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Tech News, Reviews, Latest Gadgets & Technology News, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Gaming, Tech, Photos, Videos: NDTV Gadgets

Tech News, Reviews, Latest Gadgets & Technology News, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Gaming, Tech, Photos, Videos: NDTV Gadgets

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Practice 3 Arithmetic Progression Problems To Prepare For TCS Placement Tests Dear Reader, Below are three problems dealing with logical calculations using Arithmetic progression. Question 1 A company selects an employee at his 25th age and offers salary as Rs.40000 per annum for first 2 years. Afterwards, every year he gets increment of Rs.4000 for next 15 years and his salary become constant till his retirement.

Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printer 12 months special financing on new MakerBot 3D printer hardware purchases with Dell Preferred Account on Limited-time offer for qualified customers. Offer Details mycodeschool This item has been hidden This item has been hidden Pointers in C/C++ Play all Pointers is one concept that does not go well with beginners. In this series of videos, we will try to demystify pointers. 10:07 10:57 14:16 12:54 14:41 10:01 16:45 17:26 View 5 more This item has been hidden This item has been hidden Portable laptop desks, laptop stands and laptop tables to use on trips, in meetings, in airports and cars. Sitting or standing height . Largest desk, packs small, strong - stabile and liteweight. • The Model 3000 is a 2-in-1 desk: Its a desk that conveniently clamps to your wheeled case or luggage handle and has 2 rear legs that convert it into a strong adjustable free-standing tripod desk. Its ideal for your frequent business trips because the desk folds in half allowing it to pack and travel more easily in a smaller spaces. Its a desk system designed to help you be productive on the journey as well as at any destination you may find yourself when you travel next. • FOR LAPTOPS, PROJECTORS AND MORE... The Model 3000 is just right for your smallest or largest laptops (up to 17 inch displays) and your frequent sales or educational presentations using a projector.

20 Things In Life You Realize Only When It's Too Late The thing about life is that it's a lesson that you can learn only by living. Experience is the best teacher they say, and it's true. That is why it is said that we grow wiser as we grow older. We do things, we make mistakes and we learn from them. But some of these mistakes can be too costly. The price we pay to learn our lessons can be too steep. The most amazing invention for any long haul flight! Hurry, Sale's ending! Only 11% left in stock. 0Days 8Hours 3Minutes Top Resume Headline Examples There are resumes that make use of career summary or career headlines instead of using the resume objective section. These types of resumes are mainly used by executives and/or professionals who have many years of experience. The resume headlines are several expressive statements that briefly and creatively highlight key skills and accomplishments throughout a person’s career – These few statements must capture the reader’s attention. Usually, the heading/title of the said paragraph is the job title which the applicant is targeting, such as: Senior IT Project Manager, Vice President of Insurance, Management Consultant, Headteacher, etc. Here are some good resume headline samples that you can personalize according to your needs:

11 Tech Purchases You Won't Regret Making Advertisement We live in a world of consumer excess. With hundreds of new products hitting the market every year, it’s hard to believe that every single one of them is necessary — or even useful. In fact, tech is one area where consumers are extremely likely to suffer from buyer’s remorse. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore all gadgets and devices. Even as gimmicks and pointless ideas abound, there are plenty of things you can buy that are tried, true, and proven to be valuable.

FlyingArchitecture Studio » Guggenheim Museum competition – Helsinki Unbelievable 1,715 design proposals were collected in the most anticipated architectural competition of the decade – Guggenheim Helsinki Museum. Unfortunately, the proposal of Gilles Retsin was not shortlisted in the competition, however it is remarkable and stands out of this insane amount of proposals. “This proposal for the new Guggenheim museum in Helsinki uses digital methodologies to design a carbon-negative building which is largely made of recycled and low-grade timber. A custom-made algorithm is used to efficiently organize thousands of low-grade timber strands and posts, which would normally not be used in construction, into a large-scale volumetric roof structure with a rich material character. It was a really challenging to work on this project, as we not only worked with really large images (6k pix renders), but mostly because for a purpose like this, our intention was to create something special, recognizable.

Perfect Salad/Fruit Cutter - 50% OFF TODAY – expressden Returns Policy We offer a no hassle returns or exchange policy. If for some reason you are not happy with your order then you can return or exchange any unused item(s) within 14 days of receipt. Any returns received after this period may be rejected. Please contact us and state the following: Order Number, Reason for Return, the product(s) you wish to exchange the return for, your name & address.

Pointers in C - Tutorial Pointers are an extremely powerful programming tool. They can make some things much easier, help improve your program's efficiency, and even allow you to handle unlimited amounts of data. For example, using pointers is one way to have a function modify a variable passed to it.