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Votre Application de Veille Media

Votre Application de Veille Media

Pearl Crescent Page Saver Screenshot of an Entire PageCaptured Using Page Saver Pearl Crescent Page Saver is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that lets you capture images of web pages, including Flash content. These images can be saved in PNG or JPEG format. 30 Best Chrome Extensions For Web Developers and Designers For many web designers and developers, Chrome has already reached second most popular browser, having already surpassed Internet Explorer and with a high chance of surpassing Firefox. Although Firefox is more robust (primarily due to its popularity), Chrome is lightning fast and, with new extensions added daily, an exciting option for the serious web designer. And here you are to find tools that make Chrome useful to you as a designer or a developer. Fortunately, Chrome has a burgeoning collection of extensions that will make the transition from Firefox a lot easier. If you are using Mozilla Firefox and not Chrome, then you still have where to choose from. Check out this cool mozilla addons for developers.

DailyJournal Responsive Blog WordPress Theme Page Templates Our page templates make your life easier by giving you access to pre-made styles and functions. Each template can be applied to an individual page, transforming the way it looks and functions to create additional and unique forms of content. Easily create galleries, contact pages, sitemaps, blog feeds and much more using the Elegant Themes Page Templates.

Ralph Thanhauser - Godard in America (1970) Ralph Thanhauser Back to Jean-Luc Godard Back to Ralph Thanhauser Godard in America (1970) Duration: ca. 44 min. (filmed on 16mm) Spring 1970: Godard and Gorin, on the road, visiting colleges, speaking with Andrew Sarris, and explaining, through illustrated notebooks, their newest Dziga Vertov Group project, a film on Palestine. 6 Clever Tricks for Social Media Managers Even if you're the ultimate hybrid project manager/content creator and community-engager, reality is, you'll probably develop Community Manager Multi-Personality Disorder (CMMPD)* at least once in your career. *We totally made this up. In my years managing communities for companies ranging from teeny startups to global soda and makeup brands, I learned one thing very quickly: Establishing systems and using the right tools early on can save your sanity (and your laptop’s RAM). Here are six tips and tricks in my medicine cabinet for achieving social media vitality. 1.

Mobile Adult Subscription Revenues to Reach Almost $1 Billion by 2015 Note -- this news article is more than a year old. A new report from Juniper Research finds that the revenues from mobile adult subscriptions will reach nearly $1 billion by 2015. This growth will be fuelled by rises in the smartphone and tablet user bases alongside an increase in the average spend per user despite increasing competition from free content. A dramatic rise in the tablet user base will also drive the increase of subscription revenues; particularly as the majority of tablets will be in the very regions which have historically spent the most on adult subscriptions. Tablets offer users a more engaging experience as they are able to see content in more detail as well as see more options when browsing. Niche tastes will also continue to drive users towards subscription accounts.

Download Ping! for Mac - PNG file compressor PNG file compressor. Free Ping!From reading the comments below, it appears that the ReadMe isn't... well... read ;-) Ping! How Does Google Work? Learn How Google Works: Search Engine + AdWords The following infographic was created years ago when Google had a content-first focus on search. In the years since then, the rise of mobile devices has caused Google to shift to a user-first approach to search. We created a newer infographic to reflect the modern search landscape here. Vote on Hacker News, or Bookmark this on Delicious 600 Pixel Wide Version Themes Advertisement It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since our last WordPress theme collection, but there you have it — the time has come again. Once a year we feature the most useful and interesting WordPress-themes that we are collecting over months and present them in a nice quick overview. The collections from 2007, 2008 and last year are still useful, but some of the themes are outdated or updated now. Looking back over these previous theme articles, you can clearly see how and why WordPress has rapidly matured into the CMS powerhouse it is today. With all of the features that have been added and improvements made with every new WordPress version and with its ever-increasing popularity among the design and development community, the quality of free themes is evident.

6 Curation Tools for Community Managers There's no denying that content is king online, but trying to create all that content on your own? It's exhausting and, frankly, boring for your readers and community members. Using content curation tools is a great way to find fresh content to share, build on, and even allow your community to join in on the editorial process with. Here are the six tools I find the most useful and powerful. - 11 Leading Tools for Free Website Analytics Every website owner or marketer needs to know what is going on with their website and visitors in order to know how to improve and get better results. Website analytics tools can provide data and show trends that will help you to know what to do to see the results improve over time. When it comes to analytics you have a lot of options from which to chose. In this post we’ll show 11 of the leading free options (of course, there are other options that are not free) and give a brief description of each. Google Analytics

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