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Ana Galvañ. ILLUSTRATION. J.V. TOUT UN CAFÉ. Le vide-grenier de Polyminthe. Juliabe. Concept Art World. Vicki nerino. Photos 7 Notes vickinerino:HOLD ONTO YOUR HORSES!!!!

vicki nerino

I have tons of pins leftover from TCAF! I will only be selling these for as long as an etsy listing lasts, and after the listenings expire, tough cookies, they’re gone. right into the garbage, or set on fire, or fed to my dog. something like that.BUY THEM HERE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. <3Retumbling this night tumble for the day people. Creator's Playground: Grafolio. Patricio Betteo. Betteo (Patricio Betteo) - DeviantArt. Angie H. Iver.

Angie H.

Angie H. Iver

Iver Ask me anything Angie Hoffmeister Artist-Illustrator from Düsseldorf Germany — 2 weeks ago with 108 notes #twd #the walking dead — 2 weeks ago with 80 notes — 1 month ago with 264 notes #watercolor pattern girl flower illustration art. Behance. Toms Tumblings. The Bartkira Nuclear Edition Exhibition is still on for a week or so for those of you in the LA area and gosh it looks lovely.

Toms Tumblings

If you can’t make it in person like most of us, you can see all the cool art here! This is my piece for the Bartkira Nuclear Edition Book Launch & Exhibition at Gallery Nucleus, opening tonight! Birdyhoodie.tumblr. Jonatan Cantero. Character Design Page - home. Inside Noé. Paperwalker. ELIOLI Art. Anonymous asked: Hi!


I love your art and its style(s) and what you've done for VeggieTales. You obviously know the new looks have gotten backlash, but they're truely wonderful. And to be honest, it must have been hard to interpret 2D art into 3D models. Brutal moineau. Flying-V. Crcr. TOTT. CASARRAMONA. Roman Muradov. View high resolution This was made for Facegasm/CALA which I won’t be attending in person due to an immense fatigue that has been ruining my life & work for the last year or so, particularly recently.

Roman Muradov

Probably this old thing that I’ve been neglecting for a decade. If anyone has any tips on dealing with chronic fatigue and resulting depression, drop me a line ok. Halfway down the garbage chute. Tanglefootcomic: This is just a shot in the dark, but I don’t suppose anybody following me has experience doing freelance character design work?

Halfway down the garbage chute

Say for animated TV series, feature films or computer games? I need a bit of business advice from somebody in the know. I’ve done a little of this kind of thing in a semi-professional capacity in the past, but I’m still pretty ill-equipped to deal with the financial side of the enterprise. Thanks in advance! Ralph Steadman. 西荻窪駅徒歩20分2LDK敷礼2ヶ月ペット不可 - 日本アニメ(ーター)見本市. Site officiel de Mario Ramos. Nuria riaza. Ida Pearle. Zohar Lazar. Zachary Baldus Art. T. HANUKA. So Long. F.P.C. 10 is brought to you by the Artist Trust and 4Culture. Mu Pan.

Art by Matt Furie. Angry Jim Comics Ilustration Music etc. Jesse Moynihan. Jeremyville Corner Store — Jeremyville Corner Store. James Jean. Illustrations and comics. EDIE FAKE. Dave kiersh - illustrator. Dash Shaw. Nice Google translation of a French review of New School: This should hit you at the opening of New School, the last BD Dash Shaw and published by Editions That There is of course the graphics.

Dash Shaw

Detonates New School and impresses primarily through the shots and markers impressive colors of the author. It even feels physically, so the smell of the book (full of ink) is particularly strong. And it is a fact, the strength of this comic is mostly found in its inventiveness and rich graphics. However, the scenario is not so helpless. The story as it is told necessarily defeat a little. A graphic novel where we take full eyes. Christoph Mueller. A creative studio specializing in animation/video production, cartoon illustration and print design. Asaf hanuka. Arik Roper. Skronked. Art of Nico Marlet. You guys.

Art of Nico Marlet

Go see How to Train Your Dragon 2 this weekend, then come to the How to Train your Dragons 2 show next week!! It’ll have a tonne of artwork by artists from Dreamworks, including the above by James Baxter, Nico Marlet, Johane Matte (who made a badass comic you can get at the gallery), Megan Nicole Dong, Le Tang, Joe Pitt, and myself. June 21 @ Gallery Nucleus. Victorior. Joan Cornellà. Guillermo Ramírez. Aymrc. Plymptoons Studio. Illustrateur-Aquarelle. Chris ware on Tumblr. Gary Taxali Fine Art and Illustration, Art Prints, Pop Art, Surrealism Art, Contemporary Art, Steve Simpson's Illustration Portfolio. Curiosity, play and discovery! - Nate Williams Art and Ideas.

Buff Monster. Yum Yum — Home. Tomi Ungerer - Official Website. Un site pas officiel à propos de Blutch - index. Les dessins et extraits d'albums présents sur ce site sont © Blutch et l'éditeur concerné. ils sont ici à titre informatif et il est interdit d'en faire un quelconque usage commercial; non mais !

un site pas officiel à propos de Blutch - index

Ce site qui n'est pas officiel est réalisé par morgan di salvia. il est optimisé pour un écran 800x600. Le book de Piupiu. Yuchung Peter Chan Visual Development. A crop of a painting I did for How to train your dragon 2.

Yuchung Peter Chan Visual Development