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Octobox - Organization for busy minds with the power of Dropbox

Octobox - Organization for busy minds with the power of Dropbox
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The Best Unlimited Online Cloud Backup Service Site Tour — Better Online Bookmarking! Pinboard is a personal archive for things you find online and don't want to forget. The site has been around since July 2009 and has about 25,000 active users. Why Pinboard? Here are thirteen great reasons to use Pinboard: Pinboard is very fast, even if you have tens of thousands of bookmarks or tags.You can sync bookmarks from many outside sites, including Twitter, Instapaper, and Pocket.You can connect up to three Twitter accounts and get a searchable archive of your tweets. Please skim over the following to get an idea of how the site works: Bookmarks Here's what a bookmark looks like on Pinboard: A bookmark has a title, URL, a description of unlimited length, and one or more optional tags. If you sign up for archiving (see below), you also get a link to a stored copy of the page, viewable by clicking the little checkbox next to the title. Privacy Pinboard is set up to give you extensive control over privacy. Any bookmark can be marked private, making it invisible to other users. Read Later

The Ultimate List of 95 Blogpost Ideas for Content Creators Having all the best blogging tools and resources, having a plan to share your amazing content on social media, having everything in place to put your marketing strategy into action still requires one thing: You must create the content to be shared, loved, and engaged with. The blank page must be conquered. Coming up with an endless supply of blogging and writing ideas would be great, right? Fortunately there is a solid list of useful strategies, techniques, and questions that can always keep a blogging idea on the tip of your tongue. I’ve captured as many helpful resources here as I can. How to Come Up With Blogpost Ideas That Will Go Wild on Social Media When it comes to collecting ideas for new blogposts, I’ve found three systems that tend to cover a pretty wide variety of thoughts and ideas and should help get your mind around what to write. StrategiesArticle typesQuestions to ask Here’s an in-depth look at all three. 7 Strategies for Coming up With More Writing Ideas 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Mouvement völkisch Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Ce courant d'idées puise ses sources dans le romantisme allemand des années 1840 et dans les désillusions de la période 1849-1862, entre l'écrasement du printemps des peuples et l'arrivée de Bismarck au pouvoir en Prusse[3]. Important par le nombre de groupuscules, mais peu par celui de ses adhérents, et de par les évolutions sociétaires[2], le mouvement idéologique s’est trouvé face à de nouveaux problèmes lui imposant une nouvelle définition. Pour les uns, le courant völkisch découle d’une vocation raciste permanente, lié aux apports de la biologie et du « darwinisme social ». Étymologie[modifier | modifier le code] Völkisch, terme difficilement traduisible en français, peut revêtir plusieurs significations ; en allemand aussi, le terme Volk revêt plusieurs significations : la nation, le peuple, dans un sens ethnique. Préalable : le Volk[modifier | modifier le code] Le corpus idéologique völkisch[modifier | modifier le code]

Smoobility 1. Legal information and acceptance This legal notice regulates the access and use of the Internet website: (hereinafter, the "Site") that SMOOTH MOBILITY SL (Hereinafter, "SMOOBILITY") a Spanish company with VAT number: B8660049 and headquarters in Velarde Street, 1, 2E, 28004 Madrid, registered in the Madrid Mercantile Register, sheet M-548 719, Volume 30490, sheet 152 of the Book of companies, makes available to Internet users. Smoobility is a service of the Information Society that allows users the full management of their information, to anticipate their needs and always ensure that the correct documents are available at the right time and in the correct device. 2. 2.1. Site Users are obliged to make proper use of the Website in accordance with the Law and the present Legal Notice. 2.2. 2.3. All information provided by the User via the Website forms in relation with the mentioned effects or any other must be truthful. 2.4. 2.5. 2.5.1. 2.5.2. 2.5.3. 2.5.4. 2.5.5.

6 Best Bookmark Manager Finding the best bookmark manager can be a tricky task what with the plethora of options that are available out there. So just how do you zero in on a reliable one that will cater to all your needs in this aspect? Well, to make your search a little easier, we’ve jotted down a comprehensive list of solutions that will enable you to juggle all your archived links, web pages, photos, interesting online articles and more. 1 – Xmarks: This handy extension is available for a host of web browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. What’s more, you can also view additional information about the portal you’ve currently landed on as well as discover other similar websites. 2 – Linkman: This entrant in our roster lets you archive large amounts of web pages, links and more with ease, according to the brains behind the endeavor. 3 – Diigo: Launched in 2006, this interesting option forays onto the scenario with the tagline, ‘collect and highlight, then remember.’ 4 – Google Bookmarks: 5 – iFaves:

Stache - A smarter way to bookmark web pages for Mac, iPhone and iPad 9 Pictures That Prove Indians Are One Of The Most Innovative People In The World Indians are probably the most innovative people in the world. Why do I say this? Well sure, people all over the world are innovative. But nowhere does innovation blossom in as adverse circumstances and with as few resources as it does in India. 1. Vikram Dinubhai Panchal of The National Institute of Design (NID), created this masterpiece and priced it at a miniscule cost of Rs. 300. Source 2. Now this is called "Man-power." 3. Although the thing looks a little dicey, you can't help but marvel at the guy's ingenuity. 4. Here's a fridge for the common man that doesn't require electricity. 5. Nothing goes to waste here. 6. A perfect example of everyday jugaad. 7. 8. Prajwal Kumar's awesome invention won the British High Commission's "Best Electronic Product Award (Agriculture)" for 2010. 9. Since Indians are the most innovative people in the world, it's only fitting that they give the world an official "Symbol of Innovation."