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Illustration. Handsome Frank Illustration Agency. Quentin Monge. Aleksandra Apaza. Agent Molly & Co. Anne-Li Karlsson Digital Futures inauguration Jonas Frank Sally Scarf "Bondegatan" Jonna Fransson Autumn meadow Edholm Ullenius Askul Japan.

Agent Molly & Co

Marco Oggian. KEIICHI TANAAMI. The Illustration Room. MONOCLE - Ilse Weisfelt illustration. Roman Muradov. Monocle- Carlos Arrojo- Illustrations- Editorial project- The Mushroom Company. Monocle 2 - Rami Niemi. Niki Fisher. Michele Marconi – Synergy Art – Illustration Agency. Illustration agency. Kouzou Sakai Illustration. Rami Niemi. Elena Xausa. Nanna Prieler. Lindsey Balbierz Illustration. Martin Haake Illustrations. Barbara Dziadosz Illustration. Camila Picheco: Illustration, watercolor, flash. Artist & Illustrator. Maxime GE - Illustrations - Science et Vie - Mental illness apps. Maxime GE - Illustrations. Natvico. Natvico. Geraldine Sy Illustration. Illustration. Rosi Illustration. Rose wong. LINKS — Jade Purple Brown.

Portfolio. Cristina Daura on Behance. Priya Mistry - Illustration, Animation and Art Direction - Portfolio. Javier Jaén Shop. Zeloot (zeloot) Zeloot (zeloot) Graphic. Graphic.


Eleni Kalorkoti. Amélie fontaine. Delcan & Company. Tiagomajuelos. Andrea chronopoulos. Christoph Niemann – Christoph Niemann Shop. Lucy Jones. Giacomo Gambineri. Hattie Stewart. © - Giacomo Bagnara. Errol F. Richardson Art and Design. Mr.

Errol F. Richardson Art and Design

Chop - Switched On. 10" LP cover. 2011. Neo Neo Plasticism No. 44 and 45. 11x17", 2C Risograph prints. Edition of 30. 2109 Promotional Postcard. 4x6″, 2C Risograph print. Tokyo Illustrators Society. Massimiliano Aurelio on Behance. Ryo Takemasa. Andy Rementer. Dutch Uncle - Satoshi Hashimoto. Dutch Uncle - Charlotte Trounce. Charlotte Trounce is a freelance Illustrator living in London.

Dutch Uncle - Charlotte Trounce

Since graduating from University College Falmouth in 2011, she has worked for clients such as The New York Times, Barbican, Art Fund and Penguin Books and has covered a varied range of commissions including editorial, advertising, publishing and product design. Alongside her commercial practice, Charlotte is developing her artistic practice through personal projects and exhibiting work. Client List. Portfolio. Cristina Daura on Behance. © - Giacomo Bagnara. Giacomo Bagnara – Synergy Art – Illustration Agency. Paul Thurlby. Graphic Design, illustration and visual creations. Timothy Goodman. Dominic Wilcox portfolio page. ナットダオ+プラクティカル. Dib Thara. Magoz - Conceptual illustrations and animations. Illustrator Portfolio. The Whites — SIMPLICITY WITHOUT REDUCTION.

Bernstein & Andriulli - Illustrators - Script & Seal. Script & Seal. Downloads. Glitch Pack - People10 glitch theme people vector drawings 8Bit Pack - People15 pixelated people vector drawings Common Pack - Egypt10 common Egypt theme people vector drawings.


RIBA Journal Portraits - Holly Exley Illustration. Patrick Leger. Paula Troxler, cada día un dibujo. Os he mostrado muchas veces proyectos 365 días.

Paula Troxler, cada día un dibujo

Bernstein & Andriulli - Illustrators. Bernstein & Andriulli Illustrators Lightbox/PDF Download Please login below to create your custom lightbox.

Bernstein & Andriulli - Illustrators

I forgot my password. I would like to register. print // download Hero Spread Contact Sheet Enter your email address below. Behance. Vanityfair — Malika Favre. Your browser isn't supported. It felt slightly surreal for my body to be home again after so long. Behance. Carlín Díaz. Award-winning Illustrator. CAROLINE TOMLINSON. Kareem Rizk. 9781780678535.in16 – ELEPHANT. Andreas Samuelsson. Tishk Barzanji. Violeta noy. Filipe Jardim. Picture Block. You have used various interesting printing processes, from Risograph to rubber stamps – what's your favourite and why?

Picture Block

I don’t think I really have a favourite printing process and every project has to find its printing process. Stamps, for example allow you to compose unique and very different images from the same shape repertoire. I used them for Tamponville, by isolating precise graphical elements from existing buildings, generic materials (girders, concrete structure, bricks, boards) or elements that give a notion of architectural period, I obtain an alphabet of shapes, a sort of typology of the town. These shapes, when separated one from the other, can seem almost abstract and it’s only when they are assembled that you can identify a building. What interests me in this process of assembling with stamps, is that it looks like the way a town can be constructed, where different periods, materials and types of use accumulate and are superimposed on top of each other.

Tadao Ando. Japan Architect Apr 1988, 45. Nyctalope. Raymond Biesinger Illustration Inc. SELECTED WORK : Matt Dorfman : Design + Illustration. Scribner 2016 / Art direction: Jaya Miceli W.

SELECTED WORK : Matt Dorfman : Design + Illustration

W. John Devolle / Clear as Mud Illustration. Regular Illustration for Frank Strack's 'Rules' column in Cyclist magazine.

John Devolle / Clear as Mud Illustration

This one's about the art of designing your team kit.Illustration2015 Cover illustration for Professional Engineering Magazine, exploring the pros and cons of fracking.Illustration2015 I realised the other day that I have been skateboarding for 26 years! Illustration2015 a little news illustration for Waitrose magazine about a new service buy 'Bistro @ the station'. You can text your food order whilst on the train so it is ready for you when you arrive at the station.Illustration2015 Large Male Chicken, or Moody Rooster? Notice the deliberately crude printing, no trapping, misalignment etc.