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"Unsung Hero" (Official HD) : TVC Thai Life Insurance 2014 : โฆษณาไทยประกันชีวิต 2557

"Unsung Hero" (Official HD) : TVC Thai Life Insurance 2014 : โฆษณาไทยประกันชีวิต 2557

Pay it forward: free downloadable lesson A new free downloadable lesson about the concept of ‘pay it forward’, incorporating reading, speaking, video, grammar and writing. ELT Resourceful – Pay it Forward-Pre-Int level ELT Resourceful – Pay it Forward-Intermediate ELT Resourceful – Pay it Forward-Upper Int level This lesson starts with a short reading text about a recent event at a coffee shop in Canada, where some-one’s kindness in paying for the person behind them led to 288 people passing on the favour to the next in line. The lesson then uses the video above (no words, just music) to extend the idea, before focusing on defining relative clauses.

40 Of The Most Powerful Social Issue Ads That’ll Make You Stop And Think Many people complain about glossy advertisements and TV commercials as an obnoxious way for companies to invade our everyday lives and ram their products down our throats, but that’s not all that printed ads are good for. The best commercials on this list are excellent examples of effective advertising strategies for social issues marketing campaigns that let their voices be heard. A well-made advertisement is designed to grab your attention and to remain in your memory long after you’ve left it behind, and that is precisely what many of these social problems need. Getting people to think and worry about various social and environmental issues such as human trafficking, racism, and air pollution is significant for raising public supporting and affecting meaningful changes. A few of these ads are, in fact, commercial ads, but it’s still nice that they champion socially or environmentally aware causes/products.Just like with commercial advertisements, having just the facts is not enough.

Team UNICEF support Sport gives us heroes and heroines to look up to and positive role models who inspire young people to overcome odds and aim high for success. At UNICEF, our program of Goodwill Ambassadors is a way to harness the fame and celebrity of talented people around the world to help improve the lives of children. UNICEF’s celebrities have a wide range of talents and achievements, but they all share a commitment to help children. And in each case a celebrity’s association with UNICEF comes about because he or she has already demonstrated that commitment.

Pay It Forward (Grade 9) Anticipatory Set:Ask the students todescribe someslogans on banners orposterthey have seen that raise awareness about an issue or challenge others to do something good (related to education, the environment, health, poverty and hunger, or world peace, or civil rights). Examples: "All People Are Created Equal" or "Recycle" or "Good Planets are Hard to Find" or "Read a Good Book." Talk aboutwhether clever sayings or simplestatementsget their attention more. Ask whether abanner orposteris an effective way to teach others about issues. Why or why not?Introduce the theme of the day: Paying It Forward.Paying it forward, also known as serial reciprocity, refers to when people repay the service they receive bypassing it on to someone else.

15 Powerful Quotes From the World's Most Humble President "Modest yet bold, liberal and fun-loving." Naming Uruguay the country of the year in 2013, the Economist may very well have described the rising nation's head of state, President José "Pepe" Mujica. Known for his unusual frankness, fiery oration and bold leadership to turn ideas into action, the 78-year-old leader possesses and practices the very characteristics that many world leaders fail to emulate. He has also garnered international acclaim for his progressive policies, down-to-earth personality and simple presentation, which has earned him a reputation as "the world's poorest president." Living in a small, one-bedroom farm with his wife, Sen. Lucia Toplansky, and a number of dogs (including three-legged Manuela), Mujica donates 90% of his salary to charity, leads by example in an age of austerity and has gained international acclaim for pushing ahead with policies on cannabis legalisation, same-sex marriage and abortion, while decrying excessive consumption.

Helping refugee kids find their footing in the U.S. But as they acclimate to their new communities, they often encounter a host of obstacles: language barriers, discrimination and difficulty accessing services. For refugee children, the transition can be especially tough. "They've all seen horrible atrocities," said Luma Mufleh, founder and coach of a soccer program for refugee youth near Atlanta. "They struggle because they've had little or no education. (They) struggle socially. ... They're struggling to fit in."

Pay It Forward Every Day Beyond academics, schools are the perfect place to spread random acts of kindness and teach our students the value in how we treat others. Last week, my school celebrated “paying it forward” and it was a huge hit with endless possibilities. On April 30, people the world over will be celebrating and practicing paying it forward, but more importantly shouldn’t we be aiming to do so EVERY DAY? See how easy it can be to start a random acts of kindness revolution! “International Pay it Forward Day is back for another year, on the last Thursday in April. Inspired by the book and movie Pay it Forward, it involves people performing acts of kindness for others without expecting anything in return.

Scientists Link Selfies To Narcissism, Addiction & Mental Illness The growing trend of taking smartphone selfies is linked to mental health conditions that focus on a person’s obsession with looks. According to psychiatrist Dr David Veal: “Two out of three of all the patients who come to see me with Body Dysmorphic Disorder since the rise of camera phones have a compulsion to repeatedly take and post selfies on social media sites.” “Cognitive behavioural therapy is used to help a patient to recognise the reasons for his or her compulsive behaviour and then to learn how to moderate it,” he told the Sunday Mirror. A British male teenager tried to commit suicide after he failed to take the perfect selfie. Danny Bowman became so obsessed with capturing the perfect shot that he spent 10 hours a day taking up to 200 selfies. The 19-year-old lost nearly 30 pounds, dropped out of school and did not leave the house for six months in his quest to get the right picture.

Catherine Ryan Hyde (Author of Pay It Forward) I'm the the author of 30 published and forthcoming books. My newest releases are Ask Him Why, Worthy, The Language of Hoofbeats, Take Me With You , Where We Belong, Walk Me Home, Subway Dancer and Other Stories, When You Were Older, Don’t Let Me Go, When I Found You, Second Hand Heart, The Long, Steep Path: Everyday Inspiration From the Author of Pay It Forward, Always Chloe and Other Stories, and 365 Days of Gratitude: Photos from a Beautiful World. Pay It Forward: Young Readers Edition, an age-appropriate edited edition of the original novel, was released by Simon & Schuster in August of ‘14. It is suitable for children as young as eight.

First-World Anarchists Who Don't Care About Your Rules Are you the rebellious type? Do you like to bend the rules, disregard the writing in fine print? A rebel lives in all of us–dogs, cats, and trees included. All living creatures have a rebellious side, although in some it’s much more pronounced than in others. Growing up, no one wants to play with the ‘bossy’ kid, and as you get older this doesn’t change.

A Random Act of Kindness: Two Dollars Can Change My Life This morning at the local gas station, I experienced something that I haven’t in a long time, a random act of kindness that could change my life, if I let it. I went to get gas for my lawn mower. Only needing a little, I prepaid $1.50. When I got back to the pump and started to pump it, I saw the total shot up to $2.13, and my gas can almost overflowed. Figuring it was just a mistake, I went back in to pay for the extra.