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Crypto Fear & Greed Index - Bitcoin Sentiment We are gathering data from the five following sources. Each data point is valued the same as the day before in order to visualize a meaningful progress in sentiment change of the crypto market. First of all, the current index is for bitcoin only (we offer separate indices for large alt coins soon), because a big part of it is the volatility of the coin price. But let’s list all the different factors we’re including in the current index: Credendo Risk assessment 12 Dec 2017 Kenya: Les investissements infrastructurels pèsent sur les fondamentaux macroéconomiques, mais ne débouchent pas sur les gains prévus Ces dernières années, le Kenya a connu une croissance soutenue, mais attribuable à des projets infrastructurels financés par l’endettement. Le ...

93 Free Twitter Tools & Apps That Do Pretty Much Everything Twitter is a fascinating adventure of relationships, entertainment, education, and fun. Now imagine layering on a few dozen power-ups. That’s how it feels sometimes when you find just the right Twitter tool. And there’s a tool for practically every desire or whim. 10 MH Orchid Scrypt Miner - Flower Technology Product Description Performance Specifications 20 MH/s minimum performance4W/(MH/s) conservative power rating1U rack mountableMines all scrypt proof-of-work coins Connectivity Orchid miners have an internal Linux based host controller that can easily be connected to and set up from a web based GUIEthernet - (Exploring opportunity to include WiFi connectivity as well) Mining Software Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman Predicted Bitcoin Era 17 Years Ago - Cryptos R Us American economist and Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences Milton Friedman has aptly predicted the rise of digital currencies like Bitcoin in 1999. In his claim, Friedman said that a reliable but discreet method of financial transactions will develop on the Internet in the near future. In an interview conducted by NTU/F in 1999, Friedman said: “The one thing that’s missing, but that will soon be developed, it’s a reliable e-cash.

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