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Florian Nicolle

Florian Nicolle

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Sean Cheetham: Oil Painting To achieve accuracy and harmony in his alla prima figure paintings, Californian Sean Cheetham stresses drawing and a system of mixing colors based from “mud” mixtures, as he calls them, that govern shadows, midtones, and highlights. He recently offered lengthy demonstrations of those techniques during a five-day workshop. by M. Stephen Doherty Even though he is not yet 30 years old, Sean Cheetham has already established a strong reputation with art collectors and students in Southern California. He has presented sold-out exhibitions of his figure paintings, received important commissions, and packed classes with students eager to watch him paint the human form with accuracy, style, and drama.

Lachlan Bailey Photography Australian-born, New York-based photographer Lachlan Bailey captures the stunning Renaissance beauty of model Anais Pouliot in this evocative series of images. Through Bailey's masterful lens, his model's glowing alabaster skin and deep, smokey eyes project a sense of drama and erotic melancholy that is both mysterious and mesmerizing. Portfolio Photos « Imagier The Mist of Time (Les Brumes du temps) -Grivegnée 2009 Black Angels from a White Future (Liege Guillemins) 3 Generations (in the Fog of Life) - Bratislava 2009 Spiderman à l'oeuvre (Liège Guillemins, 2009)

Deitch SWOON’s worlds are often populated by realistically rendered-- and evocatively cut-out-- street people, often her friends and family. Riding bikes, talking on a stoop, going grocery shopping-- these people traverse a cityscape of her own unique invention. Bridges, fire escapes, water towers and street signs create crisscrossing shadows and spaces through which her figures move. Inspired by both art historical and folk sources, ranging from German Expressionist wood block prints to Indonesian shadow puppets, SWOON is a master of using cut paper to play with positive and negative space in a conceptually driven exploration of the experience of the streets. Bohemian Dreams in Digital Art Somewhere between the work of Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam lies the beautifully imaginative art of Alexander Jansson. His digital painting style is full of fuzzy fauna, twisted flora and plenty of stylish victorian houses… all with the dark and mysterious look you would expect in some bohemian’s dream. The deliciously rich and inviting colors beg your eye to explore the many layers of detail: lighted homes on elephants backs, glowing lanterns over shimmering water. It’s a world that looks thrilling and rewarding to inhabit. See Also Reality With a Layer of Dreams Born in Uppsala, Sweden, Jansson now lives and works in Gothenburg where he runs his own design studio, Sleeping House.

Designchapel March 21st, 2011 Selected Works: Illustration Labels: Designchapel, Work in progress I’m have started to prepare some stuff for an exhibition this spring in Stockholm. Two of the prints will be modified versions of my nun illustrations from 2001/2002. Paintings by Melissa Campa Painter and illustrator Melissa Campa has worked in more than forty shows within Mexico and Arizona, USA. Also working as a visual artist and an art instructor, Campa develops her work and explores new styles by teaching others. Contributing in contemporary art workshops with Mexican masters and illustrating for El Colegio de Sonora, Universidad de Sonora, Instituto Sonorense de Cultura and renowned editors, Campa has received sixteen art awards from her homeland, Mexico. Presenting three solo exhibitions: Para el Olvido, Nadia Prometio un Despertar and When I Dream, I Dream... Campa enjoys giving back to her community with her art, participating in a mural painting which decorates the School of Medicine's Library in the Universidad de Sonora. I was asked by BAFTA and Studio Small to interpret this year's five Best Film nominees for the covers of their Film Awards brochures and also to design the tickets with their renowned mask as inspiration. The brochures will be given to all attendees on the night and work as a collectable set. The 5 films represented are: The Artist, Drive, The Descendants, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and Drive. If you are interested in purchasing any of these illustrations as prints, please contact:

JOSEPH CHRISTIAN LEYENDECKER ‹ 5election - The International Coolhunting Magazine oseph Cristian Leyendecker was born in 1874 in Germany and emigrated with his parents, his sister Augusta Mary and his brother Franck, to America in 1882. He was part of the generation that included Franklin Booth (1874), Howard Chandler Christy (1873), James Montgomery Flagg (1877), F.R. Gruger (1871),Maxfield Parrish (1870),Frank Schoonover (1877), W.T. Benda (1873), Aubrey Beardsley (1872), Jessie M. King (1876), andW.Heath Robinson (1872). Like many of these artists, he developed a distinct, personal style and enjoyed a long, productive career.

The Haven for Scofflaws, Roustabouts, and Ne-er-do-wells: Search results for yoo hoo This is my cat Skeletor, or "Skelly" as he's commonly called. As you can see, he is a great lover of literature. I post this picture of him because he's awesome and also because I include him as a recurring character in lots of my stories. Photographer Alexander Mavrin 25.02.2013 in Photography Alexander Mavrin – Photographer from St. Petersburg.

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