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Making passive construction easy

Making passive construction easy

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100 Incredibly Useful YouTube Channels for Teachers YouTube has earned a reputation for featuring brain cell-slaughtering fare such as the truly abysmal Fred and playing host to the some of the most depressingly stupid comments this side of Yahoo! News. But for every participant liberally dishing out misspelled racist, sexist and homophobic talking points, there is at least one whose channel genuinely offers something provocative and educational. For teachers hoping to infuse multimedia into their classrooms, YouTube makes for an excellent starting point. Plenty of universities, nonprofits, organizations, museums and more post videos for the cause of education both in and out of schools.

AIR FORMS - DomeShells Superior Dome Building Systems Domeshells manufactures air-forms to order. We use a high quality, reinforced PVC fabric. Reinforced PVC fabric comes in different thickness (weight). For air-forms up to 7.0m in diameter we use approximately 470 gms fabric increasing in weight as the diameter size increases. Some systems leave the air-form over the shell for waterproofing in which case the UV properties of the air form need to be the best possible. If you intend to remove the air-form and use an alternative waterproofing system then-n we use a lower grade PVC. 650 Sq. Ft. Prefab Timber Cabin Prefabricated homes are increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, among them the relatively quick build time, the ecological advantages, and the flexibility they can provide across a range of budgets. Most of them can be installed in a day, cost less than any other home on the market and are welcoming and comfortable. The house has a wooden structure, which is well isolated and features a modern and airy interior. The beautiful large windows of the house contribute to the brightness of the interior and make it perfect for either a permanent residence or a holiday house.

Cabanas no Rio by Aires Mateus Lisbon studio Aires Mateus used only reclaimed timber to construct this pair of waterfront cabins in Grândola, Portugal (+ slideshow). Named Cabanas no Rio, which translates as cabins on the river, the two rustic structures offer a rural retreat for a pair of inhabitants. One hut contains a living area, with a simple counter that can be used for preparing food, while the other accommodates a bedroom with a small toilet and sheltered outdoor shower. Architects Aires Mateus used recycled wooden panels to build the walls, floors, roof and fittings of the two structures, leaving the material exposed both inside and out. The edge of the roof sits flush with the walls, plus the wood is expected to change colour as it exposed to the weather. "The wharf is medieval and assembled with wood," said the architects, explaining their material choice.

Tips, Tools and How-tos for Safer Online Communications We’re the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an independent non-profit working to protect online privacy for nearly thirty years. This is Surveillance Self-Defense : our expert guide to protecting you and your friends from online spying. Read the BASICS to find out how online surveillance works. GREEN MAGIC HOMES - The most beautiful Green Homes ever. Below you will see the prices set for each of the different models of Green Magic Homes. We can make any custom design you wish, our technology offers infinite design possibilities.The price of GREEN MAGIC HOMES includes: 1. The structural components of the technology in Fiber Reinforced Composites2. External doors and Windows in treated wood for outdoor use.3. Galvanized steel screws4.

An Entire House That You Snap Together, Like A Toy A pair of Danish architects partnered with Facit homes, a London-based digital fabrication and architecture specialist, to construct a two-bedroom house out of parts produced in a rapid-prototyping machine. The 1,250-square-foot Villa Asserbo–named for the small Danish town 50 kilometers outside of Copenhagen, where the house sits–was built from 400 Forest Stewardship Council-certified Nordic plywood components designed in digital software, fabricated using a CNC miller, then snapped together (each part came with a number for easy assembly). All told, the house took just six weeks to build and cost $300,000. The benefit of the technique is that it cuts back on many of the environmentally unsustainable practices of standard residential construction.

ViVood: Tiny Pop-Up Wooden Home From Spain Comes With Built-in Solar Panels A group of Spanish architects and engineers joined forces to create ViVood - a tiny wooden prefab home. Developed by Daniel Mayo Pardo, this little energy-efficient shelter comes complete with integrated solar panels. The modular home is made from pine wood, and it can be adapted to different sizes, landscapes and needs. ViVood was designed and manufactured in Spain using local materials and labor. Its technologically advanced design allows for easy mass production, and therefore lower costs. Its roof and walls pop-up from its wooden base, which comes with adjustable legs that can adapt to any terrain.

How to Decalcify and Detoxify the Pineal Gland Anna Hunt, Staff WriterWaking Times The pineal gland, an endocrine gland located in the brain, is said to be the seat of the soul. Also referred to as the Third Eye, this small gland is believed to be involved in reaching higher levels of consciousness, acting as a gateway to dimensions beyond our brain-created reality. English is 20 feet tall, 33 feet wide and 132 feet long in less than 24 hours. The parts, such as frame, wall were printed separately.Such a new type of 3D-printed structure is environment-friendly and cost-effective. Chinese name is called 特殊玻璃纤维增强石膏板。It is a precast and new type of decoration material made from top quality improved natural gypsum as base material artificial stone material that can replace traditional stone in construction decoration.

Oryzatech Oryzatech’s STAK BLOCK is a simple building solution for a sophisticated housing problem. The company has created a hybrid composite building block from the largest bio-waste crop in the world, rice straw. Through a scalable, low energy-production process, the company can make and sell an almost unlimited supply of highly insulating, carbon-sequestering construction blocks.