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Dropcam - Super Simple Video Monitoring and Security

Dropcam - Super Simple Video Monitoring and Security
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Video: Kawasaki’s Power-Assist Robot Suit Helps Humans Lift Heavy Objects Japanese tech powerhouse Kawasaki is working on the so-called Power Assist Suit, a wearable robot that helps humans carry objects weighing 30-40kg without any effort from the muscles. The suit is actually one of quite a few similar models currently available in Japan. The Kawasaki robot features a total of four motors in the parts covering the hips and knees (see picture below). The control unit and lithium battery are placed in the part placed around the lower back. According to Kawasaki, the self-supporting robot is designed in a way that wearers don’t feel the weight of the suit itself when moving around. The company wants to commercialize the robot after testing it out in its own factories for one to two years. Here’s a video that shows a human walking around with the Power Assist Suit: Via Robonable [JP]

WeMo WeMo Partnerships New in 2014, we’ve partnered with Jarden Corporation, maker of Crock-Pot®, Mr. Coffee® and more, to bring home automation to your favorite everyday appliances. The WeMo Story WeMo is a family of simple, ingenious products that make life easier, simpler, better. JOIN THE WeMoVEMENT Discover cool ways people are using WeMo. COMBINE WeMo DEVICES WITH SOCIAL MEDIA WeMo can interact with web-based social media and apps through a great service called IFTTT. Sign up for our newsletter or connect with us. Email Sign Up Your selection has been submitted.Thank you. thank you Somfy’s TaHomA Lets You Control The House From Your iPad I’m not a homeowner myself, but something tells me that when I do buy a house, I’m going to want something like the TaHomA home automation system to ensure that I can be as lazy as possible. Developed by a company called Somfy, the TaHomA allows you to remotely control multiple supported products throughout the house, from motorized awnings and blinds to lights and thermostats. Oh, and did I mention you can do it all from your iPad? In fairness, the TaHomA has a pretty robust web interface too, and can run on just about anything that supports Flash. Aside from the iOS-friendly dashboard, the TaHomA system itself consists of a host of components. Once all the pieces are in place, you’re ready to fire up the dashboard. Note that installing the TaHomA definitely isn’t going to be a fun DIY project. Creating a product like the TaHomA is a pretty bold for a company like Somfy, who have spent the last 40 years making motors.

ECOVACS Home Deebot Atmobot Winbot Famibot Winbot 7 Series Say Goodbye to Old Fashioned Window Washing >> >> WINBOT is Easy to Use >> >> Outstanding Cleaning Efficiency >> >> Compare Winbots Find the Winbot that's right for you Learn more >> Accessories Make Winbot more outstanding The user-guide Download >> Choose your country or region Contact Us Hot News Service About ECOVACS Copyright © 2012 ECOVACS Inc. Terms Of Us Privacy Policy Site Map Terrahawk’s M.U.S.T. Is A Mobile Guard Tower In A Shady-Looking Van National Security isn’t always about the flashy solutions. Not everything can be rail guns and one-winged drones. Sometimes you just need a sort of seedy-looking van that slowly, slowly turns into a climate-controlled guard tower. That, at least, is the goal of defense researcher Terrahawk’s M.U.S.T. platform. I have to say, it’s different in the movies and such where these things tend to exist. Although it looks like something you can shoot out of, I don’t think that’s really recommended. They’re doing a big demonstration of the MUST for the House and Senate next Thursday, at which many Representatives will be overheard to say “couldn’t it go a little faster?”

The fall gadget rush is coming, and here's what to expect As much as we hate to admit it, summer is starting to wind down. All the classic signs are coming together: Days are getting shorter, nights are getting cooler, and all the big names in tech are poised to release a new wave of gadgets in time to gobble up your holiday dollars. The rumor mill is pointing to several new and exciting announcements that will likely begin rolling out within the next few weeks, so let's take a look at the most anticipated portable gadgets coming soon to a coffee table near you. Kindle Fire 2Why we think it's coming soon: Based on how rumors of the next Kindle Fire were already swirling even as the original Amazon tablet was just heating up, the Kindle Fire 2 seems to already be late to its own party. In order to keep its brand relevant, the company's scheduled event on September 6 will undoubtedly reveal the next iteration of the Fire. What we're expecting: An all-new device. Related Links Technology & ElectronicsHandheld & Connected DevicesWindows Phone

Video: Japan Gets Vending Machine 2.0 With See-Through Full HD Display, Facial Recognition There can be no doubt that Japan is the country of vending machines, and this newest model is perhaps the most advanced yet. Developed by Japan-based tech companies Sanden and Okaya (and Intel), this “vending machine 2.0″ features a 65-inch see-through display with full HD resolution as the biggest selling point. When there are no potential customers around, the display shows a digital clock and various animations to attract people. Maker Sanden says the machine’s display can produce text, pictures or animations in HD quality. The company commands a 30% global market share for vending machines and is also active in the US, meaning this prototype could also make its way over to North America one day. This video, provided by Diginfo TV, shows how the vending machine works (in English):

Belkin debuts Slingbox competitor: @TV Plus | TV and Home Theater I'm not sure I like the name, but Belkin has made a surprise entry into the place-shifting arena with @TV Plus, a $149.99 set-top box that allows your to stream video from your home TV to your tablet, smartphone, or laptop over Wi-Fi or a 3G/4G cellular connection. Belkin makes no bones about it: this is a direct competitor to Slingbox , which was acquired by EchoStar a few years ago and has languished a bit while maintaining the dominant position in the niche place-shifting market. Like the Slingbox, @TV Plus works with both standard and high-definition programming and can connect and control multiple sources, such as a digital cable box, satellite receiver, or DVD player. Belkin says its feature set is comparable to the Slingbox Pro-HD , which retails for $299. The one big advantage @TV Plus has over Slingbox is that it's Wi-Fi enabled, so you're not limited by a wired Ethernet connection. Here's a quick look at the feature highlights:

About Asahi Group | ABOUT ASAHI GROUP | ASAHI GROUP HOLDINGS Asahi Beer (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Sales of ASAHI SUPER DRY Beer, and Asahi Group Products in China. Invest in Yantai Beer Tsingtao Asahi Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Tsingtao Beer Asahi Co., Ltd. Yantai Beer Tsingtao Asahi Co., Ltd. Production of Yantai Beer and Tsingtao Beer. Shenzhen Tsingtao Beer Asahi Co., Ltd Production of Tsingtao Beer and ASAHI SUPER DRY Beer. Beijing Beer Asahi Co., Ltd. Production and sales of Beijing Beer and ASAHI SUPER DRY Beer in Beijing. Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd. Production and sales of Tsingtao Beer in China. Tingyi-Asahi Beverages Holding Co. Beverage company estabulished as a joint venture with Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding corporation, China's largest food business group. Shangdong Asahi Green Source Hi-Tech Farm Co., Ltd.Shangdong Asahi Green Source Milk Products Co., Ltd. Production and sales of Vegetable, fruit, and milk in China. Lotte Asahi Co., Ltd. Sales of ASAHI SUPER DRY Beer, and Asahi Group Products Including Nikka Whisky. Asahi & Mercuries Co., Ltd.

Jot Script review: Adonit's first pen-nib stylus is an impressive entry When Adonit announced the Jot Script at the 2013 Evernote Conference, the form-factor of the stylus caused a bit of a stir among those of us who take our iOS accessories seriously. Admittedly, that’s probably a sign that we need to get out more, but Adonit’s new stylus entry is impressive: It’s the first stylus to market that has an actual pen tip rather than a rubber-nibbed bubble. We’d been told previously this kind of small-nibbed stylus was a fantasy—that the iPad’s multi-touch grid would only render finger-sized taps, hence the necessity for rubber and plastic disks. But Adonit has used technical wizardry to bypass this restriction, mapping pen to iOS device via a low-energy Bluetooth connection. The technology This isn’t the first time Adonit has used Bluetooth to enable extra functionality in its styluses—its first attempt, the Jot Touch, successfully simulates 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and offers palm-rejection for supported apps. Weight and feel Bottom line