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Psychedelic Artworks by Leif Podhajsky. Leif Podhajsky est un graphiste australien, basé à Londres, spécialisé dans le print et le web design.

Psychedelic Artworks by Leif Podhajsky

Il a commencé à réaliser des visuels abstraits et psychédéliques comme un hobby pendant ses études, puis pour des groupes et labels avec qui il continue d’entretenir un lien étroit, parmi lesquels nous trouvons Tame Impala, Denai Moore, Lykke Li, Foals, Kelis, Bonobo, The Horrors, Mount Kimbie, Grimes ou encore Santigold. Il a toujours préféré l’aspect artistique de son travail et pense que sa carrière a débuté au bon moment, au moment où beaucoup de musiciens émergeaient et s’accordaient avec son univers. Il a ensuite enchainé des collaborations avec Bose & Spotify, Nike, Tate & Google, des magazines comme The Wired et New Scientist mais aussi des marques comme Ballantine’s pour qui il a développé une série de créations à l’occasion des fêtes de Noël. Plus de détails sur ce projet dans la suite.

Video by agency Les 84. Slava Fokk Online Portfolio. _ _ ____✍□ (@ermsy) Say No to Soft Drugs: Drawings by Ermsy. Art of Mr.Werewolf. “Composition of Mammal’s” posters. A series of this Photographs, to show a pure fascination for the mysterious and delicate qualities of the Mammals Anatomy.

“Composition of Mammal’s” posters

The motive for the series of Photographs, “Composition of Mammals”, is to show the complex and interesting structure of the Mammals body. I came up with an idea of mock exhibition, “The Composition of Mammals”, which studies the anatomy of mammals with displays of taxidermy and skulls. This photographs was used by this exhibition poster. Fernando Chamarelli "Secret Code" @ Thinkspace Gallery. This one should be good.

Fernando Chamarelli "Secret Code" @ Thinkspace Gallery

Brazilian designer, illustrator and artist Fernando Chamarelli will open a new solo show, Secret Code, at Thinkspace on August 15, the artist’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. We have been following his progress on Instagram as he has set up the show, and this looks like a solid one. Lots of colors, lots of details, lots hybrid human-creatures, go get it. Chamarelli combines diverse graphic and cultural references to produce stunningly dense acrylic paintings.

His distinctive use of line work and color reflect an eclectic graphic sensibility informed by everything from design, tattoos, street art and ancient history. The Mysterious World of Russian Photographer, Andrew Pashis. Ever since we saw the work of Russian photographer Andrew Pashis' work in Taschen's fantastic "The Erotic Photography 2", we have been on a mission to learn more about the man.

The Mysterious World of Russian Photographer, Andrew Pashis

And you know what? There isn't much out there! He is a mystery to us, and besides the photo spread you see above, or search has yielded minimal results. Malika Favre: The Kama Sutra from A to Z. Words from Malika Favre: "I am a French illustrator based in London.

Malika Favre: The Kama Sutra from A to Z

My approach to illustration is about paring things down as much as possible. Update: Lucy Hardie's Intricate Illustrations. Illustrators - Serge Seidlitz - Character Led. Illustrators - Tim Lahan - Colour / Color. Enjoy Kola! Paintings — Cinzah Seekayem. Hyde-and-Seek-street-art-22.jpg (JPEG Image, 760 × 760 pixels) "In Pieces" by Marion Fayolle. These illustrations come from French artist Marion Fayolle's wordless book entitled "In Pieces.

"In Pieces" by Marion Fayolle

" The book is a series of comic-style narratives about human relationships. These works are meant to make us think, laugh and reflect on our own personal relationship history. The Dark, Iconic Anatomy of Dino Valls. Dino Valls is a Spanish painter born in 1959 in Zaragoza.

The Dark, Iconic Anatomy of Dino Valls

Since 1988, he has lived and worked in Madrid. Building on a childhood passion for drawing, Valls taught himself to paint in oils beginning in 1975. After completing his degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1982, Valls devoted himself full-time to the profession of painting. Andy gilmore. Roberto Ferri - Galleria quadri e dipinti.

Jiří Kolář. The Illustrations of Patrick Hruby. Stacey Rozich. Cinderella concept. Priscilla Wong's Girls on Bikes. Priscilla Wong is a bay area concept artist whose signature flowing, organic texture-filled designs have a natural inclination toward storybook narrative.

Priscilla Wong's Girls on Bikes

News : Russ. Russ. Carnaval Club Colombia on Behance. Main : SIMON THOMPSON. FYRST - RAYMOND LEMSTRA. Style of Russian Folk Painting. Sasha Vinogradova s’est inspiré des ornements et peintures traditionnels folkoriques russes pour colorer ces crânes.

Style of Russian Folk Painting

Miss Take's Wild Horses. Miss Take was born in Denmark, and has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember.

Miss Take's Wild Horses

Ken Sortais. Murals on Behance. Grand chamaco. Puño. Andy gilmore. Joel Corcia Portfolio. Silly Pink Bunnies. Illustration jeunesse - MKT4. Toutes nos toiles ("disponible") sont à vendre. Si vous craquez pour une, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter ( Paintings — IMSCARED.COM. Vector Art & Artists Collective - Blood Sweat Vector. Mr L'Agent / Illustration / So-Me. Kelsey Brookes. Art by Kelsey Brookes. We can’t get enough of this series of explosive paintings by artist Kelsey Brookes. There is something quite hypnotic and mesmerizing about them. “Kelsey Brookes is an artist of contrasts. His well-documented background in microbiology, surf culture and folk art combine in explosive prisms of raucous color, bold imagery and timeless motifs.

Kelsey Brookes – “Serotonin; Happiness and Spiritual States” @ Quint Contemporary Art. Tumblr_lkogjxcsok1qztb3ao1_500.jpg 480×556 pixels.