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Unmark - The to do app for bookmarks.

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The 51 Best Freebie Sites: Find Free Deals Online « Scratch Wireless Everyone loves a great deal, and nothing is better than free. These days, entire websites are dedicated to sourcing and highlighting various freebies available. You can score everything from product samples and magazines, to experiences and services – all for no cost. Many popular brands even offer their own free sample programs. 21 free public domain image websites Public domain images are defined as images for which the copyright has expired or never existed in the first place. They are free to be used by almost anyone for personal and commercial purposes. Museums, individuals and libraries like the Oxford’s Bodleian Library are releasing thousands of public domain images online, making them more freely available to the public.

10 Most Zen-Friendly Websites to Keep You Calm and Productive at Work Do you feel like you can no longer cope with the stress of meeting your deadlines? Does the lack of concentration stop you from focusing on your goals? Are you stuck or stressed out? Then put your headphones on. Try using some of the most Zen-friendly websites on offer that really work wonders for keeping your cool in the workplace. There are so many more sites like this out there, but — for the purposes of this article — I have included 10 of them that I use myself. Matematik - välkommen! — LukiMat På denna webbtjänst finns grundläggande information om lärande och inlärningssvårigheter i matematik. Matematik är en färdighet som utvecklas stegvis, både då barnet på egen hand utforskar och lär sig, och genom undervisning och övning. Matematiken består av en stor mängd olika kunskaper och färdigheter. På denna webbtjänst erbjuds forskningsbaserad information om barns kunskaper och färdigheter i matematik. Tyngdpunkten i innehållet är lagd på de färdigheter som utvecklas i förskolan fram till årskurs två.

6 Best Bookmark Manager Finding the best bookmark manager can be a tricky task what with the plethora of options that are available out there. So just how do you zero in on a reliable one that will cater to all your needs in this aspect? Well, to make your search a little easier, we’ve jotted down a comprehensive list of solutions that will enable you to juggle all your archived links, web pages, photos, interesting online articles and more. 1 – Xmarks: This handy extension is available for a host of web browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Responsive Photosets — Coding & Design First of all, we make things easy by shortening variables and fetching the parent container’s width: // Declare some variablesvar $pi = $(this).find('.photoset-item'), cWidth = $(this).parent('.photoset').width(); And then we generate an array containing all the aspect ratios of images in the same row. This can be done by using jQuery’s very handy .map() function, where we iterate through all elements that match the selector. Content Curation Tools: The Ultimate List The Ultimate List of Content Curation Tools and accompanying map, is comprised of both business grade tools that support organizations’ content marketing strategies, as well as personal curation tools that can be used by individuals for hobbyist or organizational purposes. Content curation is when an individual (or team) consistently finds, organizes, annotates and shares the most relevant and highest quality digital content on a specific topic for their target market. Curation is a great way to support your created content strategy, publish content consistently and keep track of your favorite information sources. Enlightened content marketers are using a content mix that is only 65% created, with the remainder being 25% curated and 10% syndicated. My hope is that this map will help you or your organization navigate the growing world of curation and find a tool that best fits your content needs.

thinkery: Take Notes, Save Webpages & URLs For Later While Browsing With the massive amount of information online, sometimes we just can’t keep track of all important and interesting content that we come across. This is where thinkery can help you out. This handy web application makes life easier by letting you focus on the important content, and access it instantly at any later time. Basically, thinkery is a bookmarklet available for all browsers (and an extension for Chrome) that allows you to quickly capture anything that comes to your mind, and save content that you come across on the web for future reference.

Site Tour — Better Online Bookmarking! Pinboard is a personal archive for things you find online and don't want to forget. The site has been around since July 2009 and has about 25,000 active users. Why Pinboard? Here are thirteen great reasons to use Pinboard: Web Directories List 108 sites found in Directories Aviva Directory Searchable web directory of quality internet sites. One time fee for prompt site review. Jasmine Directory uzupelnienia - Wyszukiwanie — Dropbox Sign in or create an account Oops! We couldn’t find a Dropbox account matching that email.

111 Low-Cost or Free Online Tools for Nonprofits The number of low-cost or free online resources and tools available to nonprofits today is astounding. Many nonprofit professionals are overwhelmed by the all choices and as mobile media continues to grow, prepare to be mind-boggled by all the new technology options that will be available to your nonprofit in coming years. That said, to be alerted of new low-cost or free resources and tools available for nonprofits, please subscribe to the Nonprofit Tech for Good 2.0 e-Newsletter [see right column]. A section of the e-newsletter entitled “Resource of the Week” features a new resource/tool in each edition. 1. 16 Unbelievable Solutions For Your Teeny Tiny Kitchen 16 Unbelievable Solutions For Your Teeny Tiny... 16 Unbelievable Solutions For Your Teeny Tiny Kitchen For Different Solutions by ShireenMamika

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