: City Band, A Monumental Drawing by Chris LaPorte

The entire affair centers around popular vote that determines ten winners (a maximum award of $200,000) as well as several juried awards. You can see the 2012 winners here. It was a great trip and I saw more art three days than I’ve seen in person in the past year. Architectural Watercolors by Maja Wrońska. I’m really enjoying the use of structure and color by Poland-based watercolor artist Maja Wrońska who has captured some lovely scenes from Paris, Venice, Prague, and elsewhere.

Architectural Watercolors by Maja Wrońska

Catch more of her work over on DeviantArt and Behance. (via my darkened eyes) 25 Hyper Realistic Oil Paintings by Hubert De Lartigue - Luscious Lips and Tongue - Nightly. Designers - Go from InDesign CS5.5 to HTML 5 MORTYS - 3D Animation Short Film.

25 Hyper Realistic Oil Paintings by Hubert De Lartigue - Luscious Lips and Tongue - Nightly

30 Hyper-Realistic Acrylic Paintings by JasondeGraaf - Glass and Reflection - Nightly. Question and Answer QA Watercolour Painting Cumbria Google Chrome Speed Test- Google Chrome Vs Potatto, Lightning, soundwave.

30 Hyper-Realistic Acrylic Paintings by JasondeGraaf - Glass and Reflection - Nightly

20 Unbelievable Photo Realistic Oil Paintings By Pedro Campos - Nightly. HUGO Vs LINO Award Winning 3D Animation Short Film Bottle.

20 Unbelievable Photo Realistic Oil Paintings By Pedro Campos - Nightly

25 Fantastic Optical Illusion Art works and Paintings by Rob Gonsalves - Nightly. Abduzeedo Design Inspiration & Tutorials - Aurora. Source d'inspiration artistique / Les desssins sexy et réalistes de Juan Francisco Casas - Aurora. Konstantin Kacev. Brom Art - Nightly. Oddity Central - Collecting Oddities - Nightly. In order to better “dissolve the barrier between art and artist”, New York-based artist Vincent Castiglia uses his own blood as a medium for his disturbing paintings. Throughout his artistic career, he has used around 12 pints of blood. ”My work is literally a blood sacrifice on the altar of art,”the painter says.

While many artists claim a lot of sweat, blood and tears go into their art, Vince Castiglia is serious about the blood part. During the last 10 years, the painter from Hell’s Kitchen, New York, has been using his own blood as material for his art. In a recent interview, Castiglia said he was first inspired to use the bizarre art medium by a need to connect to his work “on the most intimate level.” It just so happens that human blood contains iron oxide, a pigment found in many traditional paints, as well as in iron ore and common rust. Larger blood paintings can take several months to complete, and his works range in price from $950 to $26,000. Zhao-chun. Eddy Stevens - Nightly. ✿ A. Andrew GONZALES ✿ - Nightly. 'E mandami in collisioneche ti dipingo al primo canto di Morfeotra i sospiri d'aria doratacavalcanti di oraliciondoli sonanti e labbra infuocateinebriandoti...facendoti perdere ogni traccia con la realtà...' da "Liriche visioni" di ~ Catherine La Rose©2010 ~ A.

Andrew Gonzales, di San Antonio, Texas, è un pluripremiato artista figurativo il cui lavoro è stato esposto in diversi paesi. Nato il 13 ottobre 1963 e cresciuto in una famiglia creativa, Andrew ha affrontato l'arte in gran parte da autodidatta.Suo padre, l'artista Anthony A. Angels - Nightly. Gaylord Ho Gaylord Ho was born April 11, 1950, in Hsin-Wu, Taiwan.

Born to poor farmers Gaylord spent most of his free time helping, along with his brother, with the chores of scratching out a living on a small rice farm in middle Taiwan. His parents, while certainly not well off financially, were accepting and loving of their children and believed strongly in education. Jonathan Jungsuk Ahn. Aaron Hogg. Linnea Strid. BeautifulBizzzzarre: Serge Marshennikov - Aurora (Build 20120726042008) I recently discovered incredible Russian traditional artist Serge Marshennikov and fell in love with his beautiful romantic realism style. He captures the soft delicate femininity of his subjects in classic poses, amongst beautiful draped fabric and dappled light with flawless technique and a style reminiscent of Pre-Raphaelite paintings. Serge's work celebrates beauty in a sensitive quietly sensual way - breathtaking!

BeautifulBizzzzarre Beautiful Bizarre. Daniel Merriam - Home. Aurel Schmidt. John Dyer Baizley – Ilustraciones - Aurora (Build 20120714042007) John Dyer Baizley – Ilustraciones Posted by Jordi Guzmán on julio 12th, 2011 John Dyer Baizley es un ilustrador estadounidense especializado en la realización de portadas de discos y camisetas para una gran cantidad de grupos musicales. Él mismo toca la guitarra y canta en su grupo Baroness. Podéis ver más trabajos en su página. Clic para ampliar. Vía Vectroave. Gil Elvgren - Nightly. Larissa Morais - Russia - Nightly. Larissa Morais - Russia Born and raised in Moscow. She has been painting since she was in high school, however her first love was not the brush but the keys of a piano. The replacement of a teacher changed her vision from music and into the world of art. While helping her sister one afternoon with her art homework something sparked her passion for painting and perhaps she stumbled upon her destiny. Jeff Faust - USA - Nightly. Jeff Faust.

Karl Bang - China-USA - Nightly. Karl Bang. Kiéra Malone - France - Nightly. Adonna-Khare. “Elephants”. Premio ArtPrize 2012. « KlímtBaLan - Nightly (Build 20121022030551) Give Your Best And FarewellLa vida es un juego de relaciones, no es algo que deba tomarse muy en serio. Incluso los momentos más dramáticos, como en las mejores obras, por poner un ejemplo feliz, del mejor cine italiano de los cincuenta y sesenta poseen un raso irremediablemente cómico, un giro inesperadamente gracioso.

Mi vida llega a un momento […]This Song #211“Desde Que O Samba E´ Samba”, compuesta por Caetano Veloso e interpretada por Gilberto Gil y Caetano Veloso. EMPTY KINGDOM You are Here, We are Everywhere - Nightly (Build 20121021115746) Mart%C3%ADn+La+Spina+-+Tutt%27Art@+%2811%29. Beauty of Koi - Nightly. Terry Gilecki--Beauty of Koi Terry Gilecki creates beautiful paintings of koi that transport the viewer to a world of quiet reflections.

Gazing down into their watery realms, the stresses of the day drop away as we take in the glow of the golden stones and the fronds floating lazily as the colorful koi fish glide by. Gilecki brings over 35 years of experience as a professional artist to his meticulously rendered waterscapes. Born in British Columbia in 1954, Terry earned a degree in commercial art in 1973 and embarked on a successful career as a professional artist working for international advertising corporations. Like most commercial artists, Terry also pursued fine art in his private hours. “Well into my career as an artist, I was fortunate to discover the pleasure and challenge of painting koi and the world they live in,” says artist Terry Gilecki. The artist lives and works at his home in Canada.

Sign up for e-mail updates on new art, shows, and events for this artist. ALEXEI BUTIRSKIY -Russian Painter - Nightly. Since the beginning of the new millennium, literally thousands of collectors from around the world have added one or more of Alexei Butirskiy images to their collections. What has caused this immediate and enthusiastic reception? As Aristotle once said, “Art not only imitates nature, but also completes its deficiencies.” No one could have described Alexei’s complex painting technique more succinctly. In his own unique way, Alexei Butirskiy achieves a marvelous transition from what is often unattractive source material through a masterful enhancement process of addition and subtraction, until he awakens the sleeping beauty in each composition.

“When I paint, I don‘t just copy from any particular place. An artist should rather have a goal and then follow it to create the emotional image and a special atmosphere in the painting, and to thereby convey an individual message. Tomasz alen kopera - Nightly. Fingerprint Art: Someone’s Grandma › Illusion - Nightly. In 1985, artist Chuck Close applied oil paint directly on his fingertips to create a masterful portrait of his grandmother. “By adjusting the amount of pigment and the pressure of his finger on the canvas, Close could achieve a wide range of tonal effects.

Typically, he worked from a black and white photograph which he would divide into many smaller units by means of a grid. Rolling Stone by Victor Melamed. Allegoria della Primavera. Девушки от Steve Hanks (57 фото - 16.99Mb) » Photo art blog фотографии известных фотографов - Nightly. Recogedor: Joanna Sierko-Filipowska - Arte - Nightly. Caricatures 1 on the Behance Network - Nightly. Mi roalico al sol: El lápiz que te parió. Sanjulián. 2 - Nightly.