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Homeschool For Free - Aspired Living Homeschooling does not have to be expensive, in fact it can be free. Homeschool for free with these complete curriculum – Complete K-12 Charlotte Mason purist curriculum. This curriculum includes book lists and schedules unlike many free homeschooling free websites. Technology Summer Camp Remember summer camp? The adventures, the friendships, the challenges, the mosquito bites? Well, when you think of professional development, bandanas, s'mores, and campfire songs might not be the first things that come to mind.

How the 'maker culture' brings the power of design to life Illustration: Douglas Wittnebel Back in the early 1980’s, I got to experience firsthand the wild and vivid performances of Survival Research Laboratories. My roommate was the girlfriend of Mark Pauline, the founder of the group and one of the minds behind machine artists like Matt Heckler and Eric Werner. All machines used by Survival Research Laboratories were handmade, and the performances set them loose in empty parking lots resulting in groundbreaking shows the likes of which had never been seen before. Survival Research Laboratories helped mainstream an American subculture focused upon creating robots and using them to demonstrate the benefits of creativity.

Terra Nova CAT6 Basic - Take Home Test (Paper Version) Parent administered Terra Nova Plus, AKA California Achievement Test 6. This is the latest version of the CAT with up to date questions and currents norms which compare your student to other students who have taken the same test nationally. The cost of this test is $34.10 includes s/h. 5 Free (or Low-Cost) Tools for Flipped Learning Flipped Classroom Page 2 of 2 5 Free (or Low-Cost) Tools for Flipped Learning Office Mix #SXSWEdu: Making makers: From Guatemala to the world “Curiosity is wired into our DNA,” said Adrian Catalan, professor at Galileo University in Guatemala. Catalan presented with Ceci Castillo, of Girls@Tech Guatemala, at a SXSWEdu Playground Talk session, “Making makers: From Guatemala to the World.” Educators have the chance to make makers, according to Catalan. “Kids have all this energy,” he said. “They just need tools to make.”

The Free Online Textbooks Guide Scott Foresman has been publishing books for elementary education since 1896. There was not a single founder named Scott Foresman, but rather one Mr. Scott, and two members of the Foresman family. The initial product of the Foresman publishing company was a highschool Latin textbook, published in 1889. After forming the Scott Foresman partnership, one of the first books they published was the famous “Roberts Rules of Order”. The book is still widely used today as the standard for running parliamentary meetings.

Did I Plagiarize? The Types and Severity of Plagiarism Violations Plagiarism is a hot topic in the academic world, but it applies in all aspects of our lives. In a country and culture that values intellectual property, it is imperative that we are conscious of plagiarism guidelines and standards. The reality is, in many facets of life, when we make mistakes, we can claim ignorance. Innovation Labs and Makerspaces Innovation Labs Home | Innovation Labs Page 2 | Innovation Labs Page 3 - Resources | Libraries & Learning Commons | STEM | 21C Learning Slideshow on right: We Make Makers! The new Innovation Labs, Makerspaces, and Learning Commons. You can play this slideshow full screen and see the videos of this presentation by clicking on the youtube or vimeo links, or by playing the Innovation Labs and Makerspaces Videos at the bottom of this page. Download the PPT here. December 11, 2015: How to Host a Maker Dine and Design Evening, blog from the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation (MVIPI).

McGuffey Primer This is Days 172 – 222 of Getting Ready 1, the beginning of the reading portion after learning the alphabet sounds. Before beginning this page, your child should be able to recognize all of the letters of the alphabet, knowing their names and basic sounds. Day 172

Web Tools for Teachers: Digital Storytelling There are a lot of great digital storytelling tools on the web. The tools below are free, easy to use, and they do what they say they will do: Animoto– Educators can apply for a free Animoto Plus account for use in the classroom. Its powerful features can be used to create stunning presentations incorporating images, video clips, music and text. Capzles– Create rich, multimedia experiences with videos, photos, music, blogs and documents.

Maker Faire Goes Online With A New Social Network For Makers Called MakerSpace There’s Maker Media, MakerCon, MakerShed, Make: magazine and 131 Maker Faire events that take place throughout the world. Now the founders of all these Makers want a way to connect what they refer to as the “maker movement” online. So Maker Media created a social network called MakerSpace, a Facebook-like social network that connects participants of Maker Faire in one online community. “Communities are built around strong cores and the core for us is the Maker Faire but you see so much during the faire that you can’t remember,” Maker Media CEO Gregg Brockway told TechCrunch over the phone. “We want to move that excitement and innovation online so you can connect with the makers on there.” The new site will allow participants of the event to display their work online by making a profile page to host their projects.

Parent/Child Preschool Programs « Como Park Zoo and Conservatory Bunny Hop 9:30am - 10:45am Have a “hare-raising” adventure as we watch a rabbit during feeding time, make a bunny craft to take home, play hopping games, eat a rabbit snack and twitch our little noses. Register Monkey Madness! The Zen of Coloring There's a NEW! feature in our Library Media Center Makerspace area! It's Coloring!