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Showcase of Colorful Portraits by Evgeny Parfenov | <div id="noscript">Please activate JavaScript in your browser!</div> Splashnology Magazine Powered by Netrinomedia Showcase of Colorful Portraits by Evgeny Parfenov Evgeny Parfenov is a freelance illustrator from Russia with a creative style of illustration. Advertisement Edgar Poe for Tss Pin It Ramirez, Gonzalez, Kershaw, Puig for Los Angeles Times Illustrations for Rolling Stone and Interview The Dead Weather for Rolling Stone Ryan Gosling Christina Hendricks Egor Letov PJ Harvey Thom Yorke Cristiano Ronaldo John Balance Kevin Orr Rick Perry Harukiko Kuroda Abigail Johnson Minerva Goal Portraits Christofer Nolan Golden T.J. Tyrion Lannister Lars von Trier Clint Eastwood Mako Mori Philipp Lahm Barack Obama Stephen Colbert The Dark Knight Zigmund Freud Bill Murray Yury Luzhkov Kubica Police Reform Medvedev and Business Advocates Page Zygmund Bauman digital art illustrations inspiration portraits Advertisement AddThis Sharing GoogleFacebookTwitterEmailMore Hide Show AddThisPrivacy AddThis What's Next Recommended for you AddThis Share

Shan Dave Bolton templesmith » Ben Templesmith Beginner's Guide To Competitive Shooting: Choosing an Organization | The Arms Guide The competitive shooting sports are a fantastic way to improve your firearms proficiency, not to mention it’s tons of fun! The benefits are numerous and, the camaraderie amongst the shooters makes for an environment of sharing and learning. Choosing the right organization with which to become involved is an important decision. I’ll examine some of the most common handgun competitive shooting sports in this post. First though, I’ll give you a little background with how I became involved with competitive shooting. It’s Spring 2011, I’m relaxing in front of the television and I stumble across an episode of “Shooting USA” on the Outdoor Network. The 3 most popular, handgun specific competitive shooting sports are, IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association), USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) and Steel Challenge. The IDPA organization was founded in 1996, as way for shooters of all skill levels to improve their concealed carry skills. Steel Challenge

Cómo ser director artístico de teatro. Escenografía – Dirección Artística Teatral ¿Te gustaría ser director artístico especialista en teatro? En este curso aprenderás a desarrollar el perfil profesional y humano que debe tener este profesional. Adquirirás las competencias para realizar su trabajo, sus obligaciones y responsabilidades. Así mismo, conocerás las técnicas y materiales que debe dominar; las características y la dotación de un teatro, el lugar de trabajo donde llevará a cabo sus creaciones. Además, a lo largo del curso, que tiene una duración total de 240 horas, aprenderás los procesos relacionados con el montaje, estreno y gira de un espectáculo escénico. El programa del curso está estructurado con las siguientes asignaturas: Historia del teatro y de la puesta en escena, Teatro oriental, Tipos de decorado, Construcción, Ensayo técnico, Ensayo general, Estreno, Transporte de decorados, Áreas del edificio, Arco de embocadura, Cambios de escena, entre otras. Las clases del curso son muy reducidas, con un máximo de diez alumnos por clase.

Karl Kopinski painting and pencils Warren Ellis 9 Ways to Clear a Building with a Firearm Steps Method 1 of 9: Before You Do Anything 1Choose an appropriate firearm. 4Know what's in store if you decide to search and clear. Method 2 of 9: Clearing Corners 1Approach the corner. 6Always point your firearm where your eyes are looking. Method 3 of 9: Clearing Doorways 1Know the dangers of doorways. 10Clear the rest of the room for any immediate danger. Method 4 of 9: Clearing Self-Closing Doors 1Approach the door on the doorknob side (as before). 6Clear the rest of the room as you would any other room. Method 5 of 9: Clearing Hallways 1Understand that hallways present some of the more difficult, dangerous, and dynamic areas of a building. 5Methodically clear hallways — don't walk past one room to clear another. Method 6 of 9: T-Intersections