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Covered Notebook with Matching Pen Tutorial & by small means

Covered Notebook with Matching Pen Tutorial & by small means
This tutorial has instructions to make any sized notebook cover and a matching pen. All of my measurements and what not will be in red. Supplies Notebook – I used a spiral bound Fat lil’ Notebook by Mead Fabric (see your measurements to determine the amount needed) Fusible interfacing ( use appropriate interfacing for the weight of fabric you choose) Adult hair elastic/ponytail holder Button Pen – one that has a clear tube * Plus the regular supplies like: sewing machine, thread, needle, pins, mearsuring tape, rotary cutter and board, and an iron. Ready – Set – Go First off you need to measure your notebook. Measure from the back side edge, around the spine, to the front edge of your closed notebook. 9.5 inches. The height 5.5 inches and how deep you want your pocket flaps to go in. 3 inches Notebook measurements Cover/Lining – This is the length around your notebook by the height. 9.5 x 5.5 Pockets flaps – This is double the depth by the height. 6 x 5.5 Cut Interfacing Cut Fabric Cut and sew in elastic Related:  Little Gadgets

two pocket, ultra slim fabric card case — insatiable need A few weeks ago, I went to Dallas for the wedding of a friend of mine from college, and unsurprisingly, the reception ended up doubling as a mini college reunion. Some of those people I literally hadn’t seen since graduation day. Naturally, the experience got me thinking about the thing I am always thinking about: sewing. (really). I already make a cute little single pocket card case/wallet thing that people love to impulse-buy at craft shows, but occasionally I get asked about one with two pockets, that would fold in half. why 19th street? Remembering our 19th street adventures made me think of that critical accessory (nobody carried purses when we went out), and how a handmade version would be pretty cute, and super useful. I also used lightweight fusible interfacing, but that’s also optional, especially if you use something a bit heavier for the outside. the pattern…is really just two rectangles. time to start sewing! 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. And viola!

Gathered CLUTCH tutorial with GUEST: Noodlehead As I rounded up people to share ideas for Celebrating MOM, I knew I had to have Anna back again. She’s just……wonderful. And in case you missed her guest appearance before on MADE, she was part of our Celebrate the BOY series. I hate to sound like a broken record, but every time I go to Noodlehead, I am amazed at the details. And today she’s sharing something along those same lines and with a very girly vibe. All those details I was talking about? And while we’re at it, how about an adorable owl sewn to the inside pocket, just for fun. But of course I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s sometimes hard to imagine how my life has changed in recent years. That night I actually sat down and finished sewing the crib bumper if you can believe that! This project is for all you new and relatively new mothers out there. Here you go! Sounds dreamy. Don’t miss a lovely post today at Ruffles and Stuff.

Easy camera/cell phone/iPod pouch In light of recent camera tragedies, I thought it would be a good idea if I made some sort of little case for my camera. I came up with these last night. They were really fast, so I made a few. It was really easy to do. You'll need: 15 x 5 strip of fabric for the lining 15 x 5 strip of fabric for the outside 15 x 5 piece of fusible batting or fusible fleece Start by ironing the batting to the lining fabric. Pin lining fabric and outer fabric, right sides together. Sew, leaving an opening big enough for turning on one of the short sides. Clip corners, being careful not cut any stitches and turn rightside out. Press, being sure to fold in the opening. Topstitch the side with the opening, being sure to sew it shut. Fold, lining side in, to the size you want your finished pouch. That's it! I may eventually add a snap or a piece of Velcro to close it, but for now, folding the flap over works just fine to toss in my bag and go.

Fully lined zippered box pouch - pattern and tutorial - its a Pretty Modern life I love the look of a zippered box incredibly cute. I found many tutorials on the internet, but was disappointed after making pouches following these tutorials to find that they were not fully lined; looks so much nicer when you open your pouch and there are no seams. It took me a long time to figure it out and I thought and thought and thought...then I got it♥ I don't want to keep this knowledge to myself, so here it is. I'd like to thank Jane at Projects by Jane (the only other tutorial like this that I was able to find on the internet - wish I'd found it sooner). Her photos may help you out too if mine fail to communicate properly. ♥♥♥Thanks so much! The finished pouch is 3 high x 4 wide x 7 long (inches) Here's what you need: 1 twelve inch zipper 2 10x7 inch panels for the lining (my lining fabric is the green one) 2 10x7 inch panels for the exterior (my exterior fabric is the brown floral one) 2 4x3 inch pieces of complementary fabric for the pulls at the end of the zipper

free sewing patterns and tutorials! | Brett Bara I’m woefully behind in posting about my Sewing 101 tutorials over at design*sponge — but I’ve been hard at work designing, sewing, writing and photographing, and creating lots of good how-to posts over there for your stitchy pleasure. (They’re specially made for beginning sewists, so newbies, don’t be shy!) Click on over to design*sponge to check out my columns: How to sew a pouf. How to make your own roller blinds. Sew a custom hamper liner. Make a wine bottle cozy. Sew a tissue box cover. Make your own patchwork shower curtain. And here’s the link to where all of my design*sponge Sewing 101 columns live, so check ‘em out for free patterns and easy sewing how-to’s!

Travel Accessories: Curling Iron/Flat Iron Case Don't know about you, but when I travel, not matter how organized I try to be, I'm always hurrying to finish packing my toiletries and make-up. I'm also usually trying to fix my hair at the last minute, which means there sits my flat iron... too hot to pack! This gave us the idea for today's accessory: the hot tool case. It contains two hidden layers of metalized thermal batting. It looks pretty from the outside and is protective from the inside, so you can pack your curling or flat iron while warm... and still catch your plane on time! Our hot tool case is cleverly created so you can pack it two different ways, depending on whether the tool is warm or cold. If you pack the tool when it is cool, the inside pocket is large enough to accommodate both the tool and its cord, and you can put other items, such as a comb and/or brush in the outside pocket. The finished flat size of the case is approximately 6" x 20". Make and attach the narrow ties Layering and basting the two sections

say YES! to hoboken: DIY: Zippered Toiletries Travel Bag One step up from my pencil case tutorial, this large zippered toiletries bag would make a great gift for Mother’s Day. Folds up real small and nice, stick it in the mail with a new shade of lipstick inside or a favorite scent. Easy Peasy. Promise. Although, really, if you’ve never done a zipper before I’d recommend starting with the pencil case one. My So Called Green Life...: How to Sew a Credit Card Wallet, Business, or Gift Card holder Update: I've finally created a Flickr group where you can upload photos of the credit card wallets you've made. I've seen some really fun versions out there, so please share them with us here~ I'm a huge purse-lover, but I always find myself grabbing my driver's license and credit card when running into the grocery store, post office, out to drop the kids off at school, etc., so I love having these little wallets in a multitude of colors and patterns. They're light enough to grab and go and compact enough to slide in my back pocket. They're also great way to personalize giving a gift card. The tutorial I did for this version has been the most popular post on my blog every week since I put it up in November of 2008. Credit Card / Business Card / Gift Card Holder Tutorial Here you see the pink lining piece and my blue floral outer piece, with interfacing attached. Take your 6 x 4" pocket piece and fold it down about 1/4 inch, then 1/4 inch again.

Perfect Box Pouch Tutorial « Make it Modern How insanely fabulous is this pouch? I can’t decide if I love it so much because a) it is made from glittery elephant fabric, b) of it’s small but perfectly proportioned size, c) it holds my on the go quilting supplies or d) all of the above. If you’d like to make your own see how below. You will need: 2 pieces of exterior fabric measuring 8 inches by 6 inches. Things that will come in handy: rotary cuttercutting matshearscraft scissorsclear ruler Step 1: Choose and cut your fabric- is it just me or is this oftentime the hardest part? I like to use a right angle ruler (“borrowed” from my husband) to make sure my fabric pieces are nice and square. Step 2: Layer your pieces. Step 3: Stitch the layers together 1/4 in from the edge. Step 4: Places both sets of fabric with the pressed under edges on top of the zipper and sew together. Step 5: Fold the two sides right sides of the exterior fabric together. Step 7: Move your zipper pull to the center and stitch a quarter inch seam on both sides.

Stylish Baby Nursery: Collapsible Storage Baskets - Sew4Home These clever storage baskets are not only cute and handy, they're also a secret recycling project. The sides and bottoms of each basket are stiffened with recycled cardboard! But wait ... they have another hidden talent: they collapse and fold flat to store. In the nursery, use them for creams, diapers, wash cloths and other diaper changing accessories. Our sample was made for a baby girl's nursery, using the stunning Patty Young Andalucia collection. Any Sewing Machine (we recommend the Janome ThreadBanger TB-30) Fabric for outer box covering (Fabric A) - ½ yard of 45" wide fabric PER BOX: we used Patty Young's Andalucia in Petal Flora (box 1) and Earth Mod Blooms (box 2)Fabric for inside lining (Fabric B) - ¼ yard of 45" wide fabric PER BOX: we used Patty Young's Andalucia in Petal Jester (box 1) and Kiwi Jester (box 2)Scraps for binding – you will need two strips per box, each strip is 1¾" x WOF (width of fabric). Creating the 'walls' Stitch a vertical seam along each drawn mark. Tags:

Sewing Tutorial | Triangle Coin Purse With Zipper | Free Pattern &Tutorial at After being inspired by the wrapped glutinous rice dumpling (粽子, Zòngzi) of a Chinese traditional festival, DuanWu Festival (端午節), I sewed some triangle coin purses recently. In fact, today is the actual date of DuanWu Festival which falls on every 5th day of 5th month of the Lunar calendar. If you are new to this rice dumpling, scroll down to see the one my mom made… yummy delicious….. may be I should start a food blog for my mom with all her delicious cookings & recipes that I am lucky to eat & grew-up with. For the detail of how to sew a triangle coin purse with zipper closure, read more after this jump: This 3-D triangle purse is actually in the form of tetrahedron shape with 3 triangles on the sides and 1 triangle on the base, other name of tetrahedron is “triangular pyramid”. If you look closer to the main photo, I sewed 2 different positions for the zipper, one on the triangle slope (left) and one at the center of the triangle (right). Materials: 1. Get all updates via email: