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How to Make a Girl’s Emergency Clutch

How to Make a Girl’s Emergency Clutch

Make a Mod Mobile Home » $1 and Free, Decor, Headline, High Concept, Tutorials 14 June 2010 40,091 views 8 Comments by heather This mobile is a great way to bring some mid-century modern into your home for less than a buck. I love this print by artist Jenn Ski. paper products at Michael's. A few weeks ago I got a Cricut Expression (if you aren't familiar with Cricuts, they look like a printer, but they cut lines instead of printing them) from another crafter, and I found out about a software called Sure Cuts-a-Lot, which allows you to cut any shape you want using the Cricut. I have been on a cut-out-paper project kick for a few months anyway, and the Cricut reduces production time (read: tracing and cutting) from hours to minutes. But don't worry if you don't have a Cricut. But first, the Project Materials: Total: $.02 and up Go to Page 2 for Instructions Disclosure: this article may contain affiliate links or other forms of sponsored content. Pages: 1 2 3

35 Lifechanging Ways To Use Everyday Objects creative little daisy: Have you priced vintage blue canning jars lately?... I bought these probably five years ago at an antique/consignment store. I think I paid about 12 dollars for a set of four. Now you can expect to pay at least that for just one. Last night I was cruising around the internet and happened upon a link to a tutorial using mod podge and food coloring to make your own. Cool! This afternoon I decided to play around with some mod-podge and food coloring myself. Just pour some mod podge into one of your jars. Add a few drops of water to thin down just a bit. You want to get as much of the mod podge mixture out of the jar as possible so you don't have a big glob of dried gunk in the bottom of your lovely jar. This is how it will look wet. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere about heat setting paint on glassware by baking it at a low temp, so I set my oven on the lowest setting it would allow, 150 degrees and popped them in. I took this after they had cooked for about 20 minutes. And for the finished product, drum roll please..... Not too shabby, eh?

Hand Embroidered Cards Look what I found in my desk drawer! I made these embroidered cards so long ago and then just tucked them away in a drawer to be forgotten about. What a shame! I thought these cards would make a great DIY for the blog because they're easy and fun to make, and you probably have all the supplies on hand already. If you're anything like me you have waaaaay too many colors of embroidery floss tucked away somewhere. What you'll need: Pencil for drawing your designPiece of thick cardboardEmbroidery flossSheets of blank paperEmbroidery needle and a pin with a headBlank Card Start by drawing out your design on a piece of thin blank paper. When I made my fruit cards, I actually used an iron-on transfer from Sublime Stitching, which is a really great book that you should all run out and buy right this very second. Now you can start poking holes along the lines using the pin with a head. Now comes the fun part! Once you're done, admire your work!

Coloring Book Pages to awesome paintings This is what I've been doing all afternoon! Painting coloring book pages- Here's you a tutorial! Supplies: Coloring book Page (I found the awesome star trek pages on google images) paint 1. paint in all the colored spots, leave the black. 2. Now frame your cool paintings! Now I have James T. xo, Katie p.s. 21 Ways to Create Your Own Bookends | The New Home Ec By craftyamy | Does anyone have the obsession with books that I do? I have a huge collection – I’m a classics reader personally. nggallery id=’125769′ About craftyamy craftyamy Amy Anderson is a crafty, DIY kind of girl who lives in Atlanta with her pug.

Dollar Store Crafts & Blog Archive & Recommended Reading: 65... It's April, which means it's officially stashbusting month! It's time to dust off all of the supplies hiding at the back of your closets and create using what you already have on hand. Think of it like spring cleaning, only much more fun! If you're planning to plow through your excess stash this month, you'll be needing plenty of ideas and inspiration. Heather and Rhonda put their heads together and came up with this list of must-visit blogs to help steer your way through your stashbusting odyssey. Give your bookmarking finger a few good stretches, then read on. Every Post is Amazing One of the things we value most highly is innovation (coming up with new ideas). [Recycled Keyboard Letter Necklaces by Mich L in L.A.] 1. [Mini Crepe Paper Roses by Filth Wizardry] 2. [Spoon Egg Holder by Just Something I Made] 3. [Recycled Treasure Chest Gift Box by Creative Jewish Mom] 4. [Hair Barrette Necklace by Aunt Peaches] 5. [Wine Cork Ink Pens by Paper, Plate, and Plane] 6. Dollar Store Crafty 7. 8. 9.

DIY: Make your own Halloween dinnerware So now you've seen my interpretation of a Raven themed dinner party, I wanted to show you how I made the dinnerware. If you are like me you probably oogle over the holiday themed dishes but quickly shy away since you don't want to shell out for a whole set just for one celebration. (I don't even have real china so I think its safe to say I won't be buying any themed kind either) So when this idea of making my own for next to nothing came to mind, I just had to try it. Start off with plain white plates of your choosing (available cheaply everywhere), a porcelain 150 pen, some blue masking tape and a small stencil (optional). Cut a single piece of blue painters tape to use as a guide to keep straight and start copying the text across the rim of the plate. Now on to the little plate. I added the 'nevermore...' under the bird and the hard work was over. There you have it, custom dinnerware for less than $3 bucks per setting.