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Illustration verspielt/individuell/gestalterisch

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Vladimir Kushnir /// Illustration & Animatics. Hedof. Studio Likeness-About. We compose and capture innovative visual stories. Studio Likeness, that´s Julia Classen and Magdalena Lepka - a creative duo working on unique concepts for still life photos and videos. We share a passion for colorful compositions and the ambition to reveal the essence of every thing we capture. Our collective skill set covers art direction, set design, styling and photography. We are based in Berlin. Studio Likeness creates editorials for SZ-Magazin, Neon and Rondo, commissioned photographs and stop motion videos for companies such as Thonet, Vitra and Marc O´Polo. Contact: Studio Likeness Hasenheide 9 Aufgang 2, 2. 10967 Berlin Germany phone: +49 30 61628387 mail: represented by Klaus Stiegemeyer Helmut Schmidt Haus - Speersort 1 20095 Hamburg phone: +49 40 41005404 mail: Figure 35 rue Pascal 75013 Paris France phone: +33 1 43 31 15 84 Links minimum Thonet Mark Braun Vitra Jongeriuslab Mühle Shaving Ludwig Beck Neon.

Food — Project Types — Anna Franke. Illustration. Robokid. SCHIERKE Artists - Damien CUYPERS illustrates for Glamour Germany. Isabelle Arsenault illustration. -- .. --- -.- . Luke Edward Hall. Birgit Palma Illustration. Illustrator, Animator, Designer • Miki Mottes • Illustrator for Startups • Designing Growth Charts for kids, illustrating Childrens books, Street Artist. - illustration - graphic design. Seite 2 « Ana Popescu. Andrea Krizmanich. Andrea Krizmanich office(at) Phone:+43 699 192 36 477 www.krizmanich.atandrea(at) Phone: +43664 39 518 39 Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch geboren in Wr. Publikationen: „bist du jetzt mein neuer papa?

„ how to cooperate with your designer“, design austria, leykam „rabe maxl I-IV“, sel italien Ausstellungen 2009Fassaden design und -gestaltung eines Einfamilienhauses 2008portraits of a city III, barcelona 2007potraits of a city II, rome 2006portraits of a city I, manila 2004„kabarett im spektakel“, Spektakel 2004art position 2003Projekt „buisness“, projekt 21 2003“ausgetrixt, portraits“, Güssing 2003 „portraits“, interio österreich 2002 „portraits of alpenmilchzentrale“, Alpenmilchzentrale Wien 2001 art moskau, gallery caravan Languages: German, English Born in Wr.

Studies of graphic design at the University for applied art, diploma in the works of Prof. Since 1995 self employed artist and illustrator for numerous agencies and publishing houses. Publications: Exhibitions: Myth & Moor: The fantastic imagination. "Technically, all fiction is fantasy. It hasn't happened in 'real life'; it has been invented. But there is a divide between fantastic literature and other, more realistic fiction. "Most fiction is like a pane of glass, a window that we look through to see another view of the world outside ourselves. It is not a tale of real events, but it looks real. Fantastic literature is not merely not-real, it is aggressively not-real. The events in a fantasy novel are not simply things that have not happened; they are things than cannot happen. Dragons and unicorns exist only as metaphors, and the daylight world suffers from a serious shortage of magic swords and flying carpets.

"Thus, fantasy does something different from realistic mainstream and historical fiction. "I think this is one of the reasons some people fear fantasy. " - Patricia C. "Fantasy is the oldest kind of fiction, and though it's forever finding new forms, it doesn't change in essence. "Fantasy is the language of the inner self. Illustration. :: :: Madeleine Adrian-Mohr :: Malerin und Kinderbuchillustratorin :: Johanna Schneider :: Bilderbücher.  Kinderbuch Illustrationen von Rikta aus Hannover. Bilder für Dekoration, Malbuch, Bilderbuch, für Praxis- Wohn- und Lebensräume. Bernhard Oberdieck - Illustration • Illustrationen für Kinderbuch & Werbung.

Die Illustratoren - Portfolio - Turine Tran. About Impressionen Interview Turine Tran, a Vietnamese born artist, takes inspiration from nature and companionship. Through dreamy, nostalgic images, she loves to invite children and adult-alike, to a world where a tiny flower could become a fantastic wonder. After beginning her art study in 2001, Turine pursued her passion with illustration through a journey that lead from her hometown to Singapore, Paris; and then to Edinburgh, where she obtained a Masters of Art degree in Illustration from Edinburgh College of Art. Question: What drew you to illustration/design? SELECTED CLIENTS:Inside Housing, U.K, Zizzi italian restaurant, U.K, Leo Burnett, Vietnam, Anthem World Wide, U.S, TIGHE Pub, U.S, Source Books, Inc. Annie Won Author-Illustrator | The Dragon Circus. Will Terry - Chlldrens book illustrator. Benjamin Lacombe PortFolio.

Saddo. Djulo-yvonnesundag. PAULA PUNK. Mathilda Mutant. Mrzyk & Moriceau. Illustration glazer naude 3. Maivisto illustration portfolio. Isaac Holland. FOREAL™ - FLIKFLAK SUNNY HOURS 16. We created the new campaign, consisting of three main visuals, an animation and the print products for the actual Flik Flak summer campaign in direct cooperation with Swatch.

Our job was to develop three unique and playful compositions to support the newly introduced watches in online and offline media. Nina tiefenbach. MATHILDA MUTANT | Artists | NEONOW. MATHILDA MUTANT Ihre Lieblingsmotive sind Tiere, Haare und Menschen. Die verspielten Kreationen von Mathilda Mutant, mit bürgerlichem Namen Martina Miocevic, entstehen mal analog, mal digital, jedoch immer mit viel Liebe zum Detail. „Ich brauche das Gefühl mich kreativ entfalten zu können, wie andere Menschen die Luft zum Atmen“ sagt die Mainzer Grafikerin über sich selbst. Zu ihren besonderen Arbeiten zählen u.a. die Gestaltung für das Erfrischungsgetränk Sechzisch Vierzisch und das Lettering für das Programmheft des Staatstheaters Mainz. Emiliano Ponzi. Darling clementine illustration.